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Should you buy a .us domain?

Should you buy a .US domain? Truth be told buying a us domain even if you are a US citizen is more bother than its worth. Why? Well US domains are only for us citizens or those with substantial business presence in the US if you are not a US citizen and register a .us […]

Moto G set to be released in india

Motorola are coming back to India with the moto G but it has gotta be said that with this new phone  (google owns Motorola) expect to be spied on, frustrated and your money wasted . The Moto g is going to be released in India in January next year. It will cost less than other […]

Ram Setu: Myth or truth?

Is the ram setu real? This is a question many in India have been asking for many many years! Hindus believe that the Ram setu was made from a series of limestone rocks that bridge the gap between India and Sri Lanka’. The Ram setu bridge is meant to be 30 Km Long and 3 Km […]