Is democracy real?

Democracy is meant to give everybody a say, every no matter how rich or poor can have a vote which can potentially impacts a future of a country. But is this concept of democracy real? Take England for example you have 3 major parties, the conservatives you are currently in power thanks to a coalition government with the liberal democrats who took power from Labor who where previously in power. But fundamentally all of these parties no matter who is in power are all the same.Since the coalition government (something that theoretically shouldn’t work if both parties truly stood up for different views as they should) apart from tougher measures brought in to bring down the deficit which labour would have had to do eventually anyway there has been no real change to how England is run since the coalition got into power, this just goes to show that no matter which of the three political parties you vote for at the end of the day you will still have the same government run by the rich.


So it stands to reason that on vote day that when it all comes down to it you do not really have choice, you do have the choice of voting for a minor party however the majority of the general public will tend not to vote for these small politcal parties because:

  • The party hadn’t had the funds to promote itself properly unlike the 3 main parties.
  • The media will try to discourage voters from voting for a “far” left or right party, the media will find or even make up all it can to deter voters from voting anything other than the 3 main political parties.
  • People feel that voting for a minor party will not vote and they are giving there vote away so to speak.

When it comes down to it all three major political parties in England are run fundamentally built to help the rich. Plutocracy as it is known is what helps drive the political parties in England and not democracy.

As you can see even in developed countries democracy does not really exist.



india wants stable peaceful prosperous pakistan

indian army

Indian army protecting the borders

India wants Pakistan to be stable with a leadership that isn’t connected to terrorism. A more secure and stable Pakistan will ensure a safer India. Is Pakistan yet ready to become more stable economically and socially?

India has always hold the view that Pakistan is a a loose cannon and resentment has been set deeply in both the minds of the Indian people and Pakistani people, most dont even know how the rivalry and resentment began for many many years. But India doe not want Pakistan to be so unstable and wants Pakistan and its people to succeed. We want Pakistan to have peace and not war.. but this is much easier said then done. The fighting going on in Pakistan has been caused by terrorists which need Pakistan to stay unstable so that their operations and training can carry on undisturbed. Many of the radical Muslim terrorists that cause so much terror across the world have roots in Pakistan, bin laden was also captured in Pakistan. Bin laden lay hiding in a huge mansion undetected for years in Pakistan… How come the authorities did not know he was there? Is the Pakistani government helping harbor terrorism? Having a more democratic and non corrupt government in Pakistan surely will help Pakistan and India. India has nothing against the Pakistani people only the terrorists that live there. One of the main problems with terrorism in Pakistan is that it is funded by other countries such as the rich Saudi Arabia. Having a stable Pakistan with a less corrupt government will make peace talks and negotiations with our neighbor far easier. Trust is also key at the moment we cannot trust the government of Pakistan…. Democracy must be restored in Pakistan and to do this the Musharraf regime must be brought to a stop. Bringing terrorism to a end will make building a infrastructure and that can create goods and trade.. maybe one day India will be trading with Pakistan…helping each other out! Is it going to be that easy? the answer to that is no… there are still plenty of ideologies of terrorism that is sinking the middle east and creating a never ending new generations of terrorism, you must show that these ideologies are wrong to brake this vicious circle that is causing all these problems.


lalu prasad yadav end of days

Lalu’s currupt reign in the Bihar has came to its end. Lalu has rules over bihar for 15 years however Lalu Prasad had once said that he would like to rule for at least 20 years. The 15 years Lalu has rules has totally change the face of Bihar forever pushing bihar into chaos, and corruption.

In 1990 Lalu came to power as the people choice it wa sin 1995 that his first political party started to split, this should have been warning signs to us all but at the time Lalu simply came up with a new and better political party that lead in the polls and took control of bahir.

In the next 15 years we would see bahir sink both economically speaking and as more corruption joins the government of bahri we would see the emergence of crime and unethical politicians and greed destroying society and stability in bahir. The effects and aftermath of Laus reign will surely resonate and cast a shadow for years to come.


