Home entry Enough is Enough! India Should Follow the Israeli Doctrine Against Terror

Enough is Enough! India Should Follow the Israeli Doctrine Against Terror


1. Why terrorists dare? What makes the terrorists think that it can carry out beastly attacks against India like the one in Delhi on Oct 29 at will, whenever and however it wishes? India has been in the receiving end of terrorism from the early 80s and it has only increased in intensity ever since. India has been one of the worst victims of terror with over 25,000 deaths in the last decade alone.

2. Victims & failure of current stance against terror. Caught in the crossfire between the security personnel and the terrorists are innocent civilians in areas of low intensity conflict like Kashmir and the North East. What have we achieved against this unabated campaign of terror perpetrated by Pakistan using diabolical criminals and psychopaths? We continue to bleed and the end to this bloodshed is nowhere in sight. No matter how many terrorists are killed by our security forces, we know that the terror-cadre supply is endless. As soon as one is eliminated, the next one in the queue fills in the vacancy. Also there is no dearth of resources in this Pakistan State-sponsored religio-narco terror campaign against India.

A terror training camp in Pakistan

3. Why Israel is so successful against terrorist? Israel’s former Prime Minister Shimon Peres, when on a visit to India a few years back, paraphrased the justification of Israel’s heavy-handedness against terrorists in this way – ‘You can’t negotiate with terrorists. They would simply outmaneuver you on the table. They really don’t have any agenda; their only aim is to bring about death and destruction to innocent people and spread terror and hatred amongst people. The only way to deal with this is to use maximum force possible and eliminate the terror masterminds’.

Azhar Masood being released in Kandahar

4. India is a soft state. What have India done so far in eliminating the so-called terror masterminds? We have on the contrary bowed down as a soft nation to terrorists’ demands like releasing dreaded terrorists to secure the release of a minister’s daughter who was kidnapped, or to secure the release of the passengers in a hijacked plane. For about 150 passengers’ lives, we released people like Azhar Masood who went ahead to form a terror outfit like Jaish-e-Mohammed resulting in thousands of Indian deaths since then. Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl was beheaded in video by another released.

Dawood Ibrahim

5. Futility of talks with Pakistan & depending on the West. We have continued talks with Pakistani puppet leaders and dictators who run the terror factory against India. This is not going to bring any end to this bloody campaign. We know that the West (especially Uncle Sam) is not going to be by our side against Pakistan as the bland message from the White House suggests that condemned the Delhi attacks but without making Pakistan accountable for harbouring criminals like Masood and Dawood.

6. Need of the hour. India should stop all these futile and resource-consuming talks with Pakistan, should have an (Israel-like) elimination policy of terror heads even if it means going deep inside Pakistan or Pakistan-controlled parts of Kashmir and bring about a legislation akin to that of the new Homeland Security laws in the US. That might bring some discomfort to ordinary citizens, but if it saves a few lives, it would be more than worth it.

It is high time India shows that ordinary Indian lives would come at a very high price for Pakistan and its agents of terror.