sam pitroda review quota policy


The national knowledge commission chairperson Sam Pitroda has not even been asked his views on Quota reservation… Why? Because the quota reservation has become more about the reputation of ministers than the actual issue itself.

Sam Pitroda has even spoken out about not being asked about what he thinks about the quota reservation, he says that “The government is failing to take in the full picture and needs to look at what the needs are of the people here and now and in the future. When looking at the knowledge base of the 21 st century we must consider how we are going to progress further as we cannot go back to the way things where before. Going backwards is not a option”

However politicians are yet to make a decisive decision on what to do!

There was a meeting previously in Bangalore that focused on this issue, much of the discussion related to education. In the meeting nobody was totally for affirmative action however the debate as to what to do with  the quota reservation still is a complex issue that must find balance between social justice and eduction.