Lalu Prasad Yadav in 1990 became the new leader to bahir. However in 1995, the Lalu’s Janata Dal split lalu then renamed his political party as  Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) the symbol  representing his new party was  a hurricane lantern, (Ironically like a hurricane Laul destroyed everything in his path to get to where he wanted) Lalu raced up in the polls gaining popularity and a 2/3 majority a huge lead compared to any other political party that rivaled him for instance the  Anand Mohan’s Bihar People’s Party who could only get one mp seated in the parliament. This meant that Lalus party was the most powerful and unrivaled but the power quickly caused corruption and greed within his party.

Making of a Corruption:Lalu started to get involved in all sorts of scams and exploits for example the biggest scam that has ever hit free india in history the Animal Husbandry and Fodder department scam, where billions of dollars misappropriated to these departments Lalu let this happen and di nothing to stop this misappropriation from happening. Lalu was not the person who set up this scam to begin with but played a major part at covering it up. The law finally caught up with lalu when he was arrested and sentenced to serve a couple months in jail for his involvement.

The Astute Politician: Whilst Lalue was in prison he put his wife in charge of bahir, he though remained in complete control of his political party. Lalus power meant he could make his brothers ministers. His brother I must add had been previously charged with murder, extortion and kidnap. His brothers were not real ministers and they were not interesting in politics they only acted as Lalus personal henchmen to do his dirty work. People began to realize that their leader was not leading them but using his powers for corruption and to feed his lavish lifestyle whilst the people of Bahir lived in poverty.

The Beginning of an End:Lalu found his political grip on the country going, He no longer had the majority of people behind him and the only way he could hold on to power was to use his corruption and criminal links to hold onto power.

Lawless: With criminals runnign amok the Bahir was unstable and was seen as place to avoid. The poor reputation Bahir had effected economics as other countries did not want to business with such a unstable and currupt place.


With the recent election outing Lalu from power give brighter prospect to the future of bahir! But there is a lot needing to be done to undo the wrath of destruction Lalu has left behind!



13 districts 457 villages drown in flood in bihar

13 districts in india flooded

The united nations development program has put together a comprehensive report about the damage and situation in Bihar. Floods in Bhihar are fairly frequent on the monsoon season whereby rain water fills the rivers and quickly saturates the ground leading to flooding. However The recent flood in bihar is quite different to the normal floods that usually occur as this flood was not because of too much rain in the Bihar region but the sudden surge of water in the Bagmati river that is flooding the surrounding land due to heavy rainfall in the Nepal region. Roads and highways have been totally flooded and now impassable for instance the the Muzaffarpur -Sitamarhi National highway has been totally flooded and a danger zone.

The damage and destruction this flood has caused is extensive.. floodings 457 villages in a total of 13 different districts. The floods have destroyed upto 75 000 hectares of land used for growing crops.

The most flooded areas with the most damage are said to be Saharsa, Muzzafarpur, Supaul, Darbhanga, East and West Chamaparan, Madhubani,Sitamarhi, Kishanganj and Madheura.

Since the flooding began a total of 1200 have been totally destroyed and the flooding have left six people dead, hundreds injured and thousands without electricity, plumbing, clean water or a food supply.

The government have been swift to try to ease the situation by evacuating people in the mostly badly affected areas and trying to provide temporary shelters and emergency food to those who need it.

The government have also deployed rescue boats to help rescue stranded people and to deliver much needed supplies to badly effected areas. The government have deployed 120 vessels in total 50 of those being deployed into the Madhubani region.

The biggest problem the government face next is the spread of disease from sewage leaking into the flood waters. The total economic impact of these floods has yet to be evaluated. More development will be posted as this situation unfolds.

Flood waters destroying villages across india

Flood waters destroying villages across india

tata interactive systems is here with tis blog

Elearning comapny Tat interactive systems (TIS) have joined the bloggingsphere after setting up there TIS blog. Tat interactive systems is just one of many big buisnesses seen just how great blogs are and how they can be a great tool in getting your comapnys message across easily, cheaply and to a wide audicence.

