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Ram Setu: Myth or truth?


Is the ram setu real? This is a question many in India have been asking for many many years!

Hindus believe that the Ram setu was made from a series of limestone rocks that bridge the gap between India and Sri Lanka’. The Ram setu bridge is meant to be 30 Km Long and 3 Km Wide and was said to be constructed by 10 millions Vanaras Monkey men in 5 days and was built 1.7 million years ago.

Some people also believe that you could actually walk on the ram setu up until 1480 AD before a great cyclone hit the ram Setu which pushed the bridge below sea level and scattered the majority of the rocks.
Just as strongly as some believe the Ram Setu was real others argue that the ram setu was never built and was just a natural rock formation.

Whatever the real truth is many in india still believe that the Setu is real and that it is a holy place but despite this the indian government still wants to destroy it real or not via the Setusamudram project that has been recently proposed by the government to build a shipping canal in the place many believe that the Ram Setu is.

What the government wishes to do with the Sethsamudram project is to link the palk bay and the gulf manner between India and Sri Lanka by creating a shipping canal there. This would in effect make a easy and much more economical sea route around this area.

VHP and the BJP Saffron parties are opposed to the sethusamudram project because they feel that by creating this shipping canal it could actually destroy the Ram setu bridge and the ancient rocks which are there.

The Archeological Survey of India has concluded and even advised the supreme court of India that there is no evidence that the Setu even existence and there is no strong scientific evidence to say otherwise so they cannot classify the SETU as a India national monument because their is no evidence to say one even existed.

BJP has since accused the UPA government of blasphemy.

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Google ranking sites on truth


It would seem that google is not content with just making billions each year in profits they want more and to get more they have came up with a new or rather a twist on a old plan.. fascism!

According to a new scientific research paper recently published by Google they are working on a way to check whether a site is telling the truth or not. If a site is not telling the truth google will penalize that site as a result. The way google is wanting to do that is to extract relevant facts from a page on a website and then they will check these facts against facts found in their knowledge base (the google knowledge base consist of well over a billion facts and is often used to provide instant answer in the search results). Google says that they are working on this new technology to penalize sites that have  high page rank that have gained a lot of links from people who have liked the site but the site may sometimes not tell the truth that rank highly in the search results as a results. Despite the fact that these website are popular and linked to by people who actually find what they are reading on these sites as useful Google knows best! Under googles own admission the technology to analyze websites and rank them based upon facts takes a lot of processing power so it does not quite stack up why they would do this just to destroy the rankings of a few high ranking gossip sites that aren’t telling the truth.

The truth maybe that google wishes to incorporate ideologies into the knowledge base which are right and ideologies which are wrong. This allows them to censor websites that promote ideologies that google does not want promoting and deems not right.

Google has already shown its unrelenting immorality towards peoples lives by destroying thousands of small online businesses by unleashing algorithmic updates in an attempt to reduce spam on the search engine. Google benefits from this through the collateral damage hitting small online websites forcing them to buy adwords instead to be seen on google (conveniently).  Google are also lobbyists in America demonstrating their lack of respect for democracy so being able to brain wash people by shaping an internet whereby only facts and ideas that google wants its 1 billion visitors a month to see are seen and anything google doesn’t not want to be seen wont be!

Many take what they read on the internet as the definitive answer. The cult of Google will be unstoppable if they can harness this technology and control the biggest sources or information around!

Yes google are evil!


Yes google are evil and should not be used if you want to save small businesses.

If you are a small business trying to make ends meet online then Google are your worst enemies. The evil employees of Google working away in their cosy, rich and luxury HQ over in California are working tirelessly to wreck peoples businesses and shift them over to adwords. Recently Google has been wrecking havoc across the online world manually penalizing (this means that someone over at Google looks at your site and more or less presses a button to nuke it off the search results destroying your business online).

This is all in a effort to push small business to adwords and it is working but again for small business this is causing ROI from adwords  to be unsustainable and appalling… adwords is dead and the serps have been manipulated so much by google it so ironic! At the end of the day google is winning.

Google seems to be on a mad mad onslaught against SEOs at the moment (lead by the fat nerd matt cutts who wishes to break their spirits)… because of this obsession against seos google is focusing on real dangerous sites lurking around in the search results selling illegal drugs and counterfeit stuff.

Bing search results are a lot better and compared to googles at the moment hands down beat them.

