Dabuu networks is bad hosting! Our mini review!

This is just a mini review.. just something to help other webmasters out really!

Indiadaily has recently been testing hosting from Dabuu networks a mid price range host so you expect at least for your website to be running smoothly and you do not expect the host to be down consistently like we found with dabuu networks.

We started using Dabuu after we received a email from a website owner who felt scammed and conned after using Dabuu so we decided to investigate to make sure that the issues with dabuu were not just a one time thing. We set up a small blog with them which used up little space and bandwidth the package we used was Package: Level 1 costing $18 a year doesn’t sound much right? but over the weeks we tested with these guys we found that our website was really quite slow if not down entirely. With no information telling us why our website was down, poor support and head ache after head ache it looked as though our website would have done much better and would at least load faster and be up more with a free hosting than with dabuu that how poor the hosting is. Sometimes when Our site was down the main dabuu site was also down at the same time which probably meant all website on the servers were facing issues and were down…. this also meant it was hard to get support and a estimated time of when our small site would be back online.

Apparently Dabuu is under new management after being sold.. dabuu failed to mention this to any of their current customers and was only found out after a sale thread fro the company was posted on the webhostingtalk forum, which may explain why if you are hosting with these guys your website is down at the moment… It is unsure if the new owners will continue to host previous customers websites or not if they failed to do so you may find yourself out of pocket as one of dabuus previous rules was that they do not give refunds.

You can get  much cheaper web hosting than dabuu and many people would probably choose these guys because they fear the cheaper ones as they dont want to get hosting that is really bad but at the same time are scared off by the more expensive but very reliable hosts because of the price so they end up  settling for dabuu which is in between  and therefore should be reliable enough and not to expensive but this is not the case at all it would seem.

Our verdict on these guys is that they are quite useless and it is probably better to go for more well known hosts such as godaddy.