The tis blog is a blog designed for young people, this goes a long way to helping more and more young people getting involved in reading and helping them improve their literacy skills.

The tis blog is a interactive blog which aims at making e learning fun! If you ask me the Tis blog is a innovative step in making learning more accessible and more fun and sets a new milestone for future innovations not just for e learning but always for online communication as a whole.

Blogging is a growing way of communicating as the blogsphere expands and new bloggers join the fleet we will see more and more interactive blogs just like the TIS blog.

It isn’t just blogging that educators are trying to target young people with.. social media is also being used to get the message across to young peopel and to try and spark their interests… We all know that young people like to communicate with their friends via social networking sites.. harvesting the potential of these sites is surely then a must for education? right?


sachin tendulkar booed by wankhede crowd


Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar was booed off the pitch! Who did the booeing well the Wankhede crowd did. All because his best wasn’t good enough!

Its never easy getting booed off the pitch just ask Sunil Gavaskar who got booed from off the pitch was when he lost his innings against england in the 1987 world cup semi finals… Why was he booed well because he got took out by Philip defertas bowl!

Sachin tendulkar wasn’t booed off the pitch because he lost india the world cup but rather because he was loosing a simple test match in his hometown. Maybe it is because expectations from this world class cricket player are just so high? Should we give these cricket players a break or are they simply getting to complaisant with their overly rich salary’s and comfy lifestyles that they simply do not have the want and determination to help them be the best cricketers and the fans see this and this is why they start the booing? However booeing doesn’t just stem from poor cricketers performances but from political reasons as well.

For any cricket player it is never nice to be booed of jeered at and because Sachin tendulkar was playing in his hometown those boos and jeers may have hit home a little harder as well.. literally!


cash for query scam 11 tainted mps shown the door

Indian parliament building

The unethical bribes and scandal that shook india as people watched Mp’s on video accepting bribes has finally ended as 11 mp are removed from parliament for good!

Finally justice has prevailed against 11 corrupt politicians  connected to the “cash for query scam fame”. Never before seen in indian in parliament by voice vote the Lok sabha showed the door to 10 politicians after protest and walk out from the opposition.  The 10 politicians where all in involved in the scandal that shocked india. and showed the very corruption that leads our country. The politicians who where shown the door include:

Chandra Pratap, Lal Chandra, Annasaheb M K Patil, Y G Mahajan, Singh, Pradeep Gandhi and Suresh Chandel, Rajaram Pal,  and Narendra Kumar Kushawaha Kol, Ramsevak Singh and Manoj Kumar.

Then later Rajya sbha was removed as well by the parliamentary house due to unethical behavior.

There has been other similar cases in the past where politicians have been sacked, in 1951 H G Mudgal was shown the doors after found he was accepting bribes from rich bullion traders in Bombay.

Technology has helped pay a major role in catching these corrupt politicians as the 11 mps where caught red handed accepting bribes, this was done via a stinf operation which was code named Operation Duryodhana. The news channels cobrapost and aaj tak carried out the successful sting.

After the sting and uproar it caused Somnath chatterjee the speaker of the house setted up a inquiry into the scandel, wich would later end in the voice vote of axing the Mp’s.

With only one politicians willing to apologize for their actions it brings the question of doubt as to whether the people we are voting in power are actually representing us or whether plutocracy is what really drives our politicians in modern India?
How many more politicians are accepting bribes who haven’t been caught yet?

sam pitroda review quota policy

The national knowledge commission chairperson Sam Pitroda has not even been asked his views on Quota reservation… Why? Because the quota reservation has become more about the reputation of ministers than the actual issue itself.

Sam Pitroda has even spoken out about not being asked about what he thinks about the quota reservation, he says that “The government is failing to take in the full picture and needs to look at what the needs are of the people here and now and in the future. When looking at the knowledge base of the 21 st century we must consider how we are going to progress further as we cannot go back to the way things where before. Going backwards is not a option”

However politicians are yet to make a decisive decision on what to do!

