lalu prasad yadav end of days


Lalu’s currupt reign in the Bihar has came to its end. Lalu has rules over bihar for 15 years however Lalu Prasad had once said that he would like to rule for at least 20 years. The 15 years Lalu has rules has totally change the face of Bihar forever pushing bihar into chaos, and corruption.

In 1990 Lalu came to power as the people choice it wa sin 1995 that his first political party started to split, this should have been warning signs to us all but at the time Lalu simply came up with a new and better political party that lead in the polls and took control of bahir.

In the next 15 years we would see bahir sink both economically speaking and as more corruption joins the government of bahri we would see the emergence of crime and unethical politicians and greed destroying society and stability in bahir. The effects and aftermath of Laus reign will surely resonate and cast a shadow for years to come.


Lalu Prasad Yadav in 1990 became the new leader to bahir. However in 1995, the Lalu’s Janata Dal split lalu then renamed his political party as  Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) the symbol  representing his new party was  a hurricane lantern, (Ironically like a hurricane Laul destroyed everything in his path to get to where he wanted) Lalu raced up in the polls gaining popularity and a 2/3 majority a huge lead compared to any other political party that rivaled him for instance the  Anand Mohan’s Bihar People’s Party who could only get one mp seated in the parliament. This meant that Lalus party was the most powerful and unrivaled but the power quickly caused corruption and greed within his party.

Making of a Corruption:Lalu started to get involved in all sorts of scams and exploits for example the biggest scam that has ever hit free india in history the Animal Husbandry and Fodder department scam, where billions of dollars misappropriated to these departments Lalu let this happen and di nothing to stop this misappropriation from happening. Lalu was not the person who set up this scam to begin with but played a major part at covering it up. The law finally caught up with lalu when he was arrested and sentenced to serve a couple months in jail for his involvement.

The Astute Politician: Whilst Lalue was in prison he put his wife in charge of bahir, he though remained in complete control of his political party. Lalus power meant he could make his brothers ministers. His brother I must add had been previously charged with murder, extortion and kidnap. His brothers were not real ministers and they were not interesting in politics they only acted as Lalus personal henchmen to do his dirty work. People began to realize that their leader was not leading them but using his powers for corruption and to feed his lavish lifestyle whilst the people of Bahir lived in poverty.

The Beginning of an End:Lalu found his political grip on the country going, He no longer had the majority of people behind him and the only way he could hold on to power was to use his corruption and criminal links to hold onto power.

Lawless: With criminals runnign amok the Bahir was unstable and was seen as place to avoid. The poor reputation Bahir had effected economics as other countries did not want to business with such a unstable and currupt place.


With the recent election outing Lalu from power give brighter prospect to the future of bahir! But there is a lot needing to be done to undo the wrath of destruction Lalu has left behind!