Google evil?

Google ranking sites on truth

It would seem that google is not content with just making billions each year in profits they want more and to get more they have came up with a new or rather a twist on a old plan.. fascism!

According to a new scientific research paper recently published by Google they are working on a way to check whether a site is telling the truth or not. If a site is not telling the truth google will penalize that site as a result. The way google is wanting to do that is to extract relevant facts from a page on a website and then they will check these facts against facts found in their knowledge base (the google knowledge base consist of well over a billion facts and is often used to provide instant answer in the search results). Google says that they are working on this new technology to penalize sites that have  high page rank that have gained a lot of links from people who have liked the site but the site may sometimes not tell the truth that rank highly in the search results as a results. Despite the fact that these website are popular and linked to by people who actually find what they are reading on these sites as useful Google knows best! Under googles own admission the technology to analyze websites and rank them based upon facts takes a lot of processing power so it does not quite stack up why they would do this just to destroy the rankings of a few high ranking gossip sites that aren’t telling the truth.

The truth maybe that google wishes to incorporate ideologies into the knowledge base which are right and ideologies which are wrong. This allows them to censor websites that promote ideologies that google does not want promoting and deems not right.

Google has already shown its unrelenting immorality towards peoples lives by destroying thousands of small online businesses by unleashing algorithmic updates in an attempt to reduce spam on the search engine. Google benefits from this through the collateral damage hitting small online websites forcing them to buy adwords instead to be seen on google (conveniently).  Google are also lobbyists in America demonstrating their lack of respect for democracy so being able to brain wash people by shaping an internet whereby only facts and ideas that google wants its 1 billion visitors a month to see are seen and anything google doesn’t not want to be seen wont be!

Many take what they read on the internet as the definitive answer. The cult of Google will be unstoppable if they can harness this technology and control the biggest sources or information around!

Yes google are evil!

Yes google are evil and should not be used if you want to save small businesses.

If you are a small business trying to make ends meet online then Google are your worst enemies. The evil employees of Google working away in their cosy, rich and luxury HQ over in California are working tirelessly to wreck peoples businesses and shift them over to adwords. Recently Google has been wrecking havoc across the online world manually penalizing (this means that someone over at Google looks at your site and more or less presses a button to nuke it off the search results destroying your business online).

This is all in a effort to push small business to adwords and it is working but again for small business this is causing ROI from adwords  to be unsustainable and appalling… adwords is dead and the serps have been manipulated so much by google it so ironic! At the end of the day google is winning.

Google seems to be on a mad mad onslaught against SEOs at the moment (lead by the fat nerd matt cutts who wishes to break their spirits)… because of this obsession against seos google is focusing on real dangerous sites lurking around in the search results selling illegal drugs and counterfeit stuff.

Bing search results are a lot better and compared to googles at the moment hands down beat them.

As for adwords that thing is so unprofitable now your better off going for more conventional real advertisement than expensive text links

I wonder if people will still “google” it if they know that what they are seeing on the results isn’t the full picture and things are in fact missing… It is human nature to want to have all the results and nothing hidden from you so you can make up your own mind and find exactly what you are looking for and not what google thinks you want or rather google wants you to see, surely getting that message across to people will help destroy Google’s monopoly?

I just hope that either people realize all of this and stop using this money grabbing evil search engine or the government intervenes and stops Google from destroying the online economy all together!


An increase in webhosting scams

There is a huge rise in scammer hosting company’s you must really do your research when choosing a hosting company to go with especially if you are looking at “affordable” small less known ones as you may find they will just collect your money and one day run.

Many hosts will also offer you the chance to also buy domains through them as well, this can even mean if you do get scammed not only will they run off with your money but your entire website too. They could theoretically set up your site themselves and run your business which you built up.

And many are doing this, it is thought that 1 out 3 small time web hosts are not legitimate businesses.

