tata interactive systems is here with tis blog


Elearning comapny Tat interactive systems (TIS) have joined the bloggingsphere after setting up there TIS blog. Tat interactive systems is just one of many big buisnesses seen just how great blogs are and how they can be a great tool in getting your comapnys message across easily, cheaply and to a wide audicence.

The tis blog is a blog designed for young people, this goes a long way to helping more and more young people getting involved in reading and helping them improve their literacy skills.

The tis blog is a interactive blog which aims at making e learning fun! If you ask me the Tis blog is a innovative step in making learning more accessible and more fun and sets a new milestone for future innovations not just for e learning but always for online communication as a whole.

Blogging is a growing way of communicating as the blogsphere expands and new bloggers join the fleet we will see more and more interactive blogs just like the TIS blog.

It isn’t just blogging that educators are trying to target young people with.. social media is also being used to get the message across to young peopel and to try and spark their interests… We all know that young people like to communicate with their friends via social networking sites.. harvesting the potential of these sites is surely then a must for education? right?