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    03′ Seat Ibiza 1.9 turbo diesel since 2013. Got 130,000 on the clock.

    I would say I spend about £500 a year on servicing. Its had new tyres, brake pads and a…. dashboard. Dodgy electrics meant the indicator light wasn’t flashing which is an MOT fail.

    Only one roadside call out due to the engine coolant perishing with age.

    Apart from that its great on the motorway and non-urban driving at around 50mpg. And its better than the Polo diesel I had before known affectionately as the ‘rust bucket’.



    I kill cars. I do approx 3-4k miles a month, carry a lot of weight and am not always on roads. Cars are all dealer serviced.

    My last cars, 2000-2018

    Rover – crap, died at 85k miles.

    Citroen Xantia – dying @ 100k miles

    Skoda Ocatavia – 100k miles no problem

    Skoda Ocatavia – 150k miles no real problem

    Hyundai I40 estate – 150k miles so far, issue with master cylinder on clutch, going well but now ready for new clutch.



    Honda Accord. No longer sold new as apparently overengineered therefore uncompetitive price. Current one is 08 plate, with 190k miles. Everything works perfectly, and the only non service parts / consumables its had is one battery. Its even on the original exhaust. The bodywork is however, not showroom condition, but neither I, nor clearly the previous owner, are too bothered about cosmetics.

    I was shocked at how much they go for on ebay with high mileages (200k +), especially the 2.2 diesel.

    I’m going to keep getting these until they arent available anymore, but as current one shows no sign of falling apart, that may be a while.



    I used to drive Transit’s for work every day. They took a ridiculous amount of abuse and 24/7 use (literally) and never really went wrong.

    I found a decent one, test drove it, went over it with a fine tooth comb. It was solid and well looked after so I bought it. Then it went through 3 bearings in 12 months. Wheel bearing, clutch release, prop in that order. Painful. Used vehicles are always a lottery!



    I know they get slated, but I loved my Ford Escort 1.6 LX petrol – mk5, I think. Had 146k miles when I sold it to my cousin, who ran it for another year before trading it in to a dealer, who, I believe, used it as his runaround for a while longer. Best bit about it was being able to get 2 mountain bikes in the boot without having to put the seats down. Worst problem I had with it was a dicky ignition barrel and even then mainly because it was such a bitch to diagnose why the car wouldn’t start. Oh, and the dodgy alarm that kept going off through the night – eventually solved by just disconnecting the horn! Just don’t mention the rusty rear wheel arches. A vague memory says I might have had to replace the steering rack on it.

    Followed that with a Focus estate 1.8 diesel. Only 2 real issues with that were having to replace a few bits of the front wheel linkages due, I’m sure, to an incompetent mechanic at a Ford main dealer that made a hash of replacing a wheel bearing and the water pump exploded once. Sold that with 170k on it, as it was starting to develop some issues and my wife hated driving it, as she claimed the steering was too heavy.


    Big Al

    There’s a video on YouTube of an engine strip down on an old Octavia turbo diesel that’s done 430,000 miles. It looks pretty grubby on the outside but the engine itself is excellent.

    My old focus gave me some grief with things like front brake calipers and rear wheel bearings but nothing excessive for its 139k miles and amazingly the exhaust and entire reat suspension (which was fairly complex on the mk1 focus) was all original as we’re the front shocks and various other bits I’d expect to have worn out.

    The most irritating thing going on with my new civic is the annoying wind noise it developed one day after I washed it and now can’t find the source of.



    The most reliable car I’ve had so far has been a 55 plate focus I had for work. I put 150000 miles on it in 18 months, driving just about everywhere south of Birmingham, mostly motorway miles. It was serviced by ford when it was due, and from what I remember, nothing went wrong with it. The boss was a bit unhappy though, as it was meant to be returned to the lease company at 100000, with a fairly large charge per mile for anything over.



    Our main commuting car is a Kia (first a cee’d then two consecutive Sportages). We trade in against new after 80k which takes less than 4 years. Never done anything except put in fuel and have them serviced. Other cars run in parallel tend to be older and used for picking up buildng materials and mobile skips. Best of them was a Nissan Pathfinder which was indestructible, and a big surprise was a Discovery which never let us down, did loads off road, and still scrubbed up ok.

    best of all is a bit obvious, but my old Toyota pickup had 250k on the clock when I sold it, and I spot it occasionally in Shef 15 years later. Same for a Nissan Patrol I had. Both were indestructible.

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