Google evil?

Google ranking sites on truth

It would seem that google is not content with just making billions each year in profits they want more and to get more they have came up with a new or rather a twist on a old plan.. fascism!

According to a new scientific research paper recently published by Google they are working on a way to check whether a site is telling the truth or not. If a site is not telling the truth google will penalize that site as a result. The way google is wanting to do that is to extract relevant facts from a page on a website and then they will check these facts against facts found in their knowledge base (the google knowledge base consist of well over a billion facts and is often used to provide instant answer in the search results). Google says that they are working on this new technology to penalize sites that have  high page rank that have gained a lot of links from people who have liked the site but the site may sometimes not tell the truth that rank highly in the search results as a results. Despite the fact that these website are popular and linked to by people who actually find what they are reading on these sites as useful Google knows best! Under googles own admission the technology to analyze websites and rank them based upon facts takes a lot of processing power so it does not quite stack up why they would do this just to destroy the rankings of a few high ranking gossip sites that aren’t telling the truth.

The truth maybe that google wishes to incorporate ideologies into the knowledge base which are right and ideologies which are wrong. This allows them to censor websites that promote ideologies that google does not want promoting and deems not right.

Google has already shown its unrelenting immorality towards peoples lives by destroying thousands of small online businesses by unleashing algorithmic updates in an attempt to reduce spam on the search engine. Google benefits from this through the collateral damage hitting small online websites forcing them to buy adwords instead to be seen on google (conveniently).  Google are also lobbyists in America demonstrating their lack of respect for democracy so being able to brain wash people by shaping an internet whereby only facts and ideas that google wants its 1 billion visitors a month to see are seen and anything google doesn’t not want to be seen wont be!

Many take what they read on the internet as the definitive answer. The cult of Google will be unstoppable if they can harness this technology and control the biggest sources or information around!

Should you buy a .us domain?

Should you buy a .US domain? Truth be told buying a us domain even if you are a US citizen is more bother than its worth. Why? Well US domains are only for us citizens or those with substantial business presence in the US if you are not a US citizen and register a .us domain for what ever reason (many people now register these kind of tldm to create words and phrases out of their website name even neustar who own the .us domain franchise use to explain what it is all about). Because neustar wants only US citizens and quite frankly because they are nasty and want to circulate more sales of the us domain by making more available they do spot checks to check to check whether those with a .us domain are actually from the us this will then hopefully free up a few good domains which they can sell again if they catch out anyone or anyone fails to reply within a couple days. People who are form the US have had their domain deleted for not proving that they are form the us simply because they failed to see the email in their inbox and reply. If you domain gets deleted it become freely available for other to register you do not get a refund for your domain getting deleted and neustar gets more money. The whole bother of constantly checking your inbox to make sure you do not get ones of these emails is rather a pain… even if you are from the united states.

What about if you are not from the UNITED STATES? If you are not a us citizen and want to register a .us domain the  I would advise against it, in the past non us citizens have paid huge amounts of money with one auction for at $75 000 only for it to be deleted and taken away from the auction winner without refund and then the same domain was found on auction again a few months later hitting $18 500 to another person outside the us the domain was again deleted and the winner of the auction was found out of pocket… no warning was given prior to the purchase that this maybe the case (part of the scam).

Another reason why the .us domains are really not worth buying is that if you are a us company looking for better search engines rankings paying a little bit extra for the .us domain rather than a .com one will not give you any better luck when it comes to the search engines as the search engines do not put weight on this when ranking sites just like they dont with emd’s. Constantly watching your back with the prospect of loosing your domain no extra benefits of having one rather than a different domain means it much better to get a .com one or something else!

Is your site hacked?

Sites are being hacked left right and center on the internet now in order to help boost the ranking of illegal pills websites and other quite dodgy sites. Having your site hacked is really quite bad and you may find your traffic from search engines slip quite rapidly.

