india wants stable peaceful prosperous pakistan

indian army
Indian army protecting the borders

India wants Pakistan to be stable with a leadership that isn’t connected to terrorism. A more secure and stable Pakistan will ensure a safer India. Is Pakistan yet ready to become more stable economically and socially?

India has always hold the view that Pakistan is a a loose cannon and resentment has been set deeply in both the minds of the Indian people and Pakistani people, most dont even know how the rivalry and resentment began for many many years. But India doe not want Pakistan to be so unstable and wants Pakistan and its people to succeed. We want Pakistan to have peace and not war.. but this is much easier said then done. The fighting going on in Pakistan has been caused by terrorists which need Pakistan to stay unstable so that their operations and training can carry on undisturbed. Many of the radical Muslim terrorists that cause so much terror across the world have roots in Pakistan, bin laden was also captured in Pakistan. Bin laden lay hiding in a huge mansion undetected for years in Pakistan… How come the authorities did not know he was there? Is the Pakistani government helping harbor terrorism? Having a more democratic and non corrupt government in Pakistan surely will help Pakistan and India. India has nothing against the Pakistani people only the terrorists that live there. One of the main problems with terrorism in Pakistan is that it is funded by other countries such as the rich Saudi Arabia. Having a stable Pakistan with a less corrupt government will make peace talks and negotiations with our neighbor far easier. Trust is also key at the moment we cannot trust the government of Pakistan…. Democracy must be restored in Pakistan and to do this the Musharraf regime must be brought to a stop. Bringing terrorism to a end will make building a infrastructure and that can create goods and trade.. maybe one day India will be trading with Pakistan…helping each other out! Is it going to be that easy? the answer to that is no… there are still plenty of ideologies of terrorism that is sinking the middle east and creating a never ending new generations of terrorism, you must show that these ideologies are wrong to brake this vicious circle that is causing all these problems.



  1. Yeah I totally agree with you on this. As the people of India dont want to wipe out Pakistan…. they just dont like the terrorism that is happening right next door. India is one the most peaceful countries around (America I think is one of the most violent), I think the hardest thing is that Pakistan simply cant create a infrastructure that lasts without the terrorists ripping it up and destroying something it.

  2. Of course we want more than any other country want Pakistan to be stable because no country wants a unlawful and unstable country right next to them because usually the criminals and terrorists will go over the borders and cause trouble here too…nobody wants that!