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Google ranking sites on truth

It would seem that google is not content with just making billions each year in profits they want more and to get more they have came up with a new or rather a twist on a old plan.. fascism! According to a new scientific research paper recently published by Google they are working on a […]

Yes google are evil!

Yes google are evil and should not be used if you want to save small businesses. If you are a small business trying to make ends meet online then Google are your worst enemies. The evil employees of Google working away in their cosy, rich and luxury HQ over in California are working tirelessly to […]

An increase in webhosting scams

There is a huge rise in scammer hosting company’s you must really do your research when choosing a hosting company to go with especially if you are looking at “affordable” small less known ones as you may find they will just collect your money and one day run. Many hosts will also offer you the […]

Dabuu networks is bad hosting! Our mini review!

This is just a mini review.. just something to help other webmasters out really! Indiadaily has recently been testing hosting from Dabuu networks a mid price range host so you expect at least for your website to be running smoothly and you do not expect the host to be down consistently like we found with […]

Should you buy a .us domain?

Should you buy a .US domain? Truth be told buying a us domain even if you are a US citizen is more bother than its worth. Why? Well US domains are only for us citizens or those with substantial business presence in the US if you are not a US citizen and register a .us […]

Can google see private whois information?

There is lots of confusion in the black hat world whether google cans see into private WHOIS data… the fact of the matter is as much as google would like to check who owns what site Google cannot see private whois data… the only people who are able to see private whois data are the […]

Cheap web hosting scammers

Plenty of people are now using the internet and are starting to create their own website either for personal use or to get their businesses online. But where there is money there are scammers. Good reliable hosting that has good up time (which means how often your website is online without any connection issues) doesn’t […]

Google is censoring search results

Google under the cover of penalizing and deinedexing websites from the search results for beingĀ  spam (From spam links pointing to a site which can be created by anyone see negative seo for more info, spam may also be a objective judgement of a website from a manual google reviewer who may disagree with what […]

Google is exploiting its power

Think big, dream bigger. Don’t be limited to Google for making money online it is not the only source of income instead be heard and get your brand out there and seen as one that everyone wants to be a part of!This is something I try to remember when trying to market my online business, […]

Something must be done to stop google

Is it right for google to penalize website that spam links? The online world has been for quite sometime a epicenter of business and is the fastest way to communicate and to buy things. However google and other internet giants have a huge grip on the internet. Google for example has now the power to […]