sachin tendulkar booed by wankhede crowd



Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar was booed off the pitch! Who did the booeing well the Wankhede crowd did. All because his best wasn’t good enough!

Its never easy getting booed off the pitch just ask Sunil Gavaskar who got booed from off the pitch was when he lost his innings against england in the 1987 world cup semi finals… Why was he booed well because he got took out by Philip defertas bowl!

Sachin tendulkar wasn’t booed off the pitch because he lost india the world cup but rather because he was loosing a simple test match in his hometown. Maybe it is because expectations from this world class cricket player are just so high? Should we give these cricket players a break or are they simply getting to complaisant with their overly rich salary’s and comfy lifestyles that they simply do not have the want and determination to help them be the best cricketers and the fans see this and this is why they start the booing? However booeing doesn’t just stem from poor cricketers performances but from political reasons as well.

For any cricket player it is never nice to be booed of jeered at and because Sachin tendulkar was playing in his hometown those boos and jeers may have hit home a little harder as well.. literally!



  1. That nothing, in English football players are constantly greeting insults thrown at them even when they are playing good. It really is rotten I bet non of the players could play even a tenth as a good as some of these players!