The Fastest, Easyiest And Best Ways To Grow Taller Naturally

Being unhappy about how tall you are can really knock your confidence so in this article I will be showing you a few ways to help boost your height and at the same time lift your confidence too!

We will be looking at if diet can help, stretching exercises insoles which will help give you a boost as well!

If you do not measure up to the height you would like to be and your passed “that” age where growing any taller is pretty much out of the question for you there are still something you can try to help increase your height but It has got to say some ways are more effective than others.
Eating a balanced and healthy diet is something you could try.. but for height increase it will only help prevent you from stunting your growth whilst you are in puberty…though you should always eat a healthy diet even after puberty to keep healthy anyway! Drinking milk for strong bones will help, protein rich foods like eggs and meat are also important as protein is made up of amino acids which are key to cellular growth. Supplements and human growth hormone should be avoided as it doesn’t work and can be very dangerous to your health.

Doing stretching exercises is another way to boost your height but it isn’t the best… why? because if you already have good posture it wont do much and even if you have pretty bad posture you can only expect one or two inches more height from this! How stretching exercises work is based on the idea that you can get better posture but not only that but also increasing the space in between your joints which are otherwise being squeezed together by gravity.. by strengthening the supporting muscles around the joints through stretches your joints will hopefully wont get squeezed together by gravity as much and so you will potentially grow in height! Good posture takes time to develop, you do not have to do stretching exercises if you do not want to just getting rid of all the bad habits like slouching and standing up right and sitting up right in your chair are all good to do! What stretching exercises will not do is encourage cellular growth if you are past your teenage years and your growth plates have already fused together.

One of the best stretching exercises which will really help is chin ups, chin ups help develop and strengthen your back and and hanging on a bar liek you do with chin ups really does stretch out your body! You can also try swimming, Pilates and yoga too!

Even though better posture wont instantly make you the tallest person around and takes time, slouching and looking more confidence can make people believe your much taller than you are!

But that being said overall not slouching, keeping your head held high will make you look like you have more confidence and people will presume that your taller just for that, you see those that perceive those to be more dominant (ie with more confidence) appear taller, physiological studies have proven this concept as two groups of students at a university were introduced to a total stranger those who were told that this stranger was infact a professor at the university after the meeting when asked how tall they though the professor was they all predicted the persons height as being much taller than he actually was! The other group of students were introduced to the same stranger but they were told that he was a student just like them and thus the students did not elevate his dominance when these students were later asked to predict the fellow students height they all gave more reasonable predictions much closer to the actual persons height, you see dominance automatically makes people presume you are taller than you actually are, so looking as though you have more dominance by having more confidence in your self and not slouching and looking awkward and as though you are not dominant and do not have much confidence will really help!

How about something to put in your shoes to make you look taller?

I thought I would leave this to last as in my opinion I think that it is the best way to grow taller or rather make it seem as though you have grown taller.. it is easy as slipping something into your shoes.. infact it just that. Get some height increasing insoles that you can place inside your shoes they really work (which by the are far better for your feet helping to support them in natural and comfortable position and protect them from shocks and pressures which high heels and elevator shoes cannot do!), people who wear lifts in their shoes including celebrities can increase their height to as much as 3 inches which if you wear some big heeled shoes can really make a huge difference. The way the lifts work means you dont have to increase your height all the way up to 3 inches which might be uncomfortable for some people but you can instead adjust the height on them using layers instead. These insoles are something not to be frowned upon, many many people wear them and because of how they are out of sight you can get away with wearing them without anyone ever knowing which is pretty clever. If you practice good posture and wear these insoles you could potentially be looking at increasing your height by 5 joke! If you are still unsure you can read this which should help explain more on these almost magical insoles and the other things I mentioned here.


Remember to comment below if you have any more ways, need help or just want to say something!