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Sheffield seo expert gives us the lowdown on seo


Here at India daily we bring you an expert in SEO (Search engine optimization) who is from Sheffield (england) giving us his views and lowdown on seo. In this article the Sheffield born and raised seo expert will be giving us his expert opinions on everything seo.

Hello, firstly let me introduce myself I am James and I am a self proclaimed seo expert I run a seo company based in Sheffield that creates tailor made and targeting seo campaigns to big brands and small company’s in Sheffield. But enough talk about who I am lets get right down to business..

Is seo a easy business?

Not at all seo is constantly changing and is just as dynamic as the search results themselves, you always have to be at the top of your game and know what is what to be able to survive and rank in the serps. It is not enough just to write good quality content in the hope that you will automatically rank in the search results.. it just doesn’t work like that. Search engines like google like to say that you need to create unique good quality content… albeit it you must create highly relevant content that is only available on your website the good quality part is pretty much a lie… why? Simply because google bot cannot read and interpret information, the google bot can only use algos to determine whether a piece of content should rank based on whether it is duplicate content… has a natural occurrence of keywords and follows some sort of basic structure, the google bot contrary to popular belief cannot actually determine something make sense or not… this is precisely why google and other search engines look at what links are pointing to that website in order to determine whether it is worthwhile content or not.. after all if other people are linking to it the content has to make sense right? The seo community though are slowing starting to think that hummingbird and other recent google updates are advancing and getting better are judging for themselves whether a peice of content is quality or not… looking for whether content is broken or contain fragmented sentences that do not make sense computers can to a certain degree measure linguistics however only to a certain degree and because language is constantly evolving and because language is so complex no computer program can ever fully understand whether something truly makes sense or not.

A problem that many seo face is negative seo, negative seo is when a competitor actively build spammy links to your website in order to get it penalized by google for spammy unnatural links. Negative seo is on the rise and means only website with the strongest link profiles can survive any new websites with little or weak backlinks will not survive. Google has last year released a disavow tool to help combat this letting webmaster discount links that they do not want google to count when ranking there site… however this creates the question why doesn google automatically discount spammy links and instead of penalizing spammy links just ingore them? Surely just because a site has spam my links pointing to them the content on the site doesn’t automatically become spammy aswell? Well some seo’s fear that this is because google wants small websites and businesses to fail so that they buy more adwords to survive after all adwords is how google make sits billions each year! Google has so many rules, even if your website has not got any spammy links pointing towards your site google will try and find a excuse to penalize it one way or another.

What you can do to survive all of these updates and stand the best chances of ranking in the search engines is to:

  • Have good and lots of high pr websites linking to you — which is harder said then done
  • Only have original and lots of content on your website
  • A good fast design that is mobile responsive
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and diversify your traffic sources as more and more people turn away from searching on google and onto social media it is a good plan even if you aren’t worried about getting penalized by google to have a good social media presence as well as when google does go under you will have a good source of social media traffic.


Seo is a lot of hard work and if you have got a business to run you may not have the time or patience to do seo. That why it is probably a good idea considering as lot of things can go wrong to get a seo company to help you out doing seo instead. I am based in Sheffield and I get a lot of small local businesses from Sheffield that fail to get ranking on the search engines because they do not know what to do… It seo is boring and silly and you dont really want to know how its done… Just get someone like em to do it for you whilst you run your business!



Yahoo’s new email “Recent” feature is rubbish says users

Yahoo knows best...
Yahoo are upsetting users by taking away there tabs and introducing a new “recent” feature in it’s place.

Apparently users dont know what they want and the CEO’S do.. well that is how it seems as yahoo announces a unpopular new feature to take a place of the popular tabs feature that many users liked!

Yahoo have recently introduced a new “recent” feature to there inbox. Users dont like it one bit apparently. Yahoo recently this year scrapped a feature that many users liked the tab feature which let users easily open new tabs and navigate through there emails easily without loosing emails that users might want to save to read later. Yahoo has added this new “Recent” feature so that users can quickly go back to things that they have recently opened but users want their good old tabs back and I dont blame them!

