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No follow links can hurt your rankings

Moron idiot cartoon indiadaily free picture!
Is google run by idiotic morons? Or is there something more sinister going on?

If another google video is to be believed created by Matt cutts the head of the spam team at google, no follow blog comment links can hurt your site rankings. The video centers around people using keyword rich text links as supposed to a normal name in blog comments. This google believes is manipulative and google “reserves the right” to penalize any site doing this. Many webmasters will use blog comments as a way of generating traffic to their website so webmasters are both confused and even angry at this new video, some even believe that google is playing games to destroy any other ways people reach sites apart from google. Webmasters are arguing that because most blog comments are no follow anyway it really shouldn’t matter whether you use keyword rich anchor text or your company name rather than a real name anyway and it is non of googles businesses anyway because no-follow links have no direct impact on search engine rankings…. leading to the speculation that google is just trying to control the internet even further and scare website owner and seo’s that any links will cause link penalties in google (Benefiting huge brands who will no longer will have to compete with small websites creating targetted links all together wether no follow blog comment links or ones that do impact on search engine rankings). It is not google place to dictate the rules and commenting terms of websites… it is up to website owners whether they publish comments with or without keyword rich anchor text or brands as names, if a website has published a comment made by a user that has used such a name the website has allowed the user to be displayed in comment section therefore why should google say that the comment is spam when the website which published it apporved it as not being spam, it is upto the websites to monitor and determine quality of comments as to wether they are spam or not and by monitoring quality of comments keep spammy ones outta there website…. if a comment is accepted why should google say that the comment is spam… and penalize the website for it.

This recent video has just confirmed that negative seo is possible and even with no follow links. All one needs to do now is build tons of no follow keyword rich anchor named blog comments on lots of blogs.. send in a spam report to google see your competition disappear. It really is scarily that simple. Google really is run by morons.

No follow links make no difference to search engine ranking so why should no follow links make sites go down in the search reuslts if they do not make sites go up….

Scientists create lightsaber


Soon everybody can be a jedi… well with a light saber at least as scientists get close and closer to unlocking the secrets that will hopefully one day help go towards science creating light sabers and as well of other useful devices and technology too. Harvard scientist have been able to create their own matter with only light, this has proved a huge discovery and will totally change the way scientists think of light and photons that make up light. What scientists have created is something that acts just like a light saber does! What the Harvard scientist have successfully done is create matter by bonding together photons which create molecules with mass. How did they do it… simple  a vacuum, some rubidium atoms cooled to near absolute zero creating a cloud.. two photons were then passed through this cloud to see the effects, scientist were not prepared to what they were next about to see as when the photons emerged from the cloud on the other side they where merged together creating a molecule. The new discovers will not just help with creating light sabers but will also prove useful in the computing world with the hope that these new insights will help make computing a lot lot faster and more efficient too.

What the Harvard scientist have achieved is something that has been talked about theoretically for a long time but it has only been now that it has been proved possibly.

The Harvard scientists added that “usually photons do not have any mass and also do not interact with each other, but what we have achieved was creating a environment where photons start acting as though they do have mass and even start interacting with each other just like other molecules do by even bonding together like we observed”

Moto G set to be released in india


Motorola are coming back to India with the moto G but it has gotta be said that with this new phone  (google owns Motorola) expect to be spied on, frustrated and your money wasted .
The Moto g is going to be released in India in January next year. It will cost less than other phones by Samsung and windows as it will only cost Rs 15,000 (about $179) but for your money dont expect a lot! Googles aim with this phone was to bring people a cheaper smartphone alternative as many people in India simply cannot afford the expensive smart phones at the moment.  This new phone maybe cheap but there is a big reason for that.. its so google can exploit the poorer of our society who cannot afford other smartphones. The moto G is very basic and has a lot less feature than it rivals. Many beta testers of this new moto G phone are saying that the phone is really buggy and is a typical rubbish google product made on the cheap and made for the masses.

Some of there complaints are that the Moto G boasts specs of 4.5 inch screen and a hd resolution of 720, plus with 1gb of ram and 8gb of memory and a 1.2 ghz processor you would think you are getting a bargain however the 1.2 mega pixel camera fitted on the moto G is very poor, the Moto G is also very flimsy and can easily break not only that but despite its processing capabilities the Moto g is slow to loads apps and connect to the internet (probably with all the spyware added to the moto G). The overall feeling is that the Moto G is cheap and not a phone you would want to waste your money on.



Google glass is rubbish and why you shouldnt buy it

What the google glass looks like!
Google glass is a rubbish and nerdy piece of tech.. use at your own risk.

There has been a lot of hype recently about the next google product google glass, but is it really as good as people (or rather the media) is hyping it up to be and is it actually safe to have a device attached receiving and transmitting wifi signals to your head in close proximity to your brain all the time? There is a lot of hype about google glass in the media because google is one of the most power fullest, richest and dominant media and advertisement company’s in the world, and with the potential of retailers and advertisers making billions in google glass you wont hear a bad word said about this “great new trendy and innovative product!” even if it could potentially leave you wearing something else on your head apart from the google glass.. a tumor.

