Google – mind your own business and stop spying on me!

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      My Huawei P8 Lite recently “performed” some sort of upgrade.

      By and large I have no problem with it. What I do find annoying, however, is the proliferation of intrusive messages when I have arrived at, say a particular restaurant or shop or whatever, asking me for comments about the place. Yes, I know this works from the gps which I find useful when I’m in the hills. What I don’t like is being tracked and asked to “rate your visit” Short of disabling the gps is there anyway I can stop this corporate nosiness?

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      There’s a guy who lives in one of the cottages on our farm, who has a business. Google asks me every day to rate my experience of my visit.

      He’s a nice enough chap, harmless, and has Aspergers, so I’m not going to play silly buggers with him.

      Gets on my tits that does, so I’d be obliged if anyone knows how to turn this crap off.

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      Try Google maps>settings>location settings and slide the toggle at the top to ‘off’. That should help.

      But knowing google they wont stop tracking you that easily… they will still be monitoring you one way or another.

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