Yahoo have changed there emailing system to try and win back some of the lost email service providing market share that they have lost over the users by getting new users to join by “improving it” but these new changes are just making their users angry and creating more bad publicity than good.

Yahoo are yet to comment whether they will be keeping with this new feature or bringing back the old tabs, it would be wise for one of these internet giants to actually listen to users for once it seems that big giants like yahoo(owned by Microsoft), google and others seem to think that it is okay to force changes and (forcing) expect users to adapt to the changes despite how many users are against it. This recent change however minor has prompted yahoo email users to vent there annoyance with yahoo on social networks! Will yahoo listen who knows? But it would be good publicity for yahoo to show that they do listen to what users want!

Samsung now the worldwide top handset seller!

Number 1 mobile phone choice!
Samsung is the world number 1 choice of mobile phone currently with a dominant market share of 28%

It has been announced by market researchers that Samsung now is the most bought handset around. Samsung (A south Korean company) now dominates the mobile industry selling more handsets than any of there competitors. In q3 samsung have sold more than 120 million handsets worldwide pushing them in the lead. This means that Samsung has 28% of the total mobile market share.  Samsung has the majority of sales in 6 continents including; America, Europe, Africa, and latin America.

Samsung success maybe down to the fact that they sell mobile phones that are affordable priced for people living in poorer countries too making them the number 1 choice across the world market researchers argue.

The mobile industry has came along way in the past 10 years, developing mobiles that are now faster than computers used to be a couple years before. But to stay in the lead a company needs to think differently and give what consumers want at a affordable price. Will Samsung get complacent and like all big monopolies with a commitment to their shareholder put profits before quality…

But has the growth of the mobile industry been slower than we think? One could argue that with such limited choice and only a few dominate company’s ruling over the mobile phone industry consumers have limited choice as one company copies the next and innovation is non existent and development and new ideas for new products becomes uninspired and stagnant.

Just how long can Samsung hold there grasp on this dominant market share before someone else with a different idea comes along?  For instance wearable tech like the google glass is soon to hit the market but critics says that wearable tech products like google glass are too much of a gimmick and a silly idea to be able to the main stream saying that consumers would feel silly (and would look silly) talking into a goofy google glass headset… I think that google glass was a uninspired attempt by google to create something new but in my eyes a failure before it even launched. oh well there are always other ideas!

India set to beat the US in internet users

People using the internet is growing in number.
The internet is seeing more and more people from india using it…obviously you are one of those!

India isn’t just a growing economy it has a growing number of internet users as well! In fact a report has estimated that india is set to beat the USA in number of internet users. It is thought that in 8 months indias number of internet users will increase by 18.5%, these estimates would mean India would be second to china with 300 million people online in internet users. The report estimates that by june 2014 india will have around 243million internet users! India internet usage has in the last 3 years been growing at a unbelievable pace already this year internet usage has increased 40% from last year. But initially india was slow at first taking a whole decade to reach 100million internet users from 10 million at the start of the millennium. The rise in internet users is said to because of the advancing technology and that technology is becoming more accessible and more affordable. Moreover mobile internet usage has seen a 2% increase from last year and is playing a huge part in the rise of internet users now and in the future, mobile internet means that all you need is a handset with wifi and not a full blown expensive computer or laptop to browse the internet anymore. Better wifi reaching more remote areas have also made it easier to get online too.

The internet has opened up india to the world of commerce and business allowing us to communicate with other in different countries easily and affordable , not only that we can shop, chat to our friends on social networks and watch movies with just a few clicks!

Currently America has 207 million people online can we beat them? Will the report proove right or has it got its figures wrong?

More and more people are using the internet YET more and more small businesses are losing out and going under at the same time all thanks to huge giants such as google destroying the small guys. Even though india is growing in internet users india needs to develop its own competitive services otherwise, yes we are going to beat America but all our custom will go to America!




