Rear end shunt.

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      Sitting at a set of lights on red today. Big coach at front of the line, then a van, then me, then a line of traffic behind. Lights turn to red, the coach takes a few seconds to move. Then the van in front of me starts to move….and before I’ve even moved, the car behind rear ends me.

      Apparently, it was my fault because ‘I started and then stopped suddenly’

      So handy to have a dashcam fitted which shows his version to be absolute bullshit. I really would recommend getting one. They’re cheap as chips.

      Now I’m nursing a headache. Feels like my neck bent a full ninety degrees when my head snapped back.

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      Not to dismiss your suggestion, but pretty sure it’s hard to avoid blame if you are the car doing the rear shunting. But nicer not to have to argue it out without video evidence.

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        Just think they’re really handy to have a full stop. Was behind a crash last week where a woman pulled out from a stationary queue into fast-moving traffic. Van hit her and pushed her into the car in front. Checked everyone was OK then mentioned I had the dash can be fitted and I’d get then the footage. She was convinced she was in the right and even expressed her relief that I had caught it on camera. The camera caught the whole thing perfectly and didn’t really show her in a good light …

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      Probably a sweeping generalisation but my understanding it that if you are rear ended it is almost by default the other driver’s fault. Something a bout it being a driver’s responsibility to drive in a manner that allows them to cope with whatever happens in front of them.

      As regards your neck: I had a similar experience in a very slow rear end shunt and felt fine for two or three days then my neck started hurting. I was diagnosed with whiplash. Until it happened to me I thought it was just an insurance scam but it is absolutely real and took a quite a while to sort out.

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        I’ve always had that same feeling about whiplash. Shocked by how much that shunt actually did move the car…stationary start, not much distance between us. I’ve got an inkling that he might have been texting…clocked the Green light and assumed everyone was moving. ..and put his foot down . Really did snap my head back and it does hurt for a moment. I’ll keep an eye on it.

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      If anyone wants a copy of the footage. Let me know. Its even got a sound track.. .me singing along badly to the smiths, then a loud ‘for f###ks sake’ just after the impact

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      Interesting. A friend was scammed when driving along in his van, and the car in front slammed their brakes without any cause to slow down for an insurance claim (further details escape me). He’s since got a dash cam.

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        @nick123 Is a dash cam going to help your friend stop tailgating and to drive within the limits of his reaction and braking times?

        I in no way condone people doing this as insurance scammers, and I agree that their actions are dangerous driving. But… even if they’ve disabled their brake lights, their scam relies on the victim driving below the expected standard.

        I’ve done a couple of emergency stops for good reason, one with a car behind me. The thing about an emergency stop is you don’t tend to see it coming, the car behind you even less. In this case, your friend hit a scammer, but had it been a genuine emergency stop nothing would have prevented the same thing from happening.

        I ended up with less than two feet to the car in front of me who’d slammed brakes on at 60 mph for a dog that ran out from the verge (caravan in lay-by), and less than a foot to the car behind me. Sobering stuff.

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      It certainly is the default position for insurance companies with the exception of a deliberate brake check in which case it is considered dangerous driving (even if not prosecuted), however it is not easy to prove without witnesses. More recently what the papers have dubbed as “Cash for Crash” induced accidents have been revealed by fraud investigators primarily using dash cam footage and a number of people have been prosecuted. Due to the lack of dash cam use in the past (and still) this was easy pickings for fraudsters, and it extended out to various organised fraud rings with repairers, recovery, doctors, and lawyers involved and taking a cut.

      They’ve just finished the sentencing for the largest ring yet:

      Don’t drive near Birmingham without one!

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      @nomad It’s probably good to be wary anywhere/anyway, my Dad heard on the radio about a scam trick where people indicate but don’t do what they’re indicating they’re going to do, and with that in mind, he didn’t pull out onto a main road when another driver was approaching his side road and indicating to turn left, and the driver gave him a mucky look as she drove past and he didn’t pull out. It could have been a mucky look for some other reason, but it set him wondering.

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      I had something similar at rush hour in Banbury. The lights changed to red as I approached, and being a law-abiding (and sensible) kind of a soul, I stopped. The van behind me assumed that I wouldn’t; but fortunately it stopped with a squeal of brakes just before it hit me. Of course the driver felt compelled to lean on his horn so that everyone thought I was to blame. I was reading that an increasing number of people are jumping the lights at level crossings now, too. I’m beginning to wonder whether what I thought was arrogance/entitlement on the roads is actually just plain stupidity.

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      Got rear-ended a couple of years ago. Bright sunny day, stationary line of traffic along a road that is well-known for traffic queues. Local plumber in his van slammed into the car BEHIND us, also stopped, with sufficient force to ram it several feet down the road and into the back of us. The driver of that car later said he’d happened to glance in his mirrors, seen the van coming and had time to stand on his brakes, even though he’d already had his handbrake on.

      Had a 2-year old and barely 6-week old in the car at the time, so ambulance called – as a result the police also attended, but couldn’t have been less interested if they’d tried. How the plumber was not done for at least driving without due care I do not know.

      My wife was once hit from behind on the M4/M25 sliproad by some idiot that couldn’t see the stationary queue in front of him. Hit with enough force to flex the chassis of the car – Audi TT roadster – so much that it chipped the paint on the rear edge of the doors where they’d moved 1/4″ and impacted the rear panels! Consequently had an insurance wrangle, as the guy claimed he wasn’t the one driving and put his wife’s name on the report – we think he wasn’t insured on that car. A rear view camera would have cleared up a lot of confusion – make sure if you’re involved that you always get photos of everything.

      I’m very tempted to put my GoPro on the car dashboard…

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      Wouldn’t matter if you did stop suddenly, a rear ending is the fault of the rear driver unless you cut them up.

      I’m just waiting for someone to get me in my Landy. First gear is quite quick up to about 10mph, but you need to pause for 2-3 seconds from first to second otherwise the change is horribly rough. People seem to get awfully close when this happens. I’m just waiting to have to clean their paint off my rear crossmember and pick their plastic bumper off the tow bar while they ring up to have their knackered car towed.

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      Received a call from him today saying that his insurance may have expired. Offered to pay for the damage directly. The initial call to the insurance company said the vehicle was insured on a works policy. Kept mentioning how I’d ‘pulled out to get around a bus ‘…double checked the dashcam footage for my own sanity. What a fukcng knt.

      Basically said if I go via insurance I’ll get nothing. Which isn’t what insurance say. Hey ho. Probably end up getting screwed . Real kick in the balls when being legal and playing by the rules ends up costing you, and the scumbags run amok.

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      This reminds me of the time some years ago when some pisshead had roared up the street, coasted across to the right-hand side of the road and hit a parked car (and knocked it about twenty feet across the verge into a garden). As part of the whole crash, a second car had been smashed in (mine) and three wheelie bins had been destroyed. The actual ‘driven’ car was ruined…the driver side front wheel was sheared off, but by the time I got downstairs, the driver was still trying to turn the engine to get away, unaware of the damage. I happily pulled him out of the driver seat, checked he was ok and when he tried to run, I picked him up, turned him onto his side, gently laid him on the grass, and sat on him until the neighbours called the police (sometimes there are advantages to being six foot four and weighing 22 stone)

      He’d “borrowed” the car from a mate at a party to go out and get some beers. the mate denied responsibility, so insurance was void. Went to court, the driver was found guilty and ordered to pay us £400 compensation. I think we got about six monthly payments of about £14 from the courts…and then they stopped. I queried it and was told that the guy had stopped making the monthly payments….but that we would start getting the payments again as soon as they started making the payments. If they choose not to, then tough shit


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