Reheating curry and rice

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      We’ve got loads of curry left from a take away last night. I put the remnants in the fridge whilst still slightly warm. I plan to reheat them in the oven. They’re all vegi meals. Anyone see any concerns with this ?


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      No, as long as they were in the fridge and you reheat thoroughly. The rice is the biggest issue.

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      I’d bin the rice and freeze the rest. Google freezing rice for explanations why.

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      Bacillus cereus can be quite serious!

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      Personally, I’d bin the rest & eat the reheated rice..adding meat of course.

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      As above, bin the rice, especially from a takeaway.

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      Hmmm. The rice bit sounds a bit dodgy. They were unopened and in the fridge in about an hour. Will thorough reheating make it safe? Thanks

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      There are cases when it might not be relating to that specific bacterium, but oven warmed rice (rather than microwaved) will be manky anyway. Cook some fresh rice to have with the curry?

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      The Bacillus cereus can make a toxin which unaffected by heat

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      I always bin the leftover rice and have the reheated curry on toast later in the week. Delicious.

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      My Mum always reheated rice until a friend from India who makes a mean curry advised her not to.

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      I’ve always ate leftovers cold the next day.

      However I seem to have been lucky going by the replies so far.

      I always order extra rice to chill and make egg fried rice.

      Any links work reviewing

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      Bin the rice and make some afresh. Or even better: sack off the rice, get yourself some roti* and eat the leftovers how currey should really be ate.

      * – I’m aware supermarket naan/roti is rubbish without fail, so maybe rice is the way forward after all.

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      I always buy extra takeaway curry and rice and freeze it soon after it’s cool. Reheat in the microwave and it’s never done me any harm.

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      I’m the youngest, and ate reheated rice for 20 something years, and my family probably ate it for longer before I appeared. I guess it might come down to the statistical risk and how likely one thinks it is to happen (I’ve no idea about the odds)? It seems worth avoiding doing if you’re a western person with food to spare.

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      Old rice? Heat it up and eat it. Like you, we’ve been doing that for the last 30 odd years.

      Or we speaking from beyond the grave?

      Whooo whoooo who knows?

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      +1 for eating the rice, how many people have met or heard of someone getting poisened by reheated rice? The biggest issue with take away rice is that you don’t know how many times the rice has been reheated already or how it’s been handled. That being said I don’t know many people in real life who wouldln’t reheat take away rice to finish it off, I’ve watched people eat days old take away rice that’s been sat out on the counter in a warm kitchen and as far as I know no one has ever come to any harm.

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      Rice can be problematic if it has sat at room temperature for long enough to culture B. cereus. This bacteria is a problem because it produces a toxin that is heat-stable. Although thoroughly heating the rice will kill the bacteria itself, the toxin that makes you sick will remain. So, you should always be careful with rice.

      Having said that, rice has to hang around at room temperature or a little warmer for a while for this to happen. So, if you have put your rice straight into the fridge or freezer without leaving it lying around and then make sure that you heat it thoroughly it should be fine. The caveat is that if your rice has come from a takeaway, you don’t know how long it has been hanging around for before it gets to you.

      I do re-heat rice if I know it’s history (i.e., I cooked it) and I have never got sick from it, but I won’t re-heat rice if I don’t know exactly what has happened to it. I would never eat rice or rice salad from a buffet – the conditions there are far more likely to cause problems.

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      re-heated curry is the BEST. We actually cook our curry at least one day before we plan to serve it just because re-heated curry tastes amazing. (10+ hours in the crock; one day in the fridge; heat and enjoy.)

      We cook the rice, fresh, though.

      Although, personally, I have no problem with re-heated rice. It seems like the consequences are mostly limited to diarrhoea and emetic effects (if there are any at all) and I’ve never suffered even as much as those. Life’s too short to obsess about such risks — particularly when one regularly eats their sandwiches with fingers bearing traces of climbing chalk and whatever WAS in that pocket on the last pitch before the ledge on which one’s stopped to do so.

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