Singapore airlines have increased the free check-in luggage weight limit


At Singapore airlines you now get 10KG more for all passengers in all classes! Recently more and more Indian airlines have been reducing the amount of baggage allowance and also passenger amenities flyers can bring with them on board. However in a  recent move made by Singapore airlines Indian passengers can now take on board more check in luggage for free! For example in first class previously your check in luggage could not exceed 40kg in first class otherwise you would have had to pay for more however now you can bring on board 50kg instead meaning you have 10kg extra luggage weight.

This is really great news for flyers, and is a response to feedback that Singapore airlines have had from people flying with them. With increasing fuel costs of trips impacting prices this move will hopefully at least help out flyers and save them some money in these tough economic times. Many Indian airlines have been doing the opposite and have been actually reducing the around of check in luggage you are able to take on board a very unpopular decision!

It really is about time that a big company actually helps out there customers for once, lets just hope this sparks a chain reaction and makes other airlines reduce their baggage allowance or even prices!