IBM smarter planet

IBM watson?

The IBM Watson cognitive platform is a super computer that is apparently the most intelligent computer in the world. The Watson super computer has been designed so that the computer can read and interpret data from natural language, looking at meaning. The Watson super computer first became famous in 2011 when a televised game of jeopardy showed just how powerful Watson was. On the show Watson was up against other opponents who where human and Watson beat them all answering the question far quicker and better then any of the human players. In preparation for the show Watson was given encyclopedic information with which it used to work out the answers to the jeopardy questions.

Watson was not able to answer all the answer correctly though, when the questions were ambiguous or had little clues Watson struggled to properly interpret what the question was asking thus could not find the right answer.

Over 100 different techniques help the Watson super computer analyze, interpret data generates it hypothesis of what the hypothesis actually are most likely to mean and select the best and most fitting data.

Watson can be compared to many online search engines like google and bing of how it can find answers according to peoples queries but the only difference is what IBM can do is a lot more advance and can actually read between the lines using cognitive analysis giving the user exactly what they are looking for rather then something that could answer their question.


Watson is a life saver?

Watson has been incorporated into the medical world helping doctors and nurses quickly find medical information and diagnosis, It has been revealed that 90% of nurses who have access to Watson use its information to treat patients. However some people are critical on the use of Watson in the medical industry saying that relying on a computer to make informed decisions that could mean life and death is dangerous and foolish and that doctors and nurses should not rely solely on the information provided by Watson.


Watson is not artificial intelligence as it does not think for itself, it can only analyses data using mathematics… if watson comes across something new it will be useless.


Scientists create lightsaber

Soon everybody can be a jedi… well with a light saber at least as scientists get close and closer to unlocking the secrets that will hopefully one day help go towards science creating light sabers and as well of other useful devices and technology too. Harvard scientist have been able to create their own matter with only light, this has proved a huge discovery and will totally change the way scientists think of light and photons that make up light. What scientists have created is something that acts just like a light saber does! What the Harvard scientist have successfully done is create matter by bonding together photons which create molecules with mass. How did they do it… simple  a vacuum, some rubidium atoms cooled to near absolute zero creating a cloud.. two photons were then passed through this cloud to see the effects, scientist were not prepared to what they were next about to see as when the photons emerged from the cloud on the other side they where merged together creating a molecule. The new discovers will not just help with creating light sabers but will also prove useful in the computing world with the hope that these new insights will help make computing a lot lot faster and more efficient too.

What the Harvard scientist have achieved is something that has been talked about theoretically for a long time but it has only been now that it has been proved possibly.

The Harvard scientists added that “usually photons do not have any mass and also do not interact with each other, but what we have achieved was creating a environment where photons start acting as though they do have mass and even start interacting with each other just like other molecules do by even bonding together like we observed”

Moto G set to be released in india

Motorola are coming back to India with the moto G but it has gotta be said that with this new phone  (google owns Motorola) expect to be spied on, frustrated and your money wasted .
The Moto g is going to be released in India in January next year. It will cost less than other phones by Samsung and windows as it will only cost Rs 15,000 (about $179) but for your money dont expect a lot! Googles aim with this phone was to bring people a cheaper smartphone alternative as many people in India simply cannot afford the expensive smart phones at the moment.  This new phone maybe cheap but there is a big reason for that.. its so google can exploit the poorer of our society who cannot afford other smartphones. The moto G is very basic and has a lot less feature than it rivals. Many beta testers of this new moto G phone are saying that the phone is really buggy and is a typical rubbish google product made on the cheap and made for the masses.

Some of there complaints are that the Moto G boasts specs of 4.5 inch screen and a hd resolution of 720, plus with 1gb of ram and 8gb of memory and a 1.2 ghz processor you would think you are getting a bargain however the 1.2 mega pixel camera fitted on the moto G is very poor, the Moto G is also very flimsy and can easily break not only that but despite its processing capabilities the Moto g is slow to loads apps and connect to the internet (probably with all the spyware added to the moto G). The overall feeling is that the Moto G is cheap and not a phone you would want to waste your money on.



Google glass is rubbish and why you shouldnt buy it

What the google glass looks like!

Google glass is a rubbish and nerdy piece of tech.. use at your own risk.

There has been a lot of hype recently about the next google product google glass, but is it really as good as people (or rather the media) is hyping it up to be and is it actually safe to have a device attached receiving and transmitting wifi signals to your head in close proximity to your brain all the time? There is a lot of hype about google glass in the media because google is one of the most power fullest, richest and dominant media and advertisement company’s in the world, and with the potential of retailers and advertisers making billions in google glass you wont hear a bad word said about this “great new trendy and innovative product!” even if it could potentially leave you wearing something else on your head apart from the google glass.. a tumor.

But first let me explain how gimmicky google glass really is. Like always the media will force a idea and bombard the public with this idea until the public buy into it… the constant hype and advertising of google glass will eventually wear down the public until people simply buy it to see what all the fuss is about. Google glass is a silly idea really a nerdy fashion accessory that tells people that you live ina virtual world and your are desperate to always be “connected”. There are also many health concerns to that you should think about before buying a google glass. We have talked to opticians who have said that having a display that close to your eyes will strain them causing damage and overtime will damage your eye sight meaning you will have to wear glasses… how ironic. On a even more serious note you have wifi signals constantly floating around your head which is never advised… Health experts have warned against wifi signal before.. even on mobile phones which aren’t constantly switched on and attached to your head like the google glass is..

As you may have heard google have been leaking your personal data to the nsa, google also like to use information to better target ads to you and make them even more money… the tracking capabilities and ability to see what you are seeing helps the nsa and google better spy on you.. whether its the government or google doing it.. your life if you wear google glass will never be 100% private. Welcome to the world of big brother.


  • Google glass is a nerd accessory
  • Damaging to your eyes
  • Wearing a google glass can cause damage to your brain.
  • Lets google see everything you see

I am sure you can think of tons more reasons why you shouldnt buy google glass though.


Samsung now the worldwide top handset seller!

Number 1 mobile phone choice!

Samsung is the world number 1 choice of mobile phone currently with a dominant market share of 28%

It has been announced by market researchers that Samsung now is the most bought handset around. Samsung (A south Korean company) now dominates the mobile industry selling more handsets than any of there competitors. In q3 samsung have sold more than 120 million handsets worldwide pushing them in the lead. This means that Samsung has 28% of the total mobile market share.  Samsung has the majority of sales in 6 continents including; America, Europe, Africa, and latin America.

Samsung success maybe down to the fact that they sell mobile phones that are affordable priced for people living in poorer countries too making them the number 1 choice across the world market researchers argue.

The mobile industry has came along way in the past 10 years, developing mobiles that are now faster than computers used to be a couple years before. But to stay in the lead a company needs to think differently and give what consumers want at a affordable price. Will Samsung get complacent and like all big monopolies with a commitment to their shareholder put profits before quality…

But has the growth of the mobile industry been slower than we think? One could argue that with such limited choice and only a few dominate company’s ruling over the mobile phone industry consumers have limited choice as one company copies the next and innovation is non existent and development and new ideas for new products becomes uninspired and stagnant.

Just how long can Samsung hold there grasp on this dominant market share before someone else with a different idea comes along?  For instance wearable tech like the google glass is soon to hit the market but critics says that wearable tech products like google glass are too much of a gimmick and a silly idea to be able to the main stream saying that consumers would feel silly (and would look silly) talking into a goofy google glass headset… I think that google glass was a uninspired attempt by google to create something new but in my eyes a failure before it even launched. oh well there are always other ideas!