How to identify if your site is being hacked

Webmasters can easily check to see if their website is beign used to pedal these bad website quite easily. By doing a site: search on google you can find webpages that should not be there like: If you did not create this page then it is most likely that you site has been hacked and most of the time there will be millions more of these hidden pages. These website will not show anything odd when you click them as these pages have been designed to be hidden for normal users and will just simply show your homepage content or something else but these pages will show google bots and other search engines bots spam and links to pharmacy sites though. Search engines bots are clever and can identify when a site has been hacked like this but there corse of action is not to simply ignore the spam pages but to penalize the whole site so you must fix your site if you do not want your rankings to slip or you site to be completely deinedxed from the search engines.

So why do people hack sites? Well for backlinks as backlinks help sites in the search engines rank. To maximise the effect of the spam pages the hackers will use other hacked website to link to the bad pages on your site this means your site will be included in a sort of hacked website link network with sometimes hundreds of thousands of spam links pointing to your site this can really damage your site rankings even after you have tried to fix your site and have stopped the creation of these pages.

How do websites get hacked?

If you use WordPress or another content management system that you have not updated ina  long while there maybe security flaws in it which are now known and used by hackers to gain access to your admin dashboard and thus are able to inject nasty code into your site. So make sure you are always upto date!

Nothing is always as it seems and you dont get something for free especially on the internet and you sart downloading and uploading free themes and plugin you find from of any old website on the internet make sure that it is 100% secure and safe and that there is not any hidden and malicious code that could be used to hack your site. Only use themes and plugin you trust and are well known. Never ever used nulled scripts on your website as these are packed with viruses.

You must make sure that to fully recover after being hacked that you:

Make sure that all of the spammy hidden pages send out a 404 error, this will mean that all the spammy hacked links pointing to the hacked pages will be discounted.

You may also want to use a link checker tool and disavow all the spammy links by domain

Let the other hacked website pointing to your site know that there site has also been hacked this will mean the links will be completely deleted. great!

If manual action has been taken and your site penalized or deindexed,  File a reconsideration request if you site was hacked to google and other search engines expalining what has happened and what you have done to fix it and make sure it never happens again.


IBM smarter planet

IBM watson?

The IBM Watson cognitive platform is a super computer that is apparently the most intelligent computer in the world. The Watson super computer has been designed so that the computer can read and interpret data from natural language, looking at meaning. The Watson super computer first became famous in 2011 when a televised game of jeopardy showed just how powerful Watson was. On the show Watson was up against other opponents who where human and Watson beat them all answering the question far quicker and better then any of the human players. In preparation for the show Watson was given encyclopedic information with which it used to work out the answers to the jeopardy questions.

Watson was not able to answer all the answer correctly though, when the questions were ambiguous or had little clues Watson struggled to properly interpret what the question was asking thus could not find the right answer.

Over 100 different techniques help the Watson super computer analyze, interpret data generates it hypothesis of what the hypothesis actually are most likely to mean and select the best and most fitting data.

Watson can be compared to many online search engines like google and bing of how it can find answers according to peoples queries but the only difference is what IBM can do is a lot more advance and can actually read between the lines using cognitive analysis giving the user exactly what they are looking for rather then something that could answer their question.


Watson is a life saver?

Watson has been incorporated into the medical world helping doctors and nurses quickly find medical information and diagnosis, It has been revealed that 90% of nurses who have access to Watson use its information to treat patients. However some people are critical on the use of Watson in the medical industry saying that relying on a computer to make informed decisions that could mean life and death is dangerous and foolish and that doctors and nurses should not rely solely on the information provided by Watson.


Watson is not artificial intelligence as it does not think for itself, it can only analyses data using mathematics… if watson comes across something new it will be useless.


Scientists create lightsaber

Soon everybody can be a jedi… well with a light saber at least as scientists get close and closer to unlocking the secrets that will hopefully one day help go towards science creating light sabers and as well of other useful devices and technology too. Harvard scientist have been able to create their own matter with only light, this has proved a huge discovery and will totally change the way scientists think of light and photons that make up light. What scientists have created is something that acts just like a light saber does! What the Harvard scientist have successfully done is create matter by bonding together photons which create molecules with mass. How did they do it… simple  a vacuum, some rubidium atoms cooled to near absolute zero creating a cloud.. two photons were then passed through this cloud to see the effects, scientist were not prepared to what they were next about to see as when the photons emerged from the cloud on the other side they where merged together creating a molecule. The new discovers will not just help with creating light sabers but will also prove useful in the computing world with the hope that these new insights will help make computing a lot lot faster and more efficient too.

