How to speed up Synology NAS hyper backup?

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      Any Synology NAS users in the room?
      Do you use Hyper Backup?

      If you do, how fast or slow do you find the process?

      I’m trying to back up 1Tb to an external USB drive. After 20 hours it had only got to 33%

      That surely can’t be good?

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      How is the drive connected to the NAS?

      If by network, it may be limited by a part of the network running at 100mbs rather than 1000mbs, or a wifi link. You should be getting about 70MB/s. If you are getting 5-7MB/s or less it is a network problem.

      If it is plugged directly in the back, there are two USB ports. USB2.0 (black), USB3.0 (blue). If the external drive is USB3.0, plug it into the blue one. If it’s only USB2.0 drive, you are in for a long wait for 1TB.

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        My external drive is usb3 and plugged directly into the back of the NAS box.

        Yesterday I gave up and stopped the process. Using the NAS operating system, I reformatted the USB drive to ext4. It was previously formatted to NTFS as I normally connected it to my Windows computer.

        I then set off the NAS box to do a new Hyper backup, this time ensuring no encryption and no compression.

        After 13.5 hours running the backup is at 85% and still chugging along.

        Should backups, directly plugged into the Synology NAS box take this long?

        If I dragged and dropped from my windows computer to the NAS box I would get considerably faster speeds. Both are connected with cat6 cable and the NAS confirms a 1gigabit connection. However, I want to do a backup where I cut out any involvement from a windows computer.

        I have done a bit of searching on bing and it would seem that I am not alone with this problem especially as I upgraded the NAS operating system to DSM6.2

        My mate is thinking of buying a NAS box, what are people’s thoughts on a qnap box?

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        Presuming it’s a standard spinning HDD, you should have average write speeds around 70MB/s, not limited by USB if it’s in the blue slot. 1TB should take around 4hrs, maybe more if it is treating it as a background task. 13+hrs seems long. Maybe there is some issue associated with the latest DSM. They are normally quite good at fixing bugs like this in the next release.

        I’ve no experience of QNAP, but I’d buy a Synology, just because the software is so easy. They are also quite hard to break. I’ve had one recording two network IP HD cams in a dusty warehouse. Continuous writing at 1MB/s, for 4 years – no issues at all.

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        I’ve had my Synology DS214 for a few years and its done a stellar job chugging away in the background.

        The problem comes when you actually want to backup the NAS box. Have you used Hyper Backup yourself to an external hard drive?

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      This is confusing me. I have just checked the Resource Monitor and at the moment the External drive is rocking a read speed of 49.9mb/s and a write speed of 16kb/s.

      Im guessing the write speeds are piss poor?

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      I’ve had one for a few years. Backing up 1TB of photos over USB 3.0 took a while, but it was hours rather than days. Agree with comments above that if it’s a USB 2.0 drive it will take forever, have a vague memory that I replaced mine for this very reason.

      Overall I’ve been very pleased with mine, use it for storage and as a media server. If you’ve got a decent internet connection cloud backup is worth exploring, My whole NAS (About 1.5TB) is backed up on the cloud and it only costs £2/month. Don’t go with Amazon Glacier though as I tried that at first and it was terrible.

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      USB ports on NAS devices seem to be slow, if my MyCloud is anything to go by. It supports USB 3 protocol, but not the sustained rate. It’s a lot quicker to put the usb drive on my computer, and copy over GBE.

      The advantage of using the port on the NAS is that, once set up, and initial backup completed, deltas are automatic, and require no user input. Just check they are still running…

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