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What content management system should I use for my website? Not Joomla!

What content management system should I use for my website? Not Joomla as it is the worst possible content management system around! Joomla has to be by far the worst content management system (cms) around. With a unfriendly user interface, very rigid and un dynamic set up making it a real pain in the neck […]

Google wants to break peoples spirits

Google has admitted that they wish to break peoples spirits. In the latest video by Matt cutts he answers a question posed to him in which he answer he wants to break spammers spirits. He talk about how google has been designed to produce a double whammy hit ie a smaller penalty to aggravate the […]

Is your site hacked?

Sites are being hacked left right and center on the internet now in order to help boost the ranking of illegal pills websites and other quite dodgy sites. Having your site hacked is really quite bad and you may find your traffic from search engines slip quite rapidly. How to identify if your site is […]

Why spam is needed!

Is spam really that bad? There has been a rise in the level of scrutiny “spam” get on the internet? But is it really that bad, yes automated spam does clog up you inbox’s or if you run a blog your comment lists but mostly now you can easily block spam so that you never […]

Web design and speed helps seo

Having the right design that is fast and responsive is something all businesses should make sure their website is. Website that are slow and are only available to those on a desktop can limit you to only desktop users when more and more people are using mobiles to surf the web nowadays! The search engines […]

Google webmasters forum full of trolls

The Google webmasters forum , supposed to be a place where failing webmasters go to seek help from other webmasters to help them better rank in the search results of Google, but the Google webmasters forum is not the best place to seek advice about your website or seo far from it. If you post […]

Is guestposting good for seo?

Guest posting used to be a chance where webmasters and experts could give their opinion and promote their site on other websites… but thanks to evil google this practice has more or less been destroyed or rather if you are doing it for seo gain and just promoting your site you will be sadly disappointed […]

Dont bother with meta descriptions google says!

According to a new google video by Matt cutts the person who is head on tackling spam on the google search engines (A bit of a saddo job) if you site auto generates meta description or you use the same meta description for all of your pages it can be bad for seo, instead he […]

Earn money online, Get paid to do (gpt) scam websites

With a growing number of poeple online and a touch economic climate where jobs are scarce more and more people are trying to find quick and easy ways to make some money online. Many people looking for ways to make money are fooled into thinking they can easily make some money from GPT website. GPT […]

No follow links can hurt your rankings

If another google video is to be believed created by Matt cutts the head of the spam team at google, no follow blog comment links can hurt your site rankings. The video centers around people using keyword rich text links as supposed to a normal name in blog comments. This google believes is manipulative and […]