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Ram Setu: Myth or truth?

Ram Setu: Myth or truth?

Is the ram setu real? This is a question many in India have been asking for many many years!

Hindus believe that the Ram setu was made from a series of limestone rocks that bridge the gap between India and Sri Lanka’. The Ram setu bridge is meant to be 30 Km Long and 3 Km Wide and was said to be constructed by 10 millions Vanaras Monkey men in 5 days and was built 1.7 million years ago.

Some people also believe that you could actually walk on the ram setu up until 1480 AD before a great cyclone hit the ram Setu which pushed the bridge below sea level and scattered the majority of the rocks.
Just as strongly as some believe the Ram Setu was real others argue that the ram setu was never built and was just a natural rock formation.

Whatever the real truth is many in india still believe that the Setu is real and that it is a holy place but despite this the indian government still wants to destroy it real or not via the Setusamudram project that has been recently proposed by the government to build a shipping canal in the place many believe that the Ram Setu is.

What the government wishes to do with the Sethsamudram project is to link the palk bay and the gulf manner between India and Sri Lanka by creating a shipping canal there. This would in effect make a easy and much more economical sea route around this area.

VHP and the BJP Saffron parties are opposed to the sethusamudram project because they feel that by creating this shipping canal it could actually destroy the Ram setu bridge and the ancient rocks which are there.

The Archeological Survey of India has concluded and even advised the supreme court of India that there is no evidence that the Setu even existence and there is no strong scientific evidence to say otherwise so they cannot classify the SETU as a India national monument because their is no evidence to say one even existed.

BJP has since accused the UPA government of blasphemy.

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