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How fast can humans possibly run? hmmm….

Quick tit bit of information for you guys! Scientists believe that 30mph is the fastest a human can possibly run! At the moment the world record that Usain Bolt managed to achieve was 27.8mph. That still means records can still be broken in the 100meters.. but how? Records are always being broken… the womens 100m […]

Are terror funds victimizing Indian stock market?

Is terrorism slipping inside Indian stock market? The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has issued the first annual report of the financial transaction and reportedly identified several accounts where it found a common beneficiary in many transactions. The beneficiary received huge and unexplained money transfer in his name in several transactions. The FIU has also send […]

Internet Evolution Turns into Internet Revolution in India

First, it was the E-mail and chat which had driven people to the internet cafes in India. Now, the Internet growth in India is being driven by some new and innovative applications such as blogs, P2P, video-on-demand and online gaming. Now, people are being more Internet savvy than ever before. The numbers of Internet users […]