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Snakeoil health advise on the web


Be careful not all is what it seems when it comes to health advise online. Try not to take what you find on the first result of Google as the be all and end all, as just because something you find ontop of the search results doesn’t all ways mean what you are reading is the best information or when it comes to health advise the safest as being on the top of the search engines only requires the website to be good at SEO and not necessarily a expert in the field.

Many business are turning to manipulating the search engine rankings to pedal their snake oil, offering up advise to often vulnerable searchers exploiting them and hopefully parting them from their cash.

A Prime example of this is in the physio world. A plenty of snaekoil websites dominates this niche, with their super churn and burn style backlink profiles.. the sites are made to rank quickly and cheaply… enabling them to move on to pushing another site up to the top as soon as the site is deindexed or penalized by the search engines. These sites  have done everything in their power to game the google rankings and it is working wonders for them (at the moment), they dominate and top the rankings for many many injury related search queries… giving “jargon busting” advise but our guess is that this advise will be busting a few other things than just jargon. The fact is all the advise is fueled by their desire to sell the searcher something and is not created for the benefit of the searchers but to try to sell one of their cheap products which mayn’t help at all. The fact is the guys who run these sites and write the articles for  are not actual physiotherapists at all in fact I have found one of the biggest spammers and frauds to own another DIY cowboy supplies website..I didn’t know builders knew so much about physio?

The way in which the websites have been built tries to trick users into thinking that the website has been built by accredited physiotherapists, I have looked through just about all of their injury articles about causes and treatments and I would stay away from all what they mention and guess what all the cures for all the conditions and injuries can be easily cured with a physio product bought off them.

Many of these physio snaekoil sites sell everything from insoles to orthotic supports but they try to brand their products making out that they are just as good as custom ones, but really they are made in Chinese factories and have no health benefits from wearing them at all…. In fact I would worry if wearing a pair of insoles would in fact hurt and damage your feet instead.  This is just one of many examples of websites which actively try to make out that they are health specialists and know what they are talking about when in fact they have no clue. If you really want proper health advise I would recommend a website that has a good reputation and is run by professionals and not by those just out to take your money, take nuovahealth for example now there is a website that knows about health and isn’t just fishing for your money out your pocket or if you are reluctant to even trust them we have some health advise too and we don’t make outrageous claims just basing everything on hard science fact and knowledge from our writers.