Quick guide to growing taller


People who are tall are respected it is as simple as that you have more dominance and authority in social situations and in the work place. A physiological study carried out that showed that authority is strongly related to height. Two groups of students who took part in this study were introduced to the same person, one group were told that this person was a professor at the university whereas the other group were told that this person was another student, after they met the person both groups were asked  to predict his height it was found that those introduced to the person who thought that he was a professor and was therefore seen as a figure of authority measured his height as being taller than those in the group that merely thought he was a student like them. Think what you like to these findings but it is quite clear that how tall you are or your social status helps define peoples attitude towards you. The taller you are may gain others respect. People do judge people on first impressions and height is something that everyone draws upon on a first impression so making yourself the tallest you can be may improve upon these first impressions. I have found many different methods on the internet for growing taller and after being through them all just about from stretching exercises to diets I have found the best results come instantly with a pair of these insoles. Yes stretching exercises do help but it takes time, stretching exercises help to improve posture and back health too which si always good… but shoe lifts do give you a instant height boost that can be as much as 3 inches so id say combine the benefits of wearing shoe lifts with stretching exercises and you will be well on your way to being taller, for sure!  More and more people are using shoe lifts to gain height. It is a rather funny invention that you can use to get taller. When I first asked my friends about if they heard of them they didn’t have a clue what they were and when I told them they did laugh, now however they  have stopped laughing and cannot stop wearing them.Diet on the other hand is good and you should always be eating a balanced diet for the best possible health but for growing taller it only works for those still growing as it is important to eat right to prevent stunted growth but for those that have stopped growing (when the growth plates fuse together) diet is not the answer as you bones will no longer lengthen anymore.

Comfortable and safe in the knowledge if you do wear them they are out of sight so nobody can see you wearing them I think shoe lifts are probably the best way to go if your wanting more height. Maybe if you are going to buy some though make sure you dont go telling all your friends about them otherwise they will just start wearing them and you can not then be taller than them! If you are still a little bit stumped about growing taller you can read more on the basics here.