Google just too many ads!


Google has added a little label to ads at the top of the search results now but it looks as though google has also at the same time removed the slight box that used to go behind the ads… The ad label is quite prominent however without the box behind it the ads are quite unclear if you dont spot the ads label. It is quite hard to say really if people will have a better time distinguishing ads and organic listings but if you ask me ads still dominate the search results anyway so it makes no real difference for instance in the below picture if you are not listed first or second in the organic search results users  will have to scroll down to see you.

See for yourself..here a picture of the new ads and just look how many ads you have here!

New google ad format
As you can see the new labels help advertise that the listing is a paid ad but you cannot help feeling as though that doesn’t really matter as there are only really ads in sight anyway.

By the looks of that image there is not a single small business in sight yet multiple listings of big websites! Hmmm….


Is google doing enough to combat piracy?


Google received in October 2013 upto 26 million urls submitted in DMCA removal requests alone. That is a huge firgure and it is googles duty to make sure all of these requests are steeled one way or another. The huge work load that google has requires a lot of workers and a lot of money to keep google from being overrun by infringing copyrighted material… The huge amounts of dmcas google receives each year has risen quite dramatically this years from past years. Up to now google this years have said that they have removed 200million links from their search results in accordance to DMCA removal requests they have received this is a lot lot more than previous year for example last year google removed 50 million urls form its search. What is causing such a huge rise in dmca requests? Webmasters have been speculating that it is googles panda update that is causing webmasters to worry and to submit removal requests aimed at sites ripping off their content.. after all duplicate content is penalized now by google and webmasters do not want to run the risk of google getting the original author of the content wrong and penalizing them instead of the actual copyright thief. Google brags that the average time google acts upon receiving a removal request is usually no more than 6 hours. Google however states that they do not always remove every link they receive from a dmca removal request as they sya that sometimes they recive unclear requests, or requests whereby no infringing content is found. Some requests that are denied include:

A business requesting removal of a ex employee’s blog post criticizing the company

People requesting removal of their names from the search engines based upon their names being “copyrightable”

Movie producers requesting that movie reviews should be removed.


But do these dmca requests help? After all at the bottom of the search results a notice will appear if one of the search results has been removed which lets searchers read the dmca request and see the infrgining urls anyway.



Is your website up to scratch?



Many website owners settle for a website that looks the best and dont bother with anything else.. but not always the best looking website do the best. If your website uses large and memory consuming graphics your page speed may suffer which is hard hitting for SEO, if you feel that having not much text on your homepage makes your website look better and less cluttered you will have a hard time telling the search engines what your website is about and so you will struggle to rank. Also Sometimes webmasters can get to carried away and create a site that is confusing and hard to navigate because of the “creative” and hidden messages of a website this can surely confuse your users and increase bounce rate. Not always the best and most creative websites thrive on the internet. You must find a good balance between a well structured website that is easy for search engines to rank ie follows seo the rules, and isn’t too obscure that the message of your websites and business is lost in creativity but uniqueness and creativity is important it is just communicating this creativity in your design the right way. Being a unique and creative brand will skyrocket your business and will help easily get your business talked about so dont settle for a boring generic website either… Just make sure when you next create a website that it is easy to understand, easy to navigate has plenty of information and is great! Mobile responsive designs are also a good thing to have, they make your website more accessible to the millions of people who use their mobiles to view the internet each day! Not only that but search engines always like to rank these websites higher in the search results too! Mobile responsive sites need smaller images and should load quite fast.. but smaller images doesn’t mean you cannot be creative far from it! Remember to stand out from the rest you must be the best out there with innovation and creativity that is easily communicated to users.. so basically they get it!

Is negative seo real? If so can negative seo effect your rankings?


