Moto G set to be released in india

Motorola are coming back to India with the moto G but it has gotta be said that with this new phone  (google owns Motorola) expect to be spied on, frustrated and your money wasted .
The Moto g is going to be released in India in January next year. It will cost less than other phones by Samsung and windows as it will only cost Rs 15,000 (about $179) but for your money dont expect a lot! Googles aim with this phone was to bring people a cheaper smartphone alternative as many people in India simply cannot afford the expensive smart phones at the moment.  This new phone maybe cheap but there is a big reason for that.. its so google can exploit the poorer of our society who cannot afford other smartphones. The moto G is very basic and has a lot less feature than it rivals. Many beta testers of this new moto G phone are saying that the phone is really buggy and is a typical rubbish google product made on the cheap and made for the masses.

Some of there complaints are that the Moto G boasts specs of 4.5 inch screen and a hd resolution of 720, plus with 1gb of ram and 8gb of memory and a 1.2 ghz processor you would think you are getting a bargain however the 1.2 mega pixel camera fitted on the moto G is very poor, the Moto G is also very flimsy and can easily break not only that but despite its processing capabilities the Moto g is slow to loads apps and connect to the internet (probably with all the spyware added to the moto G). The overall feeling is that the Moto G is cheap and not a phone you would want to waste your money on.




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