In a previous post we did a mini review for the hosting provider dabuu after further research we have found out that if you have recently bought hosting from this provider you should try to get your money back either by PayPal charge back or contacting your credit card company as our research has found that it is very likely that the hosting you have paid for you will not get. The owner of dabuu Networks set up this hosting not to long ago, that maybe not something initially bad in itself as all hosting company’s have to start somewhere but its is quite questionable after just a few months in operation dabuu decided to sell up and rather quickly to apparently getting a buyer within a couple of days whilst also still accepting payments for hosting. The owner of dabuu networks has not told any of his customers who the new owners are and in threads on webhostingtalk people are really quite concerned especially as the owner has seemed to have done a disappearing act, one member of webhostingtalk has also pointed out that the owner of dabuu hosts has also done this kind of thing before with a hosting company called NixDot. In exactly the same scenario and with the same policy of no refunds it seems the owner of dabuu apparently called Dan is a scammer. The moral of this story really is that you just cannot trust small web hosting company’s especially ones that have not been around for a while and only except yearly subscription payments only. India daily will keep a tab on this guy and will try to out any more of these pop up hosting company this guy sets up so that he will not be able to run with anyone else money.

Dabuu networks is bad hosting! Our mini review!

This is just a mini review.. just something to help other webmasters out really!

Indiadaily has recently been testing hosting from Dabuu networks a mid price range host so you expect at least for your website to be running smoothly and you do not expect the host to be down consistently like we found with dabuu networks.

We started using Dabuu after we received a email from a website owner who felt scammed and conned after using Dabuu so we decided to investigate to make sure that the issues with dabuu were not just a one time thing. We set up a small blog with them which used up little space and bandwidth the package we used was Package: Level 1 costing $18 a year doesn’t sound much right? but over the weeks we tested with these guys we found that our website was really quite slow if not down entirely. With no information telling us why our website was down, poor support and head ache after head ache it looked as though our website would have done much better and would at least load faster and be up more with a free hosting than with dabuu that how poor the hosting is. Sometimes when Our site was down the main dabuu site was also down at the same time which probably meant all website on the servers were facing issues and were down…. this also meant it was hard to get support and a estimated time of when our small site would be back online.

Apparently Dabuu is under new management after being sold.. dabuu failed to mention this to any of their current customers and was only found out after a sale thread fro the company was posted on the webhostingtalk forum, which may explain why if you are hosting with these guys your website is down at the moment… It is unsure if the new owners will continue to host previous customers websites or not if they failed to do so you may find yourself out of pocket as one of dabuus previous rules was that they do not give refunds.

You can get  much cheaper web hosting than dabuu and many people would probably choose these guys because they fear the cheaper ones as they dont want to get hosting that is really bad but at the same time are scared off by the more expensive but very reliable hosts because of the price so they end up  settling for dabuu which is in between  and therefore should be reliable enough and not to expensive but this is not the case at all it would seem.

Our verdict on these guys is that they are quite useless and it is probably better to go for more well known hosts such as godaddy.

Should you buy a .us domain?

Should you buy a .US domain? Truth be told buying a us domain even if you are a US citizen is more bother than its worth. Why? Well US domains are only for us citizens or those with substantial business presence in the US if you are not a US citizen and register a .us domain for what ever reason (many people now register these kind of tldm to create words and phrases out of their website name even neustar who own the .us domain franchise use to explain what it is all about). Because neustar wants only US citizens and quite frankly because they are nasty and want to circulate more sales of the us domain by making more available they do spot checks to check to check whether those with a .us domain are actually from the us this will then hopefully free up a few good domains which they can sell again if they catch out anyone or anyone fails to reply within a couple days. People who are form the US have had their domain deleted for not proving that they are form the us simply because they failed to see the email in their inbox and reply. If you domain gets deleted it become freely available for other to register you do not get a refund for your domain getting deleted and neustar gets more money. The whole bother of constantly checking your inbox to make sure you do not get ones of these emails is rather a pain… even if you are from the united states.

What about if you are not from the UNITED STATES? If you are not a us citizen and want to register a .us domain the  I would advise against it, in the past non us citizens have paid huge amounts of money with one auction for at $75 000 only for it to be deleted and taken away from the auction winner without refund and then the same domain was found on auction again a few months later hitting $18 500 to another person outside the us the domain was again deleted and the winner of the auction was found out of pocket… no warning was given prior to the purchase that this maybe the case (part of the scam).

