Globalization taking advantage of india

Globalisation has trapped india
Globalization has pushed wages down and has stunted India’s economic growth

Thanks to improving technology and transport the world as we know it has changed and the way we do business has also changed.. In the past it would have took days to travel to one end of India to the other.. now thanks to better transport it doesn’t even take a day to travel to the other end of the world. Globalization has opened up India to new businesses opportunities.. but has it really benefited India? In this article we are going to try and find out. India economy is growing and is as strong as it has ever been… India has always had a strong economy a center of trade and manufacture. But is globalization taking advantage of India.. living standards of many Indians are still quite poor, many still live in poverty despite the growth in jobs in India this is because globalization and capitalism has squeezed wages so much that even though India is producing goods for the western world to compete with other countries factories here in India have had to reduce the wages so much to compete. India relies on manufacture and “low skilled jobs” to produce it goods which it then sells to affluent countries across the globe, whereas more economically stable countries like England, Japan and America rely on “skilled” jobs and innovation to fuel their economies. Because anyone can do the jobs found in the factories in India it means that demand and the need to keep costs down means that wages are pushed right down. Even working condition in Indian factory’s are at breaking point whereby deaths on the factory floors is common occurrence due to such horrendous conditions worker must work in.

Globalization has meant that India is no longer producing goods for itself but for the rest of the world meaning it is pushing itself beyond it means and making the average person in India live under the poverty line.. The only ones to benefit from globalization are the people receiving cheap goods in other countries and the rich factory owners. The average worker will be working for near nothing barely enough to survive…. These workers maybe working “unskilled jobs” but that doesn’t mean anyone really can do these jobs. Countries are taking advantage of and has trapped india due to its weak infrastructure and it huge population to manufactuer cheap goods for them.  India will always trail behind and work for other countries if something isn’t done.

Because of the way globalization works India will always be behind and will always be working for another country. Better infrastructure and education must be adopted in India to help India get out of the trap of globalization.