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Is democracy real?

Democracy is meant to give everybody a say, every no matter how rich or poor can have a vote which can potentially impacts a future of a country. But is this concept of democracy real? Take England for example you have 3 major parties, the conservatives you are currently in power thanks to a coalition […]

india wants stable peaceful prosperous pakistan

India wants Pakistan to be stable with a leadership that isn’t connected to terrorism. A more secure and stable Pakistan will ensure a safer India. Is Pakistan yet ready to become more stable economically and socially? India has always hold the view that Pakistan is a a loose cannon and resentment has been set deeply […]

lalu prasad yadav end of days

Lalu’s currupt reign in the Bihar has came to its end. Lalu has rules over bihar for 15 years however Lalu Prasad had once said that he would like to rule for at least 20 years. The 15 years Lalu has rules has totally change the face of Bihar forever pushing bihar into chaos, and […]

13 districts 457 villages drown in flood in bihar

The united nations development program has put together a comprehensive report about the damage and situation in Bihar. Floods in Bhihar are fairly frequent on the monsoon season whereby rain water fills the rivers and quickly saturates the ground leading to flooding. However The recent flood in bihar is quite different to the normal floods […]

tata interactive systems is here with tis blog

Elearning comapny Tat interactive systems (TIS) have joined the bloggingsphere after setting up there TIS blog. Tat interactive systems is just one of many big buisnesses seen just how great blogs are and how they can be a great tool in getting your comapnys message across easily, cheaply and to a wide audicence. The tis […]

sachin tendulkar booed by wankhede crowd

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar was booed off the pitch! Who did the booeing well the Wankhede crowd did. All because his best wasn’t good enough! Its never easy getting booed off the pitch just ask Sunil Gavaskar who got booed from off the pitch was when he lost his innings against england in the 1987 […]

cash for query scam 11 tainted mps shown the door

The unethical bribes and scandal that shook india as people watched Mp’s on video accepting bribes has finally ended as 11 mp are removed from parliament for good! Finally justice has prevailed against 11 corrupt politicians  connected to the “cash for query scam fame”. Never before seen in indian in parliament by voice vote the […]

sam pitroda review quota policy

The national knowledge commission chairperson Sam Pitroda has not even been asked his views on Quota reservation… Why? Because the quota reservation has become more about the reputation of ministers than the actual issue itself. Sam Pitroda has even spoken out about not being asked about what he thinks about the quota reservation, he says […]

Ram Setu: Myth or truth?

Is the ram setu real? This is a question many in India have been asking for many many years! Hindus believe that the Ram setu was made from a series of limestone rocks that bridge the gap between India and Sri Lanka’. The Ram setu bridge is meant to be 30 Km Long and 3 Km […]

11 Million Americans Don’t Know English

A revelation: “All developing and underdeveloped countries have a large number of illiterates!” You are neither surprised nor amused…I bet! “Revelation? Joking or what…!” you might say. And why should you be? It’s been a Third World truth since ages. But what if you were to hear that 11 million Americans can’t read English? You […]