Google glass is rubbish and why you shouldnt buy it

What the google glass looks like!

Google glass is a rubbish and nerdy piece of tech.. use at your own risk.

There has been a lot of hype recently about the next google product google glass, but is it really as good as people (or rather the media) is hyping it up to be and is it actually safe to have a device attached receiving and transmitting wifi signals to your head in close proximity to your brain all the time? There is a lot of hype about google glass in the media because google is one of the most power fullest, richest and dominant media and advertisement company’s in the world, and with the potential of retailers and advertisers making billions in google glass you wont hear a bad word said about this “great new trendy and innovative product!” even if it could potentially leave you wearing something else on your head apart from the google glass.. a tumor.

But first let me explain how gimmicky google glass really is. Like always the media will force a idea and bombard the public with this idea until the public buy into it… the constant hype and advertising of google glass will eventually wear down the public until people simply buy it to see what all the fuss is about. Google glass is a silly idea really a nerdy fashion accessory that tells people that you live ina virtual world and your are desperate to always be “connected”. There are also many health concerns to that you should think about before buying a google glass. We have talked to opticians who have said that having a display that close to your eyes will strain them causing damage and overtime will damage your eye sight meaning you will have to wear glasses… how ironic. On a even more serious note you have wifi signals constantly floating around your head which is never advised… Health experts have warned against wifi signal before.. even on mobile phones which aren’t constantly switched on and attached to your head like the google glass is..

As you may have heard google have been leaking your personal data to the nsa, google also like to use information to better target ads to you and make them even more money… the tracking capabilities and ability to see what you are seeing helps the nsa and google better spy on you.. whether its the government or google doing it.. your life if you wear google glass will never be 100% private. Welcome to the world of big brother.


  • Google glass is a nerd accessory
  • Damaging to your eyes
  • Wearing a google glass can cause damage to your brain.
  • Lets google see everything you see

I am sure you can think of tons more reasons why you shouldnt buy google glass though.


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  1. Thanks for the review! Yeah I agree buying google glass would be a huge mistake… Also I am always losing my glasses so imagine losing a really expensive thing such as the google glass….. Oh and only fools who like getting spied on would wanna to get one.

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