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A Wonder That India Is! Very few countries can boast of the place that India has enjoyed in the pages of history since ages. Despite falling prey to plunderers and invaders time and again down the ages, the glory of the land remains untainted. In fact, all that plunderers or the thieves could take away were some precious objects from the country’s coffers. They failed miserably in their attempts to steal the glorious past of a land, or the serene beauty of the sage meditating in the caves of the Himalayas! India, which saw rise and fall of several majestic dynasties, is abound in cultural heritage. Over 114 languages are spoken in different parts of this unique land, besides about 500 slangs. Similarly, festivity and festivals are so closely intertwined with the land that the country has been given a second name of “the land of festivals”. Tourism potential of India is another factor that draws people from every nook and corner of the world – its ethnicity, its rural-urban mix, places of historical and religious importance, lakes, adventure sports, ancient art and architecture, flora and fauna, herbal-rich backyards…et al. You name it and you have it! All said, what’s most surprising India is its never-say-die spirit. Despite witnessing so many ups and downs, and having been through so many odds and upheavals, Indians get back so smoothly to their normal life that one finds the-life-after-storm as usual as ever! After all, where does lie the strength of India? Well, you have to either experience the country to find a perfect reply to the query…or keep a track of our blog on India, which will covers all shades of this mystic land!