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Heel grips to stop you slipping in your shoes!


Isn’t it really annoying when your feet just cannot stay still in your shoes and are always sliding around in them? This cannot only be a nuisance but also can be bad for your feet.

Heel grips are something that you may find really useful! Heel grips work by gripping your heel to your shoes this will then stop you slipping in loose fittings shoes which is really quite useful to say the least fi you are always finding your self tripping up or slipping in your shoes particularly a problem found in high heels. If you are finding that your foot moves quite a lot whilst wearing your shoes for whatever reason having a pair of heel grips to stop this from happening is a really good idea, why? because if your feet are always moving around in your shoes this can causes rubbing to occur which is actually linked to bunions (medical experts are still on the bench for the direct cause of bunion but it is known that bunion can get worse due to the pressure and irritation rubbing can cause. Heel grips are basically double sided adhesive stickers that sticks your heel to your shoe stopping you from slipping and from your heel lifting, these little things are quite inexpensive but it is always a good idea to buy the best ones right that do the job right? There are many different heel grips on the market today that you can buy but we have tested and tried many different ones from branded Drscholl (which were the most expensive but proved to be the worst) heel grips to non branded ones we have found that some will last a long time whereas others will not and the adhesive will simply ware away quite quickly also some may dig into the heel and are uncomfortable to wear, the best ones that we have found are from nuovahealth that proved the longer lasting ones and the best quality of all the heel grips we tried.

To summarize heel grips are great for loose shoes and even better for high heels on a night out when slipping and tripping in your heels can be fairly common. Prices range from £1.99-£2.99