As for adwords that thing is so unprofitable now your better off going for more conventional real advertisement than expensive text links

I wonder if people will still “google” it if they know that what they are seeing on the results isn’t the full picture and things are in fact missing… It is human nature to want to have all the results and nothing hidden from you so you can make up your own mind and find exactly what you are looking for and not what google thinks you want or rather google wants you to see, surely getting that message across to people will help destroy Google’s monopoly?

I just hope that either people realize all of this and stop using this money grabbing evil search engine or the government intervenes and stops Google from destroying the online economy all together!


How fast can humans possibly run? hmmm….


Quick tit bit of information for you guys!

Scientists believe that 30mph is the fastest a human can possibly run! At the moment the world record that Usain Bolt managed to achieve was 27.8mph. That still means records can still be broken in the 100meters.. but how?

Records are always being broken… the womens 100m record now would have smashed the mens 100meter record 60 years ago.

The key to speed like this is essential down to a chemical found in our muscles called adenosine triphosphate that enables our muscles to quickly contract and releases giving us bursts of energy and the force needed for our muscles.

Despite how fast you may (or may not) think this is…we weren’t designed for speed but for endurance.

Evolutionary we have not adapted to being fast animals in fact the opposite as our ancestors were hunters and gatherers meaning we would have to conserve our energy and would need a lot of it through out the day to help with hunting over long distances.

Snakeoil health advise on the web


Be careful not all is what it seems when it comes to health advise online. Try not to take what you find on the first result of Google as the be all and end all, as just because something you find ontop of the search results doesn’t all ways mean what you are reading is the best information or when it comes to health advise the safest as being on the top of the search engines only requires the website to be good at SEO and not necessarily a expert in the field.

Many business are turning to manipulating the search engine rankings to pedal their snake oil, offering up advise to often vulnerable searchers exploiting them and hopefully parting them from their cash.

A Prime example of this is in the physio world. A plenty of snaekoil websites dominates this niche, with their super churn and burn style backlink profiles.. the sites are made to rank quickly and cheaply… enabling them to move on to pushing another site up to the top as soon as the site is deindexed or penalized by the search engines. These sites  have done everything in their power to game the google rankings and it is working wonders for them (at the moment), they dominate and top the rankings for many many injury related search queries… giving “jargon busting” advise but our guess is that this advise will be busting a few other things than just jargon. The fact is all the advise is fueled by their desire to sell the searcher something and is not created for the benefit of the searchers but to try to sell one of their cheap products which mayn’t help at all. The fact is the guys who run these sites and write the articles for  are not actual physiotherapists at all in fact I have found one of the biggest spammers and frauds to own another DIY cowboy supplies website..I didn’t know builders knew so much about physio?

The way in which the websites have been built tries to trick users into thinking that the website has been built by accredited physiotherapists, I have looked through just about all of their injury articles about causes and treatments and I would stay away from all what they mention and guess what all the cures for all the conditions and injuries can be easily cured with a physio product bought off them.

Many of these physio snaekoil sites sell everything from insoles to orthotic supports but they try to brand their products making out that they are just as good as custom ones, but really they are made in Chinese factories and have no health benefits from wearing them at all…. In fact I would worry if wearing a pair of insoles would in fact hurt and damage your feet instead.  This is just one of many examples of websites which actively try to make out that they are health specialists and know what they are talking about when in fact they have no clue. If you really want proper health advise I would recommend a website that has a good reputation and is run by professionals and not by those just out to take your money, take nuovahealth for example now there is a website that knows about health and isn’t just fishing for your money out your pocket or if you are reluctant to even trust them we have some health advise too and we don’t make outrageous claims just basing everything on hard science fact and knowledge from our writers.



The Fastest, Easyiest And Best Ways To Grow Taller Naturally


Being unhappy about how tall you are can really knock your confidence so in this article I will be showing you a few ways to help boost your height and at the same time lift your confidence too!

We will be looking at if diet can help, stretching exercises insoles which will help give you a boost as well!

If you do not measure up to the height you would like to be and your passed “that” age where growing any taller is pretty much out of the question for you there are still something you can try to help increase your height but It has got to say some ways are more effective than others.
Eating a balanced and healthy diet is something you could try.. but for height increase it will only help prevent you from stunting your growth whilst you are in puberty…though you should always eat a healthy diet even after puberty to keep healthy anyway! Drinking milk for strong bones will help, protein rich foods like eggs and meat are also important as protein is made up of amino acids which are key to cellular growth. Supplements and human growth hormone should be avoided as it doesn’t work and can be very dangerous to your health.

