13 districts 457 villages drown in flood in bihar


13 districts in india flooded

The united nations development program has put together a comprehensive report about the damage and situation in Bihar. Floods in Bhihar are fairly frequent on the monsoon season whereby rain water fills the rivers and quickly saturates the ground leading to flooding. However The recent flood in bihar is quite different to the normal floods that usually occur as this flood was not because of too much rain in the Bihar region but the sudden surge of water in the Bagmati river that is flooding the surrounding land due to heavy rainfall in the Nepal region. Roads and highways have been totally flooded and now impassable for instance the the Muzaffarpur -Sitamarhi National highway has been totally flooded and a danger zone.

The damage and destruction this flood has caused is extensive.. floodings 457 villages in a total of 13 different districts. The floods have destroyed upto 75 000 hectares of land used for growing crops.

The most flooded areas with the most damage are said to be Saharsa, Muzzafarpur, Supaul, Darbhanga, East and West Chamaparan, Madhubani,Sitamarhi, Kishanganj and Madheura.

Since the flooding began a total of 1200 have been totally destroyed and the flooding have left six people dead, hundreds injured and thousands without electricity, plumbing, clean water or a food supply.

The government have been swift to try to ease the situation by evacuating people in the mostly badly affected areas and trying to provide temporary shelters and emergency food to those who need it.

The government have also deployed rescue boats to help rescue stranded people and to deliver much needed supplies to badly effected areas. The government have deployed 120 vessels in total 50 of those being deployed into the Madhubani region.

The biggest problem the government face next is the spread of disease from sewage leaking into the flood waters. The total economic impact of these floods has yet to be evaluated. More development will be posted as this situation unfolds.

Flood waters destroying villages across india
Flood waters destroying villages across india