Is Indian unemployment actually due to lack of talent or wastage of talent?

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      There are countless number of talented people but there are less number of opportunities in India. You are considered to be successful in the country if you are a doctor, engineer, IAS officer or software engineer. What would you say about the decade-old mentality?

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      NO! The basic issue is that the bulk of our unemployed youth, in particular in the rural areas and semi-urban towns, are unemployable. Hardly any youth in the country who wish to work hard and want to make one’s carrier is unemployed. Days of employment with the government are over and there is no limit in the private sector.

      It is correct that our educational pattern is outdated and the educational institutions suffer from the paucity of the staff but even then, with the help of online education, the youth is surging forward.

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      @nob it isnt that simple! There is also corruption as well. A hefty amount of jobs go to undeserving candidates or those who know people. So, it is not actually a simple situation. It is infact, very complex and needs to be sorted out as fast as possible

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