But first let me explain how gimmicky google glass really is. Like always the media will force a idea and bombard the public with this idea until the public buy into it… the constant hype and advertising of google glass will eventually wear down the public until people simply buy it to see what all the fuss is about. Google glass is a silly idea really a nerdy fashion accessory that tells people that you live ina virtual world and your are desperate to always be “connected”. There are also many health concerns to that you should think about before buying a google glass. We have talked to opticians who have said that having a display that close to your eyes will strain them causing damage and overtime will damage your eye sight meaning you will have to wear glasses… how ironic. On a even more serious note you have wifi signals constantly floating around your head which is never advised… Health experts have warned against wifi signal before.. even on mobile phones which aren’t constantly switched on and attached to your head like the google glass is..

As you may have heard google have been leaking your personal data to the nsa, google also like to use information to better target ads to you and make them even more money… the tracking capabilities and ability to see what you are seeing helps the nsa and google better spy on you.. whether its the government or google doing it.. your life if you wear google glass will never be 100% private. Welcome to the world of big brother.


  • Google glass is a nerd accessory
  • Damaging to your eyes
  • Wearing a google glass can cause damage to your brain.
  • Lets google see everything you see

I am sure you can think of tons more reasons why you shouldnt buy google glass though.


Google is evil

Evil google
Google has the motto dont be evil but with everything google has been doing recently it is a bit hypercritical really...

If you are wanting to make money on the internet then dont let google find out or else they will try their best destroy your business.. well that is how it seems anyway. India is growing in number of internet users, set to overtake the US very soon and thus there are more and more people from India trying to “make it” on the internet however google will try and dominate and destroy and businesses or websites that aim to get big or even just make money on the internet. Webmasters have long suspected googles evil plans to dominate the internet and with recent changes to google search meaning that you dont even need to visit another website as google “scrapes!” query answers and displays them straight onto the search results is just evidence of google plans to make dominate the internet and make it so people never leave google.

At the moment people use google to quickly search for things and leave the longer searcher spend annoyingly searching around for things on google does not make for a good search engine but at the same time means that people are only using google as a gateway to the internet rather than a focual point of the internet like with social media websites where people log in and stay there browsing and chatting to friends… This is one of the reasons why google has set up google+ and youtube… confusing all in all google wants users to stay on google and whilst staying on google click on ads nut for people to then come straight back to google to browse some more and then click on some more ads and repeat. Googlge with all the recent changes and rules applied to ranking and seo have made it so so much harder for you to rank with seo or even naturally as you should meaning more and more websites are buying foolishly ads instead to make there website visible to people. Google monopoly will soon grow and grow and they are still buying out websites like youtube in a effort to make google properties the only properties internet users use.. forcing even more people to buy ads to be seen on the internet! Googles motto is “dont be evil” but I would say the google owners were having a laugh when they came up with that motto! What do you think do you reckon google is evil or are accidentally destroying businesses…. Now dont get me started on how this evil company spys on its users.

Sheffield seo expert…How to recover from a penalty?


The seo expert from Sheffield is back! Here is what He has to say.

In Sheffield I often get clients coming to me with small website that have been hit (penalized) by google for spammy unnatural links, these guys aren’t even targeting high competitive keyword the businesses and websites based in Sheffield and just want customers from Sheffield only and not from across the world so they need targeted keywords primarily with Sheffield in them. One of the top reasons why these guys websites have been penalized consists of:

Hired a seo company that did not do seo correctly and instead of doing a long term seo strategy to get the website to stick they decided to use spammy links to quickly rank the website.. but later down the line the websites gets hit by penguin or a manual spam action is taken on them.

The business owner being a businesses owner did seo on their own and because he or she had a business to run opted for the quickest way to rank, without patience they blasted there website with spammy links causing a penalty.

Negative seo this is when someone else spams your website link everywhere in the hope that google will think its you and penalizes your site for it.. this type of thing is on the rise so be careful and always monitor your backlinks and then you will need to quickly disavow these links.

If you have been hit by a manual spam action (which you can see if you have or not in the webmasters dashboard) you can file for a reconsideration request.

Disavowing links is a good way to help ease your situation if you have been effected by a penalty by google, by checking what links you have been penalized for and submitting them in a disavow file to google you are in effect telling google what links you want to be discounted by the search engines when judging where in the search results to rank your site (kind of like nofollowing the links).

Removing links is another way and if for example you have been hit by manual spam action it is essential to remove and try to remove some spam links and keep a record as google can choose to ignore your reconsideration request to take away the manual spam action if for example google suspects that you have made no attempt to help clean up you link spam.