There was a meeting previously in Bangalore that focused on this issue, much of the discussion related to education. In the meeting nobody was totally for affirmative action however the debate as to what to do with  the quota reservation still is a complex issue that must find balance between social justice and eduction.

India vs China: Who is the next economic giant?

Among the emerging nations of the world, although both China and India are trying to outdo each other in trying to become the future economic leader of the world, but the truth is that China is far ahead of India in terms of economic growth and development. China and India had similar development strategies until they deliberately broke away from their insulation from the global economies and ushered economic reforms to keep pace with globalization. In fact, foreign investors consider China as a more favorable destination than India, despite of less transparent investment policies of an authoritarian Chinese government. China had received around $700 billion worth foreign direct investment compared with only $68 billion cornered by India. China is also making inroads into the foreign economies at a faster pace than the domestic Indian companies are with 3 times more direct investment abroad than India. The market capitalization of the 10 largest companies in China is $1.8 trillion whereas the same in India is only $0.5 trillion.

China’s Gross Domestic Product is three times that of India with 55 percent of the Chinese labor force employed in industry and services compared with only 40% of Indian labor force in the secondary and tertiary sectors. Despite of a lower total acreage of arable land and lesser number of people employed in agriculture, China’s agricultural productivity is higher than that of India.

China has outpaced in terms of global integration. According to the estimate made by R Gopalan, Joint Secretary (East Asia) in the Commerce Ministry, labor productivity of a Chinese worker is higher than that of an Indian worker by anywhere between 30 percent and 180 percent depending on the product. Gopalan has further found that the Chinese goods have a greater cost advantage than the Indian goods. Although, China’s service and merchandise exports far outpaced the average growth of world exports but its merchandise exports grew much faster than service exports. In contrast, India’s service exports are growing at about double the rate of its merchandise exports and if this trend continues then the share of service exports in total exports will be over fifty percent in this decade. India is five to seven years ahead of China in the software sector. India is also far ahead of China in pharmaceuticals with UN buying more than half of its vaccines from an Indian company. China’s vaccine production does not meet international standards.

India seems to have a brighter future prospect compared to China with a population that is growing younger and will continue to supply young work force for a long time compared with the aging Chinese population, the result of the Chinese government’s family planning strategies and rapid rise in life expectancy of the Chinese people.

Ram Setu: Myth or truth?

Is the ram setu real? This is a question many in India have been asking for many many years!

Hindus believe that the Ram setu was made from a series of limestone rocks that bridge the gap between India and Sri Lanka’. The Ram setu bridge is meant to be 30 Km Long and 3 Km Wide and was said to be constructed by 10 millions Vanaras Monkey men in 5 days and was built 1.7 million years ago.

Some people also believe that you could actually walk on the ram setu up until 1480 AD before a great cyclone hit the ram Setu which pushed the bridge below sea level and scattered the majority of the rocks.
Just as strongly as some believe the Ram Setu was real others argue that the ram setu was never built and was just a natural rock formation.

Whatever the real truth is many in india still believe that the Setu is real and that it is a holy place but despite this the indian government still wants to destroy it real or not via the Setusamudram project that has been recently proposed by the government to build a shipping canal in the place many believe that the Ram Setu is.

What the government wishes to do with the Sethsamudram project is to link the palk bay and the gulf manner between India and Sri Lanka by creating a shipping canal there. This would in effect make a easy and much more economical sea route around this area.

VHP and the BJP Saffron parties are opposed to the sethusamudram project because they feel that by creating this shipping canal it could actually destroy the Ram setu bridge and the ancient rocks which are there.

The Archeological Survey of India has concluded and even advised the supreme court of India that there is no evidence that the Setu even existence and there is no strong scientific evidence to say otherwise so they cannot classify the SETU as a India national monument because their is no evidence to say one even existed.

BJP has since accused the UPA government of blasphemy.

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