cash for query scam 11 tainted mps shown the door


Indian parliament building

The unethical bribes and scandal that shook india as people watched Mp’s on video accepting bribes has finally ended as 11 mp are removed from parliament for good!

Finally justice has prevailed against 11 corrupt politicians  connected to the “cash for query scam fame”. Never before seen in indian in parliament by voice vote the Lok sabha showed the door to 10 politicians after protest and walk out from the opposition.  The 10 politicians where all in involved in the scandal that shocked india. and showed the very corruption that leads our country. The politicians who where shown the door include:

Chandra Pratap, Lal Chandra, Annasaheb M K Patil, Y G Mahajan, Singh, Pradeep Gandhi and Suresh Chandel, Rajaram Pal,  and Narendra Kumar Kushawaha Kol, Ramsevak Singh and Manoj Kumar.

Then later Rajya sbha was removed as well by the parliamentary house due to unethical behavior.

There has been other similar cases in the past where politicians have been sacked, in 1951 H G Mudgal was shown the doors after found he was accepting bribes from rich bullion traders in Bombay.

Technology has helped pay a major role in catching these corrupt politicians as the 11 mps where caught red handed accepting bribes, this was done via a stinf operation which was code named Operation Duryodhana. The news channels cobrapost and aaj tak carried out the successful sting.

After the sting and uproar it caused Somnath chatterjee the speaker of the house setted up a inquiry into the scandel, wich would later end in the voice vote of axing the Mp’s.

With only one politicians willing to apologize for their actions it brings the question of doubt as to whether the people we are voting in power are actually representing us or whether plutocracy is what really drives our politicians in modern India?
How many more politicians are accepting bribes who haven’t been caught yet?