Meet Budhia the worlds youngest marathon runner

Many full grown adults will have a tough time running a marathon without collapsing halfway through but for a 4 year old to do it is remarkable!

A four year old in India has broken records as being the youngest ever to run a marathon. The “marathon boy” Budhia Singh, was sold by his mother has now ran a 40 mile non stop marathon even after doctors have warned against it.

The CRPF and the sports minister Debashis Nayak even though doctors have warned of the dangers of the stress physically and psychologically this will have on the boy running 40 miles at only four years old are supporting the boy despite the controversy.

The marathon was from Puri to Bhubaneswar…. with no breaks and the media were on his tail throughout some even comparing him to Forest Gump. This has no doubt brought the boy a lot of fame and for his investors and trainers a lot of money. Some are calling the boy a star with Olympic potential but others are saying hes a victim of abuse from his coach exploiting him.

There is a danger that this will encourage more parents to sell their children for a quick buck and for them to get in the limelight despite the actual real cost it will have on the child.