Another reason why the .us domains are really not worth buying is that if you are a us company looking for better search engines rankings paying a little bit extra for the .us domain rather than a .com one will not give you any better luck when it comes to the search engines as the search engines do not put weight on this when ranking sites just like they dont with emd’s. Constantly watching your back with the prospect of loosing your domain no extra benefits of having one rather than a different domain means it much better to get a .com one or something else!

Can google see private whois information?

There is lots of confusion in the black hat world whether google cans see into private WHOIS data… the fact of the matter is as much as google would like to check who owns what site Google cannot see private whois data… the only people who are able to see private whois data are the ones that you are registered with this is because you are effectively registering the domain through proxy. Because of the rise in PBN’S, which stands for private blog networks people are fearing that google will crack down on these next and they are concerned that the only thing that can give them away is their whois data and this is true google is a official registrar so has the ability to do large scale lookups and compare what websites link to what with whois data but if a website has got private whois data google cannot do this as they do not have a clue who owns that website and never will. If you ask anyone who works for other registrar company’s such as godaddy or snapnames they will tell you that they can only access private whois information of their own clients and cannot lookup private information of other registrar clients…. Google will not be a exception to this no matter how BIG they are.


Private whois maybe a little bit more expensive but if you are running a private blog network I would say it is definitely worth the extra money as it is much better to be safe than sorry especially where seo is concerned. Matt Cutts back in 2005 the person that he is posted on his personal blog (I will not post a link to his blog post as I do not think he deserves a backlink) requested for people to report to ICANN fake whois information which can result in the domain being deleted entirely. Why would Matt Cutts be so concerned about fake whois information? Is google using whois information that it can obtain to link up networks? maybe that’s why private whois is a must for any black hat or anybody (you do not have to be a spammer to own a PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK to have private whois information.

Cheap web hosting scammers

Plenty of people are now using the internet and are starting to create their own website either for personal use or to get their businesses online. But where there is money there are scammers. Good reliable hosting that has good up time (which means how often your website is online without any connection issues) doesn’t come cheap with monthly costs that can soon add up many people maybe tempted to go for the more cheaper alternatives. There are many different places where people can go to find these offers such as forums. But beware many cheap hosts are scammers. For instance many will trick people and offer packages boasting 99.9% up time but the real truth is that the up time will be the other way around and you will be pretty much paying for a headache and your website will hardly ever be online at the end of the day. From personal experience after getting cheap shared hosting such as Tugu host from Indonesia I can tell you its probably easier, faster and more reliable to go for some free hosts like zymic which have better up time and much more faster. Tugu on their sales thread on a  web hosting forum boasted 99.9% and like a fool I went for them after all I didn’t want to spend to much money on a host as I only wanted to create a blog which I would post on every so often so I didnt need a lot. Many of these scammers will ask you to pay upfront for a years worth of hosting (so once they have your money they can refuse a refund), it wasn’t much but I did not get anything back for my money my blog which is very small and does not use up too much space is rarely online (every single time I check my blog it has connection issues or is not even online). I guess I was just simply to naive to think I could get decent hosting for the price that tugu was offering. My point is that you must be careful when picking your hosting… if you are not hosting a business or a website that will get a ton of visitors and doesnt use much space then your best bet would be to actually go for free reliable hosting form a respectable hosting company at least then you know that at the very least your site will be up… With web hosting if the offer is to good to be true nine times out of ten it probably is to good to be true!

It wasn’t too long ago since I wrote this rather quick, haphazard but true review about tuguhost and how you should avoid using it because of how slow it is and the rubbish amount of uptime the host gives you! Now it turns out that tugu just like many other small time cheap hosting company’s has gone….disappeared into thin air. The main tugu host now redirects to a new hosting company call weloveservers that offers similar hosting to what tuguhost did. After checking the whois data and comparing tugu historical whois data to that of weloverservers it looks as though weloveservers has now acquired tuguhost’s domain since 1st of april……a mean April fools joke on all tuguhost customers who have since lost there websites anbd money. We are unsure if weloverservers have no accquired tuguhost the company or just the domain…… but things sure do now look good for tugu hosters at the moment.

