What content management system should I use for my website? Not Joomla!

What content management system should I use for my website? Not Joomla as it is the worst possible content management system around!

Joomla has to be by far the worst content management system (cms) around. With a unfriendly user interface, very rigid and un dynamic set up making it a real pain in the neck to set up any really well functioning website from scratch, bugs and very dodgy security makes Joomla the content management system to avoid full stop. First off Joomla is not very noob friendly or even developed friendly for that matter. Making changes to a joomla website requires a lot of work and know how and even then you may not get exactly what you are looking for. You cannot simply edit Joomla templates freely without running into a whole hsot of other error. Joomla also is really seo unfriendly and if use use Joomla do not expect you website to rank very far up because of the way Joomla works it takes a monumental effort just to get the url structure seo friendly and after that you must then try to work out a way to then get you actual website more seo friendly as Joomla by default arranges your content in such a away and repeat your content so much that it become excessive and really bad for seo. This content management system is very resource heavy aswell meaning you will need a very fast server to run your site if you want your website to run fast and not slow.

But most importantly Joomla is easily hacked and has huge holes in the security that are quite well known and exploited. The vast majority of sites that are hacked and part of the SAPE hacked website network are Joomla websites. Because of how poorly coded this content management system really is. This cms is best avoided at all costs with little picking for templates and designs, buggy, slow and very easily hacked Joomla is just a waste of time.

Try a quicker and much better alternative like wordpress or even drupal.


Google wants to break peoples spirits

Google has admitted that they wish to break peoples spirits.

In the latest video by Matt cutts he answers a question posed to him in which he answer he wants to break spammers spirits. He talk about how google has been designed to produce a double whammy hit ie a smaller penalty to aggravate the “spammer” and then a full blown penalty to cause further stress and upset to the spammer. He even admitted that to beat the spammers you must play mind games and break there spirits. He argued that the spammers are just after one thing and that is money making it impossible to make money would destroy the incentive to do spam seo. But considering that many non spammer can get effected by google penalties these silly games google are playing with peoples livelihoods is just plain wrong. Google really is showing a lack of empathy and morals to webmasters and small time business just trying to survive.

Given the rise in Negative seo many sites are being penalized even when the website masters are not spamming at all but when someone is trying to get there site penalized on purpose usually a competitor or someone with a grudge. So is it right for google to play mind games on these webmasters who have not been spamming anyway?

On the Black hat world forum blackhats who refer to Matt cutts as Fatt butts, do not seem to be broken at all saying that it just motivates them to spam even harder because they hate him so much. The blackhats also point out that google search results since penguin and panda have significantly gotten a lot worse too.

Google’s stratgy is flawed as the only sites that manage proper white hat seo are the ones that have authotirty in the first place such as amazon and ebay. Making it easier to rank a site in google would be far better than just trying to break people spirits and playing mind games to get them to stop as at the moment people only feel that spamming  is the only real way to rank if you not a huge authority website that can rank for anything and everything without even links.

Is your site hacked?

Sites are being hacked left right and center on the internet now in order to help boost the ranking of illegal pills websites and other quite dodgy sites. Having your site hacked is really quite bad and you may find your traffic from search engines slip quite rapidly.

How to identify if your site is being hacked

Webmasters can easily check to see if their website is beign used to pedal these bad website quite easily. By doing a site: search on google you can find webpages that should not be there like: example.com/buy-pharmacy-pills-online If you did not create this page then it is most likely that you site has been hacked and most of the time there will be millions more of these hidden pages. These website will not show anything odd when you click them as these pages have been designed to be hidden for normal users and will just simply show your homepage content or something else but these pages will show google bots and other search engines bots spam and links to pharmacy sites though. Search engines bots are clever and can identify when a site has been hacked like this but there corse of action is not to simply ignore the spam pages but to penalize the whole site so you must fix your site if you do not want your rankings to slip or you site to be completely deinedxed from the search engines.

So why do people hack sites? Well for backlinks as backlinks help sites in the search engines rank. To maximise the effect of the spam pages the hackers will use other hacked website to link to the bad pages on your site this means your site will be included in a sort of hacked website link network with sometimes hundreds of thousands of spam links pointing to your site this can really damage your site rankings even after you have tried to fix your site and have stopped the creation of these pages.

How do websites get hacked?

If you use WordPress or another content management system that you have not updated ina  long while there maybe security flaws in it which are now known and used by hackers to gain access to your admin dashboard and thus are able to inject nasty code into your site. So make sure you are always upto date!

Nothing is always as it seems and you dont get something for free especially on the internet and you sart downloading and uploading free themes and plugin you find from of any old website on the internet make sure that it is 100% secure and safe and that there is not any hidden and malicious code that could be used to hack your site. Only use themes and plugin you trust and are well known. Never ever used nulled scripts on your website as these are packed with viruses.

You must make sure that to fully recover after being hacked that you:

Make sure that all of the spammy hidden pages send out a 404 error, this will mean that all the spammy hacked links pointing to the hacked pages will be discounted.

You may also want to use a link checker tool and disavow all the spammy links by domain

Let the other hacked website pointing to your site know that there site has also been hacked this will mean the links will be completely deleted. great!