What the Harvard scientist have achieved is something that has been talked about theoretically for a long time but it has only been now that it has been proved possibly.

The Harvard scientists added that “usually photons do not have any mass and also do not interact with each other, but what we have achieved was creating a environment where photons start acting as though they do have mass and even start interacting with each other just like other molecules do by even bonding together like we observed”

Moto G set to be released in india

Motorola are coming back to India with the moto G but it has gotta be said that with this new phone  (google owns Motorola) expect to be spied on, frustrated and your money wasted .
The Moto g is going to be released in India in January next year. It will cost less than other phones by Samsung and windows as it will only cost Rs 15,000 (about $179) but for your money dont expect a lot! Googles aim with this phone was to bring people a cheaper smartphone alternative as many people in India simply cannot afford the expensive smart phones at the moment.  This new phone maybe cheap but there is a big reason for that.. its so google can exploit the poorer of our society who cannot afford other smartphones. The moto G is very basic and has a lot less feature than it rivals. Many beta testers of this new moto G phone are saying that the phone is really buggy and is a typical rubbish google product made on the cheap and made for the masses.

Some of there complaints are that the Moto G boasts specs of 4.5 inch screen and a hd resolution of 720, plus with 1gb of ram and 8gb of memory and a 1.2 ghz processor you would think you are getting a bargain however the 1.2 mega pixel camera fitted on the moto G is very poor, the Moto G is also very flimsy and can easily break not only that but despite its processing capabilities the Moto g is slow to loads apps and connect to the internet (probably with all the spyware added to the moto G). The overall feeling is that the Moto G is cheap and not a phone you would want to waste your money on.



Is negative seo real? If so can negative seo effect your rankings?

Negative seo is very much real thanks to penguin which penalizes websites based upon unnatural links linking to a site. That is one of the reasons why negative seo is becoming a growing problem that can damage your site rankings in search engines loosing you business. Many webmasters and seo’s are in denial that negative seo really exists but the truth is it does exist and can destroy online businesses. Spam has not decreased since the google penguin and panda updates from google.. spam has actually instead been on the increase with churn and burn sites on the rise, (churn and burn websites are websites created for short term ranking using spam technique to rank quickly but the expectation is that these websites will not last long but because these churn and burn websites are so simple to create they are easily replaced.) and negative seo.

Negative seo is when a competitor or even just someone out to spam the world will spam your website link to as many spammy auto approve comment blogs, create thousands of forum profiles and any other low quality and really obvious spam links to your website in a attempt to get your website penalized by the search engines particularly google. As google and other search engines get tougher and tougher on “spammers” negative seo gets far easier and more and more webmasters are instead not creating links to their own websites but are creating tons of spam links to others that rank above them… with those above them penalized it will clear the way for their own website to get to the top! But there is one problem as small websites fight among themselves as one negative seo victim retaliates and negative seo’s all the others, big websites like amazon and ebay still dominate and there unrivaled positions are further boosted as all other competition is destroyed. These big websites can still be effected by negative seo but because google and other search engines put so much authority into these websites it means that it would take a monumental effort to get these websites penalized meaning that the only real victims of negative seo are small websites and businesses.

Google and other websites cannot properly measure a websites relevance and quality without links and people gaming the system by creating links has meant the search engines have had to create these algorithms that penalize website for spammy links, however many webmasters argue that spammy links should be totally ignored due to the fact that anyone can create spammy links to any website and it doesn’t mean that a website should be totally discredited just because spam links point to it.

Seo? The basic guide

Seo is a practice many webmasters must do to get visitors to their website. SEO simply stands for search engine optimization whereby you optimize you website both on page and off page to help make it rank high in the search engines! Better visibility (ie high in the search engines) equals more visitors and everybody wants that now do we?In this easy and concise guide to seo we will be disclosing the best seo tactics to getting your site ranking and the basics to seo.