Doing stretching exercises is another way to boost your height but it isn’t the best… why? because if you already have good posture it wont do much and even if you have pretty bad posture you can only expect one or two inches more height from this! How stretching exercises work is based on the idea that you can get better posture but not only that but also increasing the space in between your joints which are otherwise being squeezed together by gravity.. by strengthening the supporting muscles around the joints through stretches your joints will hopefully wont get squeezed together by gravity as much and so you will potentially grow in height! Good posture takes time to develop, you do not have to do stretching exercises if you do not want to just getting rid of all the bad habits like slouching and standing up right and sitting up right in your chair are all good to do! What stretching exercises will not do is encourage cellular growth if you are past your teenage years and your growth plates have already fused together.

One of the best stretching exercises which will really help is chin ups, chin ups help develop and strengthen your back and and hanging on a bar liek you do with chin ups really does stretch out your body! You can also try swimming, Pilates and yoga too!

Even though better posture wont instantly make you the tallest person around and takes time, slouching and looking more confidence can make people believe your much taller than you are!

But that being said overall not slouching, keeping your head held high will make you look like you have more confidence and people will presume that your taller just for that, you see those that perceive those to be more dominant (ie with more confidence) appear taller, physiological studies have proven this concept as two groups of students at a university were introduced to a total stranger those who were told that this stranger was infact a professor at the university after the meeting when asked how tall they though the professor was they all predicted the persons height as being much taller than he actually was! The other group of students were introduced to the same stranger but they were told that he was a student just like them and thus the students did not elevate his dominance when these students were later asked to predict the fellow students height they all gave more reasonable predictions much closer to the actual persons height, you see dominance automatically makes people presume you are taller than you actually are, so looking as though you have more dominance by having more confidence in your self and not slouching and looking awkward and as though you are not dominant and do not have much confidence will really help!

How about something to put in your shoes to make you look taller?

I thought I would leave this to last as in my opinion I think that it is the best way to grow taller or rather make it seem as though you have grown taller.. it is easy as slipping something into your shoes.. infact it just that. Get some height increasing insoles that you can place inside your shoes they really work (which by the are far better for your feet helping to support them in natural and comfortable position and protect them from shocks and pressures which high heels and elevator shoes cannot do!), people who wear lifts in their shoes including celebrities can increase their height to as much as 3 inches which if you wear some big heeled shoes can really make a huge difference. The way the lifts work means you dont have to increase your height all the way up to 3 inches which might be uncomfortable for some people but you can instead adjust the height on them using layers instead. These insoles are something not to be frowned upon, many many people wear them and because of how they are out of sight you can get away with wearing them without anyone ever knowing which is pretty clever. If you practice good posture and wear these insoles you could potentially be looking at increasing your height by 5 inches..no joke! If you are still unsure you can read this which should help explain more on these almost magical insoles and the other things I mentioned here.


Remember to comment below if you have any more ways, need help or just want to say something!

Meet Budhia the worlds youngest marathon runner


Many full grown adults will have a tough time running a marathon without collapsing halfway through but for a 4 year old to do it is remarkable!

A four year old in India has broken records as being the youngest ever to run a marathon. The “marathon boy” Budhia Singh, was sold by his mother has now ran a 40 mile non stop marathon even after doctors have warned against it.

The CRPF and the sports minister Debashis Nayak even though doctors have warned of the dangers of the stress physically and psychologically this will have on the boy running 40 miles at only four years old are supporting the boy despite the controversy.

The marathon was from Puri to Bhubaneswar…. with no breaks and the media were on his tail throughout some even comparing him to Forest Gump. This has no doubt brought the boy a lot of fame and for his investors and trainers a lot of money. Some are calling the boy a star with Olympic potential but others are saying hes a victim of abuse from his coach exploiting him.

There is a danger that this will encourage more parents to sell their children for a quick buck and for them to get in the limelight despite the actual real cost it will have on the child.

How to treat Plantar fasciitis


Did you know that 1 in every 10 people will suffer from Plantar fasciitis at some point in their lives that shows just how common this condition really is. And it is not very nice condition to have.. as it is quite painful and can really put the stoppers on your busy life while you wait for it to heal (or should you put your feet up and rest with PF? In this article we will be looking at what causes PF and exactly what you should do if you have it)!

Plantar fasciitis is the product of being fit and healthy or not… Confused? Well join the party as this is a rather confusing condition that effects many different people for many very different reasons. On one hand you got plantar fasciitis effecting the most healthiest and athletic of people and on the opposite side you have plantar fasciiitis hitting people who are inactive and who are overweight and do not do much physical activity.

Things to blame (causes)!

