How fast can humans possibly run? hmmm….

Quick tit bit of information for you guys!

Scientists believe that 30mph is the fastest a human can possibly run! At the moment the world record that Usain Bolt managed to achieve was 27.8mph. That still means records can still be broken in the 100meters.. but how?

Records are always being broken… the womens 100m record now would have smashed the mens 100meter record 60 years ago.

The key to speed like this is essential down to a chemical found in our muscles called adenosine triphosphate that enables our muscles to quickly contract and releases giving us bursts of energy and the force needed for our muscles.

Despite how fast you may (or may not) think this is…we weren’t designed for speed but for endurance.

Evolutionary we have not adapted to being fast animals in fact the opposite as our ancestors were hunters and gatherers meaning we would have to conserve our energy and would need a lot of it through out the day to help with hunting over long distances.