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Google ranking sites on truth

It would seem that google is not content with just making billions each year in profits they want more and to get more they have came up with a new or rather a twist on a old plan.. fascism! According to a new scientific research paper recently published by Google they are working on a […]

Yes google are evil!

Yes google are evil and should not be used if you want to save small businesses. If you are a small business trying to make ends meet online then Google are your worst enemies. The evil employees of Google working away in their cosy, rich and luxury HQ over in California are working tirelessly to […]

How fast can humans possibly run? hmmm….

Quick tit bit of information for you guys! Scientists believe that 30mph is the fastest a human can possibly run! At the moment the world record that Usain Bolt managed to achieve was 27.8mph. That still means records can still be broken in the 100meters.. but how? Records are always being broken… the womens 100m […]

Snakeoil health advise on the web

Be careful not all is what it seems when it comes to health advise online. Try not to take what you find on the first result of Google as the be all and end all, as just because something you find ontop of the search results doesn’t all ways mean what you are reading is […]

The Fastest, Easyiest And Best Ways To Grow Taller Naturally

Being unhappy about how tall you are can really knock your confidence so in this article I will be showing you a few ways to help boost your height and at the same time lift your confidence too! We will be looking at if diet can help, stretching exercises insoles which will help give you […]

Meet Budhia the worlds youngest marathon runner

Many full grown adults will have a tough time running a marathon without collapsing halfway through but for a 4 year old to do it is remarkable! A four year old in India has broken records as being the youngest ever to run a marathon. The “marathon boy” Budhia Singh, was sold by his mother […]

Plantar fasciitis

Did you know that 1 in every 10 people will suffer from Plantar fasciitis at some point in their lives that shows just how common this condition really is. And it is not very nice condition to have.. as it is quite painful and can really put the stoppers on your busy life while you […]

Heel grips to stop you slipping in your shoes!

Isn’t it really annoying when your feet just cannot stay still in your shoes and are always sliding around in them? This cannot only be a nuisance but also can be bad for your feet. Heel grips are something that you may find really useful! Heel grips work by gripping your heel to your shoes […]

An increase in webhosting scams

There is a huge rise in scammer hosting company’s you must really do your research when choosing a hosting company to go with especially if you are looking at “affordable” small less known ones as you may find they will just collect your money and one day run. Many hosts will also offer you the […]

Dabuu networks is bad hosting! Our mini review!

This is just a mini review.. just something to help other webmasters out really! Indiadaily has recently been testing hosting from Dabuu networks a mid price range host so you expect at least for your website to be running smoothly and you do not expect the host to be down consistently like we found with […]