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An increase in webhosting scams


There is a huge rise in scammer hosting company’s you must really do your research when choosing a hosting company to go with especially if you are looking at “affordable” small less known ones as you may find they will just collect your money and one day run.

Many hosts will also offer you the chance to also buy domains through them as well, this can even mean if you do get scammed not only will they run off with your money but your entire website too. They could theoretically set up your site themselves and run your business which you built up.

And many are doing this, it is thought that 1 out 3 small time web hosts are not legitimate businesses.

In a previous post we did a mini review for the hosting provider dabuu after further research we have found out that if you have recently bought hosting from this provider you should try to get your money back either by PayPal charge back or contacting your credit card company as our research has found that it is very likely that the hosting you have paid for you will not get. The owner of dabuu Networks set up this hosting not to long ago, that maybe not something initially bad in itself as all hosting company’s have to start somewhere but its is quite questionable after just a few months in operation dabuu decided to sell up and rather quickly to apparently getting a buyer within a couple of days whilst also still accepting payments for hosting. The owner of dabuu networks has not told any of his customers who the new owners are and in threads on webhostingtalk people are really quite concerned especially as the owner has seemed to have done a disappearing act, one member of webhostingtalk has also pointed out that the owner of dabuu hosts has also done this kind of thing before with a hosting company called NixDot. In exactly the same scenario and with the same policy of no refunds it seems the owner of dabuu apparently called Dan is a scammer. The moral of this story really is that you just cannot trust small web hosting company’s especially ones that have not been around for a while and only except yearly subscription payments only. India daily will keep a tab on this guy and will try to out any more of these pop up hosting company this guy sets up so that he will not be able to run with anyone else money.