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Google is evil

  If you are wanting to make money on the internet then dont let google find out or else they will try their best destroy your business.. well that is how it seems anyway. India is growing in number of internet users, set to overtake the US very soon and thus there are more and […]

Sheffield seo expert…How to recover from a penalty?

The seo expert from Sheffield is back! Here is what He has to say. In Sheffield I often get clients coming to me with small website that have been hit (penalized) by google for spammy unnatural links, these guys aren’t even targeting high competitive keyword the businesses and websites based in Sheffield and just want […]

Google continues to dominate search

A recent washington post report indicates how google still dominates search with 66.9% of the total internet searches carried out in October by US internet users… that in figures is 12 billion out of 19billion of peoples searches showing just how dominate google is in America and the figures for other countries are pretty strong […]

Yahoo auctioning off premium domains

According to reports yahoo is going to leap into the premium domain selling game by selling domains it has “stumbled across” such as sandwich.com and other sought after domains. Many of these domains are nouns amongst some odd domain names as well. But are premium domains really worth it? Not really for example sandwich.com may […]

Spam links are all part of a antural link profile

Websites with spam links should NOT be penalized by search engines due to the fact that just being on the search engines will overtime cause your website to be linked to by spammy low value webpages…¬†You cannot protect yoursite from negative seo either, If google and other search engines continue to penalize site based on […]

Sheffield seo expert gives us the lowdown on seo

Here at India daily we bring you an expert in SEO (Search engine optimization) who is from Sheffield (england) giving us his views and lowdown on seo. In this article the Sheffield born and raised seo expert will be giving us his expert opinions on everything seo. Hello, firstly let me introduce myself I am […]

Yahoo’s new email “Recent” feature is rubbish says users

Apparently users dont know what they want and the CEO’S do.. well that is how it seems as yahoo announces a unpopular new feature to take a place of the popular tabs feature that many users liked! Yahoo have recently introduced a new “recent” feature to there inbox. Users dont like it one bit apparently. […]

India set to beat the US in internet users

India isn’t just a growing economy it has a growing number of internet users as well! In fact a report has estimated that india is set to beat the USA in number of internet users. It is thought that in 8 months indias number of internet users will increase by 18.5%, these estimates would mean […]

Google just too many ads!

Google has added a little label to ads at the top of the search results now but it looks as though google has also at the same time removed the slight box that used to go behind the ads… The ad label is quite¬†prominent however without the box behind it the ads are quite unclear […]

Is google doing enough to combat piracy?

Google received in October 2013 upto 26 million urls submitted in DMCA removal requests alone. That is a huge firgure and it is googles duty to make sure all of these requests are steeled one way or another. The huge work load that google has requires a lot of workers and a lot of money […]