If manual action has been taken and your site penalized or deindexed,  File a reconsideration request if you site was hacked to google and other search engines expalining what has happened and what you have done to fix it and make sure it never happens again.


Why spam is needed!

Is spam really that bad? There has been a rise in the level of scrutiny “spam” get on the internet? But is it really that bad, yes automated spam does clog up you inbox’s or if you run a blog your comment lists but mostly now you can easily block spam so that you never have to ever see it, but people are complaining more than ever about spam and not by automated means but people simply trying to make a living by advertising about there website on others.. Time and time again I see on forums people moaning and groaning if some one simply posts a link on a website… as it seems posting a link on the internet immediately implies you are owning the website you are linking to if it is not one of the super giant website. Are people really that petty now that they feel a need to jump in and complain when someone posts a link? I think they are! Spam links have been particularly been picked out as the worse thing you cna now do on the internet thanks to seo and google….Google has been penalizing website that have to many spam links either on them or pointing to them meaning webmasters have now created a culture that has passed onto the rest of the internet world that spam links are the worse crime you can possibly do on the internet. Internet marketing is a big sector in India and is suffering thanks to the stigma many internet marketers now get if found advertising or even just looking to advertise.. It is now illegal for small business to promote their website online. Online spam or rather promotion of websites is needed for the internet in order to keep our freedom of speech and stopping the BIG INTERNET GIANTS from ruling on the internet. So remember this next time you see someone posting a link dont insult them or if your a moderator on a forum simply ban them ask yourself why they are posting that link and maybe help them out.

Web design and speed helps seo

Having the right design that is fast and responsive is something all businesses should make sure their website is. Website that are slow and are only available to those on a desktop can limit you to only desktop users when more and more people are using mobiles to surf the web nowadays! The search engines also know this too so that is why you need to make sure for seo reasons that your site is structured right and because mobiles cannot handle as much resource as desktop computer can (yet) you will need to limit the image sizes and loading speed… A great example of a responsive design a website that is super quick is this Sheffield webdesign website called jmx solutions, It has it all, from a responsive design to quick loading of pages, try and re-size your browser window and you will see that the website adapts to the changing size (even the images re size accordingly) and fits much better, this web design company has also got site speed spot on as well making their site so fast you are not waiting at all for it to load when you click something. After looking at the sites source code and style sheet it is seen that all this is done through clever css and design, only using what is needed and making use of responsive css to re-size elements is easy and makes website so much quicker. Search engines want more and more websites to be like this as it improve their search engines results if searchers are able to click a search result and are able to view the website fully without any limitations regardless of what device they are using to view it… having a super quick website means no  waiting which further enhances the search results too as no one like waiting around for answers! When the search engines are happy like this it means your site will happily sit at the top of the results for all to see (well that is as long as your off page is just as good as your on page design).

Google webmasters forum full of trolls

 anatomy of a internet troll!

This is what makes a internet troll

The Google webmasters forum , supposed to be a place where failing webmasters go to seek help from other webmasters to help them better rank in the search results of Google, but the Google webmasters forum is not the best place to seek advice about your website or seo far from it. If you post a question and your website on the Google webmaster forum you will be met by a number of trolls who sadly just post utter rubbish and hurl insults at desperate webmasters. Everyone it seems who has lost their rankings and wants help on the webmasters forum will be called a spammer. Even if the website owners says that they are a victim of negative seo and that is why their rankings have gone down the trolls will say that negative seo doesn’t exist and its spam links you have created that is causing your site to be penalized in Google which is rather a contradiction at best. There are also people who have been complaining that after they posted their site on the webmasters forum that they later got hit by negative seo… not just a few webmasters have reported this but many! If you are looking for seo advice or reasons why your site has been hit by a penalty on google.. the google webmasters forum is not the best place to go, you will not be talking to Google engineers that configure the Google search engine or even Google employees you will only be getting views from other webmasters so what really is the point when their are hundreds of other better seo forum out there?

Is guestposting good for seo?

Guest posting used to be a chance where webmasters and experts could give their opinion and promote their site on other websites… but thanks to evil google this practice has more or less been destroyed or rather if you are doing it for seo gain and just promoting your site you will be sadly disappointed as you guest posts are manually reviewed and your site penalized. It is kind of harsh and begs the question if you cant create guest posts and pr to your own website what can you do? Many webmaster are up in  arms and very confused as to how to promote their businesses and not get penalized in the serps because of their efforts. According to google any website that is trying to manipulate search engine rankings deserves to be penalized… proving as to whether it was the actual site owner trying to manipulate rankings is another story. Anyway guest posting has been demoted to a nono in the seo world.. it used to be one of the best ways to advertise your site and improve you seo… but not anymore if your caught. The internet police ie google will go around penalizing guest poster who they think are just guest posting to improve rankings a obvious sign is if the guest poster has a do follow link back to their site in the about author section. Guest posting used to be a way to easily gets lots of quick high pr links back to your site but is losing its grip in the seo world thanks to the risk guest posting now carries if your links are deemed not for users but for search engines bots. Should you do guest posting? Only if you write a really good article and the links in your article must be relevant and on topic to what you are talking about. the links should be purposeful and something to help users find out more or something users might find handy when reading your article and not something aimed at just boosting another site in the serps… I tis quite hard to judge a intention of a link but some links are easily seen as just for seo than others make sure if you do write guest posts that your on the right side of the google internet law.