Sometimes though if your site has been really badly effected by a penalty whether it was your fault or not sometimes it is best to start a new fresh website with brand new content and a fresh link profile as there really is no guarantee no matter how many months you spend removing spammy links pointing to your site or disavowing them that your website will recover. Starting again I feel is one of the best ways to recover from these evil penalties.. and something I recommend to all of my new clients that have previously been penalized by google in Sheffield too.

Singapore airlines have increased the free check-in luggage weight limit


At Singapore airlines you now get 10KG more for all passengers in all classes! Recently more and more Indian airlines have been reducing the amount of baggage allowance and also passenger amenities flyers can bring with them on board. However in a  recent move made by Singapore airlines Indian passengers can now take on board more check in luggage for free! For example in first class previously your check in luggage could not exceed 40kg in first class otherwise you would have had to pay for more however now you can bring on board 50kg instead meaning you have 10kg extra luggage weight.

This is really great news for flyers, and is a response to feedback that Singapore airlines have had from people flying with them. With increasing fuel costs of trips impacting prices this move will hopefully at least help out flyers and save them some money in these tough economic times. Many Indian airlines have been doing the opposite and have been actually reducing the around of check in luggage you are able to take on board a very unpopular decision!

It really is about time that a big company actually helps out there customers for once, lets just hope this sparks a chain reaction and makes other airlines reduce their baggage allowance or even prices!

Google continues to dominate search


A recent washington post report indicates how google still dominates search with 66.9% of the total internet searches carried out in October by US internet users… that in figures is 12 billion out of 19billion of peoples searches showing just how dominate google is in America and the figures for other countries are pretty strong aswell. However google does not have full power in all countries for example china the second biggest economy in the world and which has the most internet users too, google doe not even rank in the top 3 search providers in china! In russia as well internet users would rather use their homemade yandex search engine too! This goes to show that google can be beaten.

In the same report stst showed that the Microsoft owned search engine bing came second to google which had a share of 18% of the total American searches being made in october.

It has not always been like this in the earlier days of the internet and search we had a lot more choice of search engine such as altavista, askjeeves to name a few, how long can google keep up its dominate grasp on its market share? With all the recent negative press about gogole, social media and how small businesses are now steering away from google to do business the end is surely inevitable google, the end may come soon or in a couple years away as it slowly loses interest from searches and that dominate market share eventually dwindles away.

Yahoo auctioning off premium domains

Yahoo logo
Yahoo is going to be auctioning off some of it premium domains it owns! Some are set to cost millions at auction!

According to reports yahoo is going to leap into the premium domain selling game by selling domains it has “stumbled across” such as sandwich.com and other sought after domains. Many of these domains are nouns amongst some odd domain names as well. But are premium domains really worth it? Not really for example sandwich.com may be something cool to tell your friends you have but it isn’t really a brand at all. More to the point sandwich.com like so many of premium domains dont have that many backlinks or history connected to it meaning search engines will just rank it like a normal website that you paid a huge premium for! Sandwich also isnt a brand name and you wont be able to trademark that word either. Premium domains aren’t worth the money you pay for them. Yahoo will be selling  a list of these premium domains on sedo with more yet to come… prices for some of the domains are set to hit the millions…. Ridiculous if you ask me, Return on investment will not be very good at all, I would be surprised if people buying these domains will see any of the money back they paid for them…. (Domains if not already registered by someone else can be freely registered for a small fee at a registrar, If one of these million dollar domains expired for whatever reason anyone would be able to re-register the domain for as little as £5).

Some of the domains up for auction are:

Fonzo.com, jockeys.com, truestory.com, raging.com, sandwich.com and batoota.com!


Spam links are all part of a antural link profile


Websites with spam links should NOT be penalized by search engines due to the fact that just being on the search engines will overtime cause your website to be linked to by spammy low value webpages… You cannot protect yoursite from negative seo either, If google and other search engines continue to penalize site based on whether they have spam links pointing to there site we will carry on seeing a rise in negative seo but it isn’t just negative seo that webmasters should be worried about seo spam tools now have added features to add random urls scraped from the search engines and place them in random articles and spammy submissions to spam websites in attempt to make there spam look more natural to the search engines.. this means that even new sites that are just starting to rank or are quite far down in the search engines because they do not have many links yet and haven’t had a chance for people to find them will suddenly see a surge in spammy automatically created links which the webmasters of these sites have had no role in creating point to their sites… destroying there chances of ever getting to the top of search results. The same can be said by people hotlinking to your images and placing these hotlinks in bad spam webpages (another feature of seo tools nowadays). As you can see it doesnt have to be a webmasters fault at all yet search engines contnue to penalize sites based on something webmasters have no control over! The only websites to survive the natural accumulation of spam links are high pr authority websites with million and millions of links so the spam links dont really make much difference to their rankings.. however small buisnesses these links make all the difference and becuas esearch engines are the only effective strategy (You always have social media…. how ever social emdia is quite a rubbish way for businesses to prosper) for the small guys to hopefully get web visitors small businesses are doomed from the start. The sheffield seo expert seems to say the same kind of things as we do too.