Sheffield seo expert gives us the lowdown on seo


Here at India daily we bring you an expert in SEO (Search engine optimization) who is from Sheffield (england) giving us his views and lowdown on seo. In this article the Sheffield born and raised seo expert will be giving us his expert opinions on everything seo.

Hello, firstly let me introduce myself I am James and I am a self proclaimed seo expert I run a seo company based in Sheffield that creates tailor made and targeting seo campaigns to big brands and small company’s in Sheffield. But enough talk about who I am lets get right down to business..

Is seo a easy business?

Not at all seo is constantly changing and is just as dynamic as the search results themselves, you always have to be at the top of your game and know what is what to be able to survive and rank in the serps. It is not enough just to write good quality content in the hope that you will automatically rank in the search results.. it just doesn’t work like that. Search engines like google like to say that you need to create unique good quality content… albeit it you must create highly relevant content that is only available on your website the good quality part is pretty much a lie… why? Simply because google bot cannot read and interpret information, the google bot can only use algos to determine whether a piece of content should rank based on whether it is duplicate content… has a natural occurrence of keywords and follows some sort of basic structure, the google bot contrary to popular belief cannot actually determine something make sense or not… this is precisely why google and other search engines look at what links are pointing to that website in order to determine whether it is worthwhile content or not.. after all if other people are linking to it the content has to make sense right? The seo community though are slowing starting to think that hummingbird and other recent google updates are advancing and getting better are judging for themselves whether a peice of content is quality or not… looking for whether content is broken or contain fragmented sentences that do not make sense computers can to a certain degree measure linguistics however only to a certain degree and because language is constantly evolving and because language is so complex no computer program can ever fully understand whether something truly makes sense or not.

A problem that many seo face is negative seo, negative seo is when a competitor actively build spammy links to your website in order to get it penalized by google for spammy unnatural links. Negative seo is on the rise and means only website with the strongest link profiles can survive any new websites with little or weak backlinks will not survive. Google has last year released a disavow tool to help combat this letting webmaster discount links that they do not want google to count when ranking there site… however this creates the question why doesn google automatically discount spammy links and instead of penalizing spammy links just ingore them? Surely just because a site has spam my links pointing to them the content on the site doesn’t automatically become spammy aswell? Well some seo’s fear that this is because google wants small websites and businesses to fail so that they buy more adwords to survive after all adwords is how google make sits billions each year! Google has so many rules, even if your website has not got any spammy links pointing towards your site google will try and find a excuse to penalize it one way or another.

What you can do to survive all of these updates and stand the best chances of ranking in the search engines is to:

  • Have good and lots of high pr websites linking to you — which is harder said then done
  • Only have original and lots of content on your website
  • A good fast design that is mobile responsive
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and diversify your traffic sources as more and more people turn away from searching on google and onto social media it is a good plan even if you aren’t worried about getting penalized by google to have a good social media presence as well as when google does go under you will have a good source of social media traffic.


Seo is a lot of hard work and if you have got a business to run you may not have the time or patience to do seo. That why it is probably a good idea considering as lot of things can go wrong to get a seo company to help you out doing seo instead. I am based in Sheffield and I get a lot of small local businesses from Sheffield that fail to get ranking on the search engines because they do not know what to do… It seo is boring and silly and you dont really want to know how its done… Just get someone like em to do it for you whilst you run your business!