Google is censoring search results

Google under the cover of penalizing and deinedexing websites from the search results for being  spam (From spam links pointing to a site which can be created by anyone see negative seo for more info, spam may also be a objective judgement of a website from a manual google reviewer who may disagree with what you have written or created) is a way in which google can censor things that it does not like. Most take the results on google as everything available on the internet when really this is not the case, many websites and pages maybe missing which may help you and be exactly what you are looking for but are not available on google simply because google does not want you to see them. There are many reasons as to why google maybe censoring search results and each are just as devious as the next, from political and religious beliefs that the cult of google does not want you to hear all the way Why? well google after all is at the heart of the internet the gateway to a tool that is now so intermittent with our communications and social lives that controlling what news we see and what media websites are available us to read is very powerful indeed.. Another reason is to just fill the pockets of google by forcing websites from off google in order to push small businesses of the organic listings and into adwords… the more websites that cannot rank highly and cannot compete with the like of googles partners in crime ebay and amazon means more small businesses must then go to buying ads in google shopping and ad’s at the top of the search (even though google has already classified the site as not worthy to show searchers in organic results it is totally fine to show searcher these results if the websites pays!). As you can see Google is evil and is controlling the internet for its own gain making only websites it want viewable…Don’t be evil… dont make me laugh!

Google is exploiting its power

Think big, dream bigger. Don’t be limited to Google for making money online it is not the only source of income instead be heard and get your brand out there and seen as one that everyone wants to be a part of!This is something I try to remember when trying to market my online business, however I cannot hide form the fact that google does control a vast majoirty of the search engine market and search engines are vital for any online business to thrive. I find it rather sickening how Google is becoming the internet and it is even more remarkable that some people if they cannot find a website on Google simply believe that the website has gone.. when it may still exist but has just been rather annoyingly penalized by Google. Google has many rules and guidelines that all webmaster must abide by to be found on Google these rules are always changing in correlation to the greed of the CEO’s at Google who are trying to maximize ad revenue and punish and destroy all competition. Two of the most unreasonable rules webmasters must follow that dont not effect site quality or user experience in the slightest are;

No follow all paid links or else you site will be deemed as being part of a links scheme and your site will be punished and penalized. It is however okay for Google to have dozens of paid ad links that are not no follow on there own search engine. This is obviously a attempt to control the paid link market making only adwords the acceptable online advertisement.

Spammy links. Spammy links that pointing to your site are your responsibility regardless to whether you created the spammy links or not. This means small websites are very susceptible to negative seo and thus penalties meaning more smaller businesses must then go to adwords to be found. Does it mean that a once great site that ranks highly for many years but gets dozens of spam links pointing to it is now considered spammy and not worthwhile to rank highly in Google because all of a sudden it has spam website pointing to it even though the content on the site has not been changed?

Here is a list of more off page factors out of webmasters control that can impact seo

Something that stands out in all of this is the fact that if you dont not abide by the rules you site shall become penalized meaning then the only other option your website has to being found on Google is to buy into adwords!

Google is a huge power on the internet and is the first place people go to when trying to find stuff on the internet however it is obvious that Google is now exploiting its power to monopolize the internet.


Something must be done to stop google

Is it right for google to penalize website that spam links? The online world has been for quite sometime a epicenter of business and is the fastest way to communicate and to buy things. However google and other internet giants have a huge grip on the internet. Google for example has now the power to be the internet and to censor any website that does not abide by its rules for example google recently penalized and totally annihilated on Christmas day (Google =scrooges) from its search engines causing this once huge lyrics website to disappear overnight from the internet…Is this really right for one business to have the power to effectively destroying a good website that has done nothing illegal only something goolge thinks should be punished for.

The online world needs to wake up and find new ways to find information form the internet as google main aim is to essentially become the internet and google is already trying to do this by scraping and publishing exact answers to queries on the results page meaning users will not have to click off google whatsoever to find answers. If google accomplishes all of its aims there will only be one website and that will be google….. advertisers will also suffer as they have to abandon there websites and resort to a google properties to advertise this may very well be the case in years to come once google has full control and would mean nobody will be able to run a business online without filling the pockets of the rich and quite frankly evil nerd who run this monster cooperation (with have no morals).

Already google has been making connections outside the internet for example google has been investing in new automatic car technology and other such things but do we really want this monster outside of the internet dominating and showing the same level of capitalist evil that it is showing online?