Is democracy real?


Democracy is meant to give everybody a say, every no matter how rich or poor can have a vote which can potentially impacts a future of a country. But is this concept of democracy real? Take England for example you have 3 major parties, the conservatives you are currently in power thanks to a coalition government with the liberal democrats who took power from Labor who where previously in power. But fundamentally all of these parties no matter who is in power are all the same.Since the coalition government (something that theoretically shouldn’t work if both parties truly stood up for different views as they should) apart from tougher measures brought in to bring down the deficit which labour would have had to do eventually anyway there has been no real change to how England is run since the coalition got into power, this just goes to show that no matter which of the three political parties you vote for at the end of the day you will still have the same government run by the rich.


So it stands to reason that on vote day that when it all comes down to it you do not really have choice, you do have the choice of voting for a minor party however the majority of the general public will tend not to vote for these small politcal parties because:

  • The party hadn’t had the funds to promote itself properly unlike the 3 main parties.
  • The media will try to discourage voters from voting for a “far” left or right party, the media will find or even make up all it can to deter voters from voting anything other than the 3 main political parties.
  • People feel that voting for a minor party will not vote and they are giving there vote away so to speak.

When it comes down to it all three major political parties in England are run fundamentally built to help the rich. Plutocracy as it is known is what helps drive the political parties in England and not democracy.

As you can see even in developed countries democracy does not really exist.