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      OH has a molar tooth that is displaced. He has had root canal and a filling previously but I’m concerned there’s something else going on (hes getting awful bad breath recently) Last time he went to the dentist was years and years ago apparently and he was quoted £2k+ for having the tooth sorted properly.
      OH is being a typical man and doesn’t see the point in going to the dentist as it doesn’t hurt and he doesn’t have £2k to spend on treatment. (Fair enough, I don’t have that money either and would also be unimpressed having to spend that much.)
      I’ve suggested going for a normal check up to get an up to date view on what’s going on and quote but his head is well and truly buried in the sand.
      Do I just leave it be or is there a magic way to get cheaper dental treatment (he’s self employed so no corporate dental scheme etc) Or do I force the issue a little more?

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      The quote he was given I believe is for private treatment. Have a search of NHS dental treatment bands and you will get a better figure. I would suggest he registers at a NHS dentist for a check up- the bad breath could well be down to anything, perhaps simple oral hygiene: the teeth cannot be completely cleaned by brushing alone and a build up of tartar(which brushing won’t remove) in hard to reach areas will cause bad breath and gum disease. It may not be down to that tooth at all. It could be, but there are other things to consider first. Also if the molar has been root filled, he is unlikely to experience any pain from it as the tooth has been de-nerved.

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      My advice leave him to it ,husbands are not children if they want to behave in a silly way that their choice .With mine I say my piece once then shut up I give help and opinion if asked but other wise it’s up to him.
      I am dealing with dental based madness with mine ATM as well .

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      @eee Oh yes, he’s a an adult and can (and will!) do as he wishes, of that I’m under no illusions! Glad it’s not just me though.
      I did think it seemed expensive, looking at NHS prices it seems much more realistic and like most treatments would be available. He has very good oral hygiene (flossing, mouthwash, manual and electric toothbrush, no fizzy drinks etc etc) it’s only because the bad breath seems to be a recent thing I wondered if it could be connected but i am very obviously not a dentist, lol. He’s very self conscious of a) his teeth not being great and b) not being able to afford treatment so tends to clam up about it which I can understand.

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      It could be the tooth, if it has become reinfected and the toxins around the apex are leaking up the gum line then it could be that and he may or may not experience pain with it, but he would likely get a bad taste in his mouth from it.
      This sounds really grim, but it’s what we used to suggest to clients in the chair: floss between two rear molars, and then smell it. If it’s a similar smell to what his breath is like, it could be just having a deep clean will sort it. Other possibilities is tongue, harbours loads of bacteria, so include brushing it in cleaning regime. Dehaydration can also cause bad breath. I would suggest if it is a new issue, its best to get it checked by a pro to ensure nothing that requires treatment is going on. Peace of mind really!

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