On page seo is all about your website. Search engines only want to rank the very best and most credible of websites that offer the best user experince. So there are quite a few things you must remember to help make your site the one that search engines want on their search results (SERP’S). Here is a handy table that will tell you all the different onpage things that you must know! If you still confused after reading our tables check out this blog post on jmx which explains on page seo and this one that explains off page seo.

Panda Panda is the name given to the google algo that looks at on page factors. You will find everything panda looks for in this table.
Keyword density Keyword density plays a important part in on page seo. Firstly keyword density is what helps tell the search engines what you web page is about. The more prominent a keyword is on a web page tells search engines that it is that keyword that is being focused on. However too higher keyword density is bad as it is unnatural or worse unreadable for humans and makes it seem that the web page may not be designed for users but as a way of gaming the search engines to rank the web page higher in the search results. Unnatural keyword density is usually anything above 5%… The best practice to get the right keyword density is too write as you would naturally and not to try to artificially place keywords all over you articles as this would make the article read poorly and your quality of content would suffer.
Site speed Site speed is very important as nobody wants to land on a slow loading page, search engines recognize that slow loading sites equals poor user experience and thus poor search results. Site loading speed is crucial. To improve you site speed for seo make sure if you are using a dynamic php based website that you enable browser caching, keep the code clean and fast, make sure you do not overload your website with pointless images and animations that may slow down your website also make sure you have good hosting that can handle everything it needs to quickly and smoothly.
Mobile responsive? Search engines know that more and more internet users are using mobiles to browse the internet more than ever before. So why should search engine sonly display search results of website that only work with desktop computers? Mobile responsive websites are websites that can change shape and size according to screen size and are also optimized to be fast when browsing on a mobile phone. Mobile responsive design is a must!
Duplicate content Do you use content found elsewhere on the internet? This can be one of the biggest reasons why you site isn’t not doing as good as it should. Put quite simply if you website uses duplicate content found somewhere else your site can be penalized by the search engines. Sometime webmasters must change websites for what ever reason.. if this is the case and you are wanting to reuse the content again on your new website to avoid duplicate content issues the best thing to do is to 301 redirect web pages from the old website to the new homes of your content on your new website this basically tells search engines that you’ve moved and not that your stealing other peoples content! It also isn’t enough not to copy content from other websites if your site repeats itself again and again this can also result in penalization even if you are using your own content this is because search engines don’t want repeated pages on their search engines. You should really aim for every page on your website to offer something new and unique and have value.
No search results or archive pages to be indexed This is similar to not having repeating content on your website. Search engines such as google have made it against their search guidelines for websites to get search results, archive or category pages from webpages indexed. Search engines view archive pages, category and search pages as low value pages that shouldn’t be on the search results. Search engines like google sya that webmaster should apply no index rules in their robot.txt to let search engines know not to index such pages. Webmasters have been penalized by search engines for having these kinds of pages indexed automatically by the search engines. (You could be right in arguing that it isnt the webmasters fault at all that these webpages are being put on the search results but the search engines themselves for not creating good enough indexers to be able to automatically filter out these pages)
Malware Having malware on your website is a easy way to getting your website deindexed in search engines. Search engines don’t want to be giving results that will end up giving their users viruses. Some webmasters may not even realize that their website is distributing malware, some websites can be hacked via mysql injections or bad plugins or themes. Make sure you only upload safe files and scripts to your web host to avoid this problem
Above the fold ads If you website is displaying ads that are abov the fold or too many ads then this can be quite bad for seo. Search engines view this as a website is only out for making money and therefore the content must be superficial and commercial rather than something of quality. It is a bit rich though that search engine slike google target website that display too many ads or ads above the fold especially when the search results of google are full of these same issues.
Paid links Google wishes to stop all gaming of their search engines results, one way webmasters (particularly blackhats) will try to rank higher is to buy links form other high pr websites. Buying links on high pr webpages can be detected automatically by algos if the website that is being linked to is irrelevant, Google and other search engines though mainly rely on manual detection to pick up on paid links as only by human review can you really judge whether a link might be paid for or not. Hacked links can also fall under this category whereby website that have been hacked will start showing links from a link network often these links will be found in odd places, in the footer or totally invisible. Google and other search engines advise that you no follow (so search engines dont follow or consider the link in ranking factors) any paid links on your website.
Black hat technique Blackhat seo technique for example meta refreshes, spun gibberish content, hidden text or even showing search engines bots something different to what real user see is something that search engines try to find and deindex from their search engines. Since panda getting away with these spammy seo technique is getting harder and harder.
Thin content A small website or a 1 page website is not a sign of authority and thus search engines try to not rank these sites very highly. Often 1 webpage websites tend to be websites that have not had a lot of effort put into them or are just affiliate landing pages trying to sell people things.

