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IBM watson?

The IBM Watson cognitive platform is a super computer that is apparently the most intelligent computer in the world. The Watson super computer has been designed so that the computer can read and interpret data from natural language, looking at meaning. The Watson super computer first became famous in 2011 when a televised game of […]

Scientists create lightsaber

Soon everybody can be a jedi… well with a light saber at least as scientists get close and closer to unlocking the secrets that will hopefully one day help go towards science creating light sabers and as well of other useful devices and technology too. Harvard scientist have been able to create their own matter […]

Moto G set to be released in india

Motorola are coming back to India with the moto G but it has gotta be said that with this new phone¬† (google owns Motorola) expect to be spied on, frustrated and your money wasted . The Moto g is going to be released in India in January next year. It will cost less than other […]

Google glass is rubbish and why you shouldnt buy it

There has been a lot of hype recently about the next google product google glass, but is it really as good as people (or rather the media) is hyping it up to be and is it actually safe to have a device attached receiving and transmitting wifi signals to your head in close proximity to […]

Samsung now the worldwide top handset seller!

It has been announced by market researchers that Samsung now is the most bought handset around. Samsung (A south Korean company) now dominates the mobile industry selling more handsets than any of there competitors. In q3 samsung have sold more than 120 million handsets worldwide pushing them in the lead. This means that Samsung has […]