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Google ranking sites on truth

It would seem that google is not content with just making billions each year in profits they want more and to get more they have came up with a new or rather a twist on a old plan.. fascism! According to a new scientific research paper recently published by Google they are working on a […]

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Welcome to India Daily. India Daily is a online newspaper all about the latest current affairs and news! Here you will find articles and news on a whole range of different topics ranging from politics and economics right through to geeky tech! India daily is all about bringing the latest news to India as soon as we can, we have a whole bunch of journalists at the ready eager to writer about everything interesting that is happening across the world. We are not run by a multimillion dollar company so no hidden agendas and many of our reporters are just normal people giving India Daily a real perspective of the world. You can join in with any of the news reported here and give your opinion by commenting on any article you want!