Sheffield mayor bans Trump

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    The lord mayor of Sheffield has decided to ban Trump from the city (not that he was planning to go anyway). The ban was of course issued by twitter. The new version of slapping across the face with a wet fish.

    Looking at the comments it seems more people care that the mayor was disrespecting the good people of Sheffield by climbing on a table for a really quite hilarious photo op, in which he is wearing his chain and a sombrero, and Trump’s behaviour is somehow not as bad as climbing on a table.

    It feels like an odd dream sequence.

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    Perhaps Trump could visit incognito,

    disguised as a large Tree possibly.

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    You get the leaders you deserve. This appointment has already caused a lot of damage to Sheffield’s reputation among the over 25s. The under 25s and those who never grew up probably think it’s all a big joke. The inmates are running the asylum in Sheffield.

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      @howard I know of several Sheffield residents in their 30’s who are pleased at his appointment. If you want to be critical of anybody, it would be Sheffield City Council and their awarding of a 25 year contract to AMEY and the ongoing debacle relating to their upkeep of the city and tree management. Nobody in business awards a 25 year contract without any get out clauses, unless there’s some kind of kickback in it for them, or they’re exceedingly daft. I think even a teenager wouldn’t do that, and Sheffield City Council of worldly wise adults have done.

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    Oh dear – Sheffield VOTED for this guy to be Lord Mayor?

    Democracy gone mad.

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      Just to clarify, Lord Mayor is a purely ceremonial position and he was appointed by his fellow councillors, not directly voted in to the role by the public.

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    @ellen Well, he doesn’t appear to be a racist bigot, which I feel is always a plus.

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    I just looked at his Wikipedia page. Didn’t know much about him even though I live in Sheffield. Seems an interesting chap. I’d rather see someone like him who’s made his own path in the world that someone born into privilege. I don’t see why wearing what he does is any more ridiculous than dressing up in 18th century gear with a big chain. Why the negative comments above?

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    I always just assumed Sheffield was a fairly boring ex-steel town somewhere in England. This guy looks cool though. He looks a lot less stupid with the sombrero than most Lord Mayors when they dress up in their robes and chains. As a ceremonial role where he’s supposed to be getting Sheffield some publicity, he’s doing a good job.

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    Everyone expects inner city councils to be full of socialist lunatics, Sheffield council is just parodying itself, and has demonstrated it is more absurd than most. In fact Sheffield council has form, in the eighties it declared Sheffield The People’s Republic of South Yorkshire, a name used by their opponents as well as supporters…

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    Leaving aside the minor point that a Mayor cannot ban anyone from their town…..the trouble with this kind of stunt and pic is that it’s a 20 seconds giggle but for ever afterwards if he has a serious point to make the response will be ‘Oh , he’s the bloke in the sombrero and T-shirt. You can’t take anything he says seriously’

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