Negative seo is very much real thanks to penguin which penalizes websites based upon unnatural links linking to a site. That is one of the reasons why negative seo is becoming a growing problem that can damage your site rankings in search engines loosing you business. Many webmasters and seo’s are in denial that negative seo really exists but the truth is it does exist and can destroy online businesses. Spam has not decreased since the google penguin and panda updates from google.. spam has actually instead been on the increase with churn and burn sites on the rise, (churn and burn websites are websites created for short term ranking using spam technique to rank quickly but the expectation is that these websites will not last long but because these churn and burn websites are so simple to create they are easily replaced.) and negative seo.

Negative seo is when a competitor or even just someone out to spam the world will spam your website link to as many spammy auto approve comment blogs, create thousands of forum profiles and any other low quality and really obvious spam links to your website in a attempt to get your website penalized by the search engines particularly google. As google and other search engines get tougher and tougher on “spammers” negative seo gets far easier and more and more webmasters are instead not creating links to their own websites but are creating tons of spam links to others that rank above them… with those above them penalized it will clear the way for their own website to get to the top! But there is one problem as small websites fight among themselves as one negative seo victim retaliates and negative seo’s all the others, big websites like amazon and ebay still dominate and there unrivaled positions are further boosted as all other competition is destroyed. These big websites can still be effected by negative seo but because google and other search engines put so much authority into these websites it means that it would take a monumental effort to get these websites penalized meaning that the only real victims of negative seo are small websites and businesses.

Google and other websites cannot properly measure a websites relevance and quality without links and people gaming the system by creating links has meant the search engines have had to create these algorithms that penalize website for spammy links, however many webmasters argue that spammy links should be totally ignored due to the fact that anyone can create spammy links to any website and it doesn’t mean that a website should be totally discredited just because spam links point to it.

Google launches Controversial Shared Endorsements


Google evil?

Google has now released a new feature in the search results where google will make money out of the comments and reviews you make. Without your permission google will now show your face and your comment recommendations will appear in certain searches (mainly products). So when you make a G+ or write a user review about that product and someone from your circle searches for the same thing you will appear at the top recommending that product. Google will use your picture name and your endorsement in its ads… you who made it wont see any of the money google will receive if someone clicks on that ad.

Google says that they are asking these changes to add a personal touch and to help give searchers more useful information when searching.

Google users do have a option (however difficult to find) opt out of them appearing in these ads but some users believe that google is just using people for their own gain and not everyone will know how to opt out.

Users have however fought back and have replaced there profile picture with that of a photo of one of the owners of google eric schmdits well at least that will put people off clicking a ad anyway!


Do you think it is right that google can do this? Has google gone to far? or have they only just begun?

(Google has a duty towards its shareholders thus profits come before morals so their really is no depth google wont stoop to increasing profits..)


Youtube users want old comments section back


Youtube logo

90 000 and rising youtube users are signing a petition to make google undue the recent changes to the youtube comment section! users want google to restore it to how it once was!

The controversial recent changes made in September have made it so that youtube comments are now powered by google+. This means that you will need google + to comment on youtube videos, but this means that anyone who is following (In you “circle”) you on google+ will now know what videos you are commenting on.

Users are considered that this destroys anonymity on the internet!

A petition has been set up on the website change.org to try and force google to revert the changes and alread 90 00 people have signed the petition. People signing petition are also leaving comments and many are saying that there accounts google are being suspended for telling others about the petition which just shows how truly arrogant google and how they believe that anything they say goes and nobody else is allowed a opinion whatsoever.

The reason why google has changed the comments system to be powered by google+ is simple.. to FORCE people to join google+. However it is evident by the number of petition signers that the public dont like being forced to do anything especially not to join rubbish google+.

With the recent NSA scandal and a growing distrust from the public that google does not respect people privacy it is only a matter of time until people use something else… Youtube used to be the only decent and good google product that people didnt think was a spy tool but now people are thinking differently about youtube.

With all this negative press about google recently is it time to search and use something other than google? It is quite clear that google does not respect its users…What do you think?