Dont bother with meta descriptions google says!

According to a new google video by Matt cutts the person who is head on tackling spam on the google search engines (A bit of a saddo job) if you site auto generates meta description or you use the same meta description for all of your pages it can be bad for seo, instead he says that the best thing to do is leave the meta description alone…. Some webmasters are quite confused and even worried about this new video some saying

“This maybe so for say forum’s when a forum reply may answer a searcher query rather than a auto generated meta tag.. but for eCommerce sites this advice is rubbish…. as your not answering a query and its all about ctr and trying to entice people into clicking your site.. ”

“This is all about google becoming the internet.. ie google wants to scrape exact answer in website meta description so people dont have to even click on the site. EVIL! But its google and a according to a moronic judge with that book ripping case Google is doing a great job… ”

As you can see there really is a lot of distrust now towards google and its “advice”, some feel that the advice google lies to webmasters is more of a way to control the internet and webmasters rather than to help people rank. Meta descriptions have been around nearly as long as the internet so why has google only just decided to tell users not to really bother with their own? What do you think about this latest video by google.. do you agree what Matt has to say or are you with the vast majority of webmasters who feel google are just trying to manipulate and control the internet? comment below and have your say.

Earn money online, Get paid to do (gpt) scam websites

With a growing number of poeple online and a touch economic climate where jobs are scarce more and more people are trying to find quick and easy ways to make some money online. Many people looking for ways to make money are fooled into thinking they can easily make some money from GPT website. GPT stands for get paid to do, the idea of these website is that users complete offers which may take the form of survey’s, clicking ads, subscribing to things, watching videos, downloading programs (often full of viruses) and even buying products online to receive points after you have earned so many points you will then be able to use these points that you have earn to then cash out… some website say that they will give you cash through paypal for your points whereas other will say you can buy things from their shop (prizes) with the points. This sounds far to good to be true right? And you would be right, it is far to good to be true as these websites the vast majority of the time will not pay out. In other words you will be spending your time filling out and doing these offers pointlessly and for your account to be terminated at the end (for what ever sorry excuse the admin can think of at the time). Not all users will be banned like this and payment refused after all how can they get more fools to register and slave away if nobody is going to promote their site? Mostly 90% of people using these sites are banned when they request to “cash out” the website will keep all money you made them from doing the offer for themselves (Completed offers are paid for by affiliate advertisers per completion so there really is no excuse these website not paying you when yo want to cash out.. these website just dont want to give you your fair share even when they  have already been paid by the advertisers). Even if these website pay you, you are still being used it will take you a long time to fill out and complete the offers by the end of it you would have only made a couple pennies at most. You might as well use your time a lot more productively. My advise to you would be to avoid these manipulative website that target people desperate for cash… Don’t be fooled there are plenty more ways to make money online then working all hours for very little if anything making scammers rich.

No follow links can hurt your rankings

Moron idiot cartoon indiadaily free picture!

Is google run by idiotic morons? Or is there something more sinister going on?

If another google video is to be believed created by Matt cutts the head of the spam team at google, no follow blog comment links can hurt your site rankings. The video centers around people using keyword rich text links as supposed to a normal name in blog comments. This google believes is manipulative and google “reserves the right” to penalize any site doing this. Many webmasters will use blog comments as a way of generating traffic to their website so webmasters are both confused and even angry at this new video, some even believe that google is playing games to destroy any other ways people reach sites apart from google. Webmasters are arguing that because most blog comments are no follow anyway it really shouldn’t matter whether you use keyword rich anchor text or your company name rather than a real name anyway and it is non of googles businesses anyway because no-follow links have no direct impact on search engine rankings…. leading to the speculation that google is just trying to control the internet even further and scare website owner and seo’s that any links will cause link penalties in google (Benefiting huge brands who will no longer will have to compete with small websites creating targetted links all together wether no follow blog comment links or ones that do impact on search engine rankings). It is not google place to dictate the rules and commenting terms of websites… it is up to website owners whether they publish comments with or without keyword rich anchor text or brands as names, if a website has published a comment made by a user that has used such a name the website has allowed the user to be displayed in comment section therefore why should google say that the comment is spam when the website which published it apporved it as not being spam, it is upto the websites to monitor and determine quality of comments as to wether they are spam or not and by monitoring quality of comments keep spammy ones outta there website…. if a comment is accepted why should google say that the comment is spam… and penalize the website for it.

This recent video has just confirmed that negative seo is possible and even with no follow links. All one needs to do now is build tons of no follow keyword rich anchor named blog comments on lots of blogs.. send in a spam report to google see your competition disappear. It really is scarily that simple. Google really is run by morons.

No follow links make no difference to search engine ranking so why should no follow links make sites go down in the search reuslts if they do not make sites go up….