How to deal with Life's difficulties?

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      What do you do, where do you turn to when things get difficult?

      Every aspect of my life seems to involve some kind of decision making just now, from my job, my marriage etc. My head is all over the place for the biggest fear of doing the wrong thing. From the outside everything is rosy. Why can’t I see that too?

      I wish I had a crystal ball 🙁

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      I think sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees.
      Maybe if you feel that every aspect of your life requires decision making, try breaking it down, simplify things.
      Take each aspect and ask why you are dissatisfied with it, what is making you need to change things.
      Perhaps just one thing needs changing then everything else will slot into place accordingly?
      It’s horrible when you feel not one thing is going well, I hope you can find some good solutions.

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      Agree with the above. You need to prioritize. What one thing needs a decision more than the rest? I go over all eventualities and think “what’s the worst outcome” and “What’s the best”. Sometimes you just need to trust your gut on things if logic isn’t helping.

      Generally I’d rather regret something I’ve done that something I should have done but wasn’t brave enough.

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      Thanks guys! That’s a different way to look at it all. Everything is linked though as I don’t have job security at the moment which of course affects everything. I also have 2 children. I hope it’s just a blip and that things will sort themselves out… maybe?

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      How things look to outsiders and how things are/feel aren’t always the same. Things always sort themselves out somehow, not always in the way you expected or wanted, but you survive. It does help to be proactive though, more chance of creating the outcome you want than by just ignoring it all and seeing what happens without your input, although even a decision to do the latter is still a decision of sorts. There aren’t necessarily rights and wrongs (depends on the situation), sometimes it’s just about figuring out what’s right for you.

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