It is a inflammatory condition brought on by over usage of the arch of your foot… athletes often will use the arches in their feet when running, jumping and whatever else you can think of, the arch of the foot is designed to pass weight onto the toes even though athletes can have quite strong supportive tissue around the arch sometimes or if they do not properly warm up before exercise they may pull the tissue making up (Known as the plantar fascia) from over use of their arches, whereby the arches simply can no longer take the strain and become inflamed, people with fallen arches which is when someone has flat feet or those with high arches will tend to have a much high risk of developing PF because their arches designed less efficient and thus less able to cope under pressures and and tighten much quicker under much less pressure and tension than people with “normal” feet.

Hard surfaces can be to blame for PF as well, if you start running on hard surfaces which can result in the shock impact when your feet hit the ground to travel mostly up into your feet can cause all sorts of problems and can inflame the arch if you are not used to this.

Those who are overweight or do not do physical activity involving their feet much will also have a greater chance of PF because the muscles in their feet will be much less strong than others and if they are overweight this weight also adds greater pressure on top of the the arches. This extra weight can also cause more build up of pressure under the heels of the feet as well causing heel pain.

As we age our joints,muscles, tissues will all weaken and this includes the plantar fascia making it “not what it used to be”, less flexible, less strong and therefore cannot hold and support as much weight and pressure so you have to look after your body and especially your feet as you get older much more!


Ligament tissue tends to take quite a while to heal up so if you have plantar fasciitis so you maybe waiting for quite a few weeks or even months for it to go fully.

There are various things that you can try to help with the healing process for example:

-Avoid walking or running on hard surfaces as the shock will further damage the plantar fascia.
-Do not wear tight fitting shoes! To stop further damage to the feet tissues your feet will often swell up and in some cases heel spurs will develop a growth, these symptoms will usually go away as your feet repair themselves, but do bring the issue that usually your shoes then become to tight and this can cause further problems such as even more pressure which can escalate the situation so you must take this into consideration when you have plantar fasciitis.

-Be more active! Sometimes if you are suffering from PF you may find your self putting your feet up and not getting out as much because it is just too painful to walk, but you do not have to sit still! You may think that resting your feet will help them recover quickly but in some cases this doesn’t really help much at all. This is because plantar fasciiits causes swelling of the foot and if you are not moving and using your feet the swelling will take a lot longer to go down because the fluid in the foot will not be pumped out of the foot so keeping active during recovery of plantar fasciiits is rather important but at the same time hard because how are you meant to walk on a foot that is effected by PF, is swollen, inflamed and sore? Putting weight on it when it is weak and still in the healing process can be bad for recovery but doing light foot stretching exercises which encourage blood flow helping with the healing process as your body quickly regenerates damaged cells. Stretching exercises will also help to re-strengthen the effected tissues can be done. A tight Achilles tendon can resort to a tightness of the plantar fascia and a tight plantar fascia is more easily damaged and more easily pulled because the plantar fascia connects the Achilles tendon to the toes on your feet doing Achilles stretches and exercises is one way to help. Those who do not do much exercises like running will usually have a much tighter Achilles tendons and thus higher chances of a tighter plantar fascia as a effect.

-Insoles can also take much of the strain from off your arches and can get you back on your feet far quicker with a decreased risk of damaging the tissues as if you buy arch supporting inserts they help give you the extra support where needed and by providing shock absorption to stop shocks from further damaging the plantar fascia tissue you will find yourself walking around even with PF, and more comfortably and safely than you may think! Buying correctly fitted insoles is a good idea not just to stop discomfort and to get the best support for your feet but also buying some that offer too much support or ones that do not give support only in the parts that need it can actually cause your arches to become weaker as they become reliant on the arches to support them, you should only have enough arch support to correct any misalignment’s and to help support the support you already have that is why getting exactly fitted custom insoles is actually a bad idea as they are fitted to give you all the support you need which is not a good idea because you do not want that, this also means you will save a quickly bucks as custom insoles will easily set you back quite a bit of money. There is a huge selection of insoles available today that have been designed specifically for plantar fasciiits, one choice is nuovahealth where you can find some good ones.




Heel grips to stop you slipping in your shoes!


Isn’t it really annoying when your feet just cannot stay still in your shoes and are always sliding around in them? This cannot only be a nuisance but also can be bad for your feet.

