EasyJet Cancellation and BMC insurance

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      Has anyone managed to get money back from BMC insurance after a flight cancellation?

      I had figured that my claim would be settled very quickly as there was no doubt I was booked on the flight and the flight was cancelled.

      Seems they need EasyJet to write to me and state why the flight was cancelled.

      I’ve emailed EasyJet who’ve autoreplied that someone will look at my query within 28 days!

      Even if EasyJet get back to me to say a bomb went off 4000 miles away in Karbul which due to the butterfly effect cause a squall in the Channel 3 weeks later which in turn 3 days later resulted in a crew and aircaft being in Munich rather than Geneva… WHAT DIFFRENCE does it make to the BMC’s insurers? What answer could EasyJet give than will mean I get nothing from the BMC?

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      In reality, I suspect, it’s just confirmation that the flight was indeed cancelled and that you are not trying it on.

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        I’d already given them a shed load of paperwork (email printouts) showing I was booked on the flight, the flight was cancelled and I rebooked with BA.

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        In that case they should get their finger out 🙂

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      They might be checking your losses are not covered by Easy Jet’s liability to pay out.

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      I think they need to see the reason to decide if it’s theirs or easyjets to pay. This was given to me in writing at the time, the only time it’s happened to me. Did they give you a denied boarding letter at the time? Mine said sonething about weather=act of God so the airline didn’t have to pay anything except the new flight. My insurance covered my connecting flight (not a through ticket) and refreshments, extra travel costs etc.


      Did you check with easyjet or your insurance before rebooking with ba? I suspect easyjet should have put you on another flight or paid for another flight. Good luck with it.

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        No. Rightly as it turned out, I suspected that the EasyJet solution would be a multiday journey home. I figured my only chance of getting home the next day (and so to work on Monday) was to make my own arrangements. With 200 people all looking to get from Geneva to Edinburgh at a busy holiday time, on a route which only EasyJet flight direct, options were very limited. Initially, I’d rebooked on a cheaper Swiss Air flight to London but that to was cancelled. My policy said I was covered for flight cancellations up to £1,000. My costs (and claim) is for much less than that.

        Though I can’t quite get my head around the policy wording, “We will pay up to £1,000″, then exclusion no.15 says,”You are NOT covered for any claim where in Our opinion the estimated amount of compensation payment IS LESS THAN £1,000”

        From the policy (I’ve deleted the irrelevant bits)…

        Section 10 – Missed Departure/Missed Connection

        What You are covered for

        We will pay up to £1,000 in respect of reasonable additional Accommodation (room only) and travel expenses necessarily incurred to reach the overseas destination or to reach Home due

        1. scheduled Public Transport services failing to get You to Your destination in time due to strike, industrial action, adverse weather conditions or mechanical breakdown; or

        4. the outward or inward flight being delayed, to include Your missing a connecting flight.

        Note: You may claim only under or Section 8 – Journey Disruption including Airspace Closure, Section 9 – Delayed Departure or Section 10 – Missed Departure/Missed Connection, not under each section.

        What You are not covered for

        4. Claims not supported by a written report from the appropriate authorities.

        5. Withdrawal from service (temporary or otherwise) of an aircraft or sea vessel on the recommendation of the Civil Aviation Authority or a Port Authority or any such regulatory body in a country to/from which You are travelling.

        15. any claim where in Our opinion the estimated amount of compensation payment is less than £1,000 for each Insured Person.

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        That is an odd wording. Is the £1000 an odd kind of excess? So they’d pay up to £1000 for a flight plus other elements provided it all added up to more than a grand per person? Very strange.

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      I’d have thought that if it was due to a bomb going off causing the direct line of actions you describe then they would refuse to pay up as they exclude acts of terrorism.

      (They cover for medical but not disruption)

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      I failed to get anything out of their cheating insurance underwriters after getting stranded by the Icelandic volcano so I will never use them again. Good luck and I hope you get a payout.

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