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    Tinder is great fun! I’ve had a few dates from it, they haven’t come to anything but I’ve had a nice time and met some interesting people (and some boring ones haha!).
    It’s fun swiping left (no) and right (yes), it feels like a game. Not everyone on Tinder is just out for the ride – though there are a fair few of them, both male and female, that are! And why not, if they are both consenting adults and know that a one night stand is all it is.
    I guess it depends what you put on your profile. If you put loads of boob shots and little information in your bio then guys may well assume you’re just out for some fun. If you write a bit about about yourself, choose your photos carefully and make it clear you’re not after a one night stand, then most of the guys just after sex will swipe left. Any that persist, you just unmatch them. Any you change your mind about, you just unmatch them. Any that annoy you with their lack of ability to spell: unmatch them! You never have to see or speak to them again. No explanations required!
    I’ve even found a HORSEY GUY through it, that i’m chatting to at the moment! Probably won’t come to anything but nice to have someone to chat horse to.

    My previous pulling tactics/meeting boyfriends has involved meeting in pubs after far too much alcohol. They have turned out to be wastemen, heavy drinkers, no house, no car, no ambition to get those things, no hobbies… Or worse.
    Tinder has enabled me to meet new people, outside my social circle, from different backgrounds, into different things.
    Might try PoF or Match one day but Tinder is so accessible and quick and easy to use, I’m quite happy with it for now!
    And I wouldn’t say I’m “desperate for a boyfriend” – in fact I don’t know if I actually have time for one, and am rather enjoying being single at the moment (split from ex in August). It’s just nice to have someone to chat to, and would be nice to have someone to come on walks with me and go for meals with. A “companion” (haaa would you believe I’m only 30?!) most of my friends have boyfriends, husbands, babies and can’t spend time with me like they used to, and I have loan horse and dogs and work 6 days/week so am also time poor.

    I’m rambling – basically, Tinder is great!

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