Heel grips are something that you may find really useful! Heel grips work by gripping your heel to your shoes this will then stop you slipping in loose fittings shoes which is really quite useful to say the least fi you are always finding your self tripping up or slipping in your shoes particularly a problem found in high heels. If you are finding that your foot moves quite a lot whilst wearing your shoes for whatever reason having a pair of heel grips to stop this from happening is a really good idea, why? because if your feet are always moving around in your shoes this can causes rubbing to occur which is actually linked to bunions (medical experts are still on the bench for the direct cause of bunion but it is known that bunion can get worse due to the pressure and irritation rubbing can cause. Heel grips are basically double sided adhesive stickers that sticks your heel to your shoe stopping you from slipping and from your heel lifting, these little things are quite inexpensive but it is always a good idea to buy the best ones right that do the job right? There are many different heel grips on the market today that you can buy but we have tested and tried many different ones from branded Drscholl (which were the most expensive but proved to be the worst) heel grips to non branded ones we have found that some will last a long time whereas others will not and the adhesive will simply ware away quite quickly also some may dig into the heel and are uncomfortable to wear, the best ones that we have found are from nuovahealth that proved the longer lasting ones and the best quality of all the heel grips we tried.

To summarize heel grips are great for loose shoes and even better for high heels on a night out when slipping and tripping in your heels can be fairly common. Prices range from £1.99-£2.99


An increase in webhosting scams


There is a huge rise in scammer hosting company’s you must really do your research when choosing a hosting company to go with especially if you are looking at “affordable” small less known ones as you may find they will just collect your money and one day run.

Many hosts will also offer you the chance to also buy domains through them as well, this can even mean if you do get scammed not only will they run off with your money but your entire website too. They could theoretically set up your site themselves and run your business which you built up.

And many are doing this, it is thought that 1 out 3 small time web hosts are not legitimate businesses.

In a previous post we did a mini review for the hosting provider dabuu after further research we have found out that if you have recently bought hosting from this provider you should try to get your money back either by PayPal charge back or contacting your credit card company as our research has found that it is very likely that the hosting you have paid for you will not get. The owner of dabuu Networks set up this hosting not to long ago, that maybe not something initially bad in itself as all hosting company’s have to start somewhere but its is quite questionable after just a few months in operation dabuu decided to sell up and rather quickly to apparently getting a buyer within a couple of days whilst also still accepting payments for hosting. The owner of dabuu networks has not told any of his customers who the new owners are and in threads on webhostingtalk people are really quite concerned especially as the owner has seemed to have done a disappearing act, one member of webhostingtalk has also pointed out that the owner of dabuu hosts has also done this kind of thing before with a hosting company called NixDot. In exactly the same scenario and with the same policy of no refunds it seems the owner of dabuu apparently called Dan is a scammer. The moral of this story really is that you just cannot trust small web hosting company’s especially ones that have not been around for a while and only except yearly subscription payments only. India daily will keep a tab on this guy and will try to out any more of these pop up hosting company this guy sets up so that he will not be able to run with anyone else money.

Dabuu networks is bad hosting! Our mini review!


This is just a mini review.. just something to help other webmasters out really!

Indiadaily has recently been testing hosting from Dabuu networks a mid price range host so you expect at least for your website to be running smoothly and you do not expect the host to be down consistently like we found with dabuu networks.

We started using Dabuu after we received a email from a website owner who felt scammed and conned after using Dabuu so we decided to investigate to make sure that the issues with dabuu were not just a one time thing. We set up a small blog with them which used up little space and bandwidth the package we used was Package: Level 1 costing $18 a year doesn’t sound much right? but over the weeks we tested with these guys we found that our website was really quite slow if not down entirely. With no information telling us why our website was down, poor support and head ache after head ache it looked as though our website would have done much better and would at least load faster and be up more with a free hosting than with dabuu that how poor the hosting is. Sometimes when Our site was down the main dabuu site was also down at the same time which probably meant all website on the servers were facing issues and were down…. this also meant it was hard to get support and a estimated time of when our small site would be back online.

Apparently Dabuu is under new management after being sold.. dabuu failed to mention this to any of their current customers and was only found out after a sale thread fro the company was posted on the webhostingtalk forum, which may explain why if you are hosting with these guys your website is down at the moment… It is unsure if the new owners will continue to host previous customers websites or not if they failed to do so you may find yourself out of pocket as one of dabuus previous rules was that they do not give refunds.

You can get  much cheaper web hosting than dabuu and many people would probably choose these guys because they fear the cheaper ones as they dont want to get hosting that is really bad but at the same time are scared off by the more expensive but very reliable hosts because of the price so they end up  settling for dabuu which is in between  and therefore should be reliable enough and not to expensive but this is not the case at all it would seem.

Our verdict on these guys is that they are quite useless and it is probably better to go for more well known hosts such as godaddy.