PayPal sucks :(

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    I’ve really had enough of PayPal now. I ordered a new kettle today and PayPal have somehow reactivated an old address (which I no longer have any connection with and which has been sold on again since I sold it so I haven’t a clue who lives there) and yet the kettle will be sent there instead of to my house. Why? Just why?

    I deleted my old address from PayPal and input my new one as soon as I moved. I am very organised and have had no other problems with any other service provider. Things were going fine with PayPal until a few months ago when they decided that I had somehow returned to my old house, presumably turfed out the new owners, and started ordering things to be delivered there. I thought they’d sorted it all out and yet it has all gone wrong again today.

    So far I have rung them and got an automated service that sent me round in circles twice before I hung up and tried again. The second time they refused to believe that my phone number was really my phone despite the fact that I was calling them from it and it being the one that has been registered with them for the past decade or more. Presumably they want my old landline number so they can call me at a house I will never set foot in again? I have emailed them and they sent me a useless email detailing how to change my address – durr, I know that you idiots. Finally, I tried raising a transaction query but there were simply no boxes that I could tick to explain what the problem was.

    Sorry, rant over. It’s only a kettle but, honestly, I’ll not be making PayPal staff a cup of tea any day soon.

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    I do feel your pain, I did the same last year when I moved, put in my new address, deleted my old one, and yet every time I use it I’m asked if I want to make this my main delivery address …..

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      I wouldn’t mind so much if they’d even given me the (dubious) choice of making my old address my default one but it’s not even visible on the site so I have no idea where they keep dredging it up from. They can obviously see it but I certainly can’t. It’s infuriating!!

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    I’ve had this too, SC – once upon a time I lived next door to a big Waitrose store so Paypal had set them up as a delivery address from doing click & collect from John Lewis. I deleted it and had my home address as the default but it came back years later when PP resurrected it and tried to send something from a completely unrelated company there. Weird. Problem is it’s just so convenient for ebay/facebook purchases and lots of show centres use it for entries etc too.

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    I recently had my ebay account hacked and had to stop some paypal transactions. There is a way to speak with someone, there is a phone number and just say there is a fraud and they will route you through to a person.

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    I stopped using Paypal a number of years ago, when they took over £1000 from my bank to pay a fraudulent transaction. They did refund the money – but it took 2 weeks, with Christmas in the middle. Haven’t used it since.

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