Now here is another handy table which will tell you all the off page stuff you should know!

Off page
Penguin Google penguin is the update by google to analyze backlinks pointing to a website. Backlinks from one wbesite to another is considered as a kind of vote.. The more good and natural links pointing to your site will in theory show that your website is so good that people like it so much that they link and share it with others.
Anchor text diversity If you are getting links that all contain the same anchor text then something isnt right and this starts looking unnatural and as though someone is trying to target that particular anchor text. You should make sure that your link profile contain a diverse range of links all with different anchor text.
Low quality links Low quality links can really hurt your ranking if your website has to many of them. What determines a low quality link actually links back to panda if the linking page is determined to be spammy or of low value (duplicate content) then this can come under a low quality link.
Spam links I have included this in its own section because I feel as though it spam links vary a little from low quality links. Spam links for example blog comment or forum profile links maynot come from low quality pages (most likely they do) but because they are designed only to improve seo then this is against search engines guidelines..
Paid links Buying links to increase page rank or to game the search engines is going to get you penalized or worse dinedexed in the search engines. Buying links is a bit like rigging a election (that how search engines view it as Yes search engines are OTT).
Blog networks Blog networks are bad.. why because search engines say they are so they must be… Well the truth is that search engines dont like blog networks because they are the easiest and most effective way of ranking. Blog networks can be detected by algos such as penguin if there is a strong unnatural interlinking between websites.. link wheels… or something similar.
Link exchanges Reciprocal links where you ask one person to link to you if you link back to them is considered as a form of paid linking.. to many reciprocal links can become quite obvious and easily picked up and penalized by the search engines.

Ram Setu: Myth or truth?

Is the ram setu real? This is a question many in India have been asking for many many years!

Hindus believe that the Ram setu was made from a series of limestone rocks that bridge the gap between India and Sri Lanka’. The Ram setu bridge is meant to be 30 Km Long and 3 Km Wide and was said to be constructed by 10 millions Vanaras Monkey men in 5 days and was built 1.7 million years ago.

Some people also believe that you could actually walk on the ram setu up until 1480 AD before a great cyclone hit the ram Setu which pushed the bridge below sea level and scattered the majority of the rocks.
Just as strongly as some believe the Ram Setu was real others argue that the ram setu was never built and was just a natural rock formation.

Whatever the real truth is many in india still believe that the Setu is real and that it is a holy place but despite this the indian government still wants to destroy it real or not via the Setusamudram project that has been recently proposed by the government to build a shipping canal in the place many believe that the Ram Setu is.

What the government wishes to do with the Sethsamudram project is to link the palk bay and the gulf manner between India and Sri Lanka by creating a shipping canal there. This would in effect make a easy and much more economical sea route around this area.

VHP and the BJP Saffron parties are opposed to the sethusamudram project because they feel that by creating this shipping canal it could actually destroy the Ram setu bridge and the ancient rocks which are there.

The Archeological Survey of India has concluded and even advised the supreme court of India that there is no evidence that the Setu even existence and there is no strong scientific evidence to say otherwise so they cannot classify the SETU as a India national monument because their is no evidence to say one even existed.

BJP has